While many tertiary students find that staying away from home sounds like sweet freedom but what they didn’t know is that the rental cost could add on the burden to their parents and themselves unknowingly. Do you know that students’ biggest expense after college will be a rental fee? There are statistics from the New Strait Times where students spend more than 30% of monthly expenses on rental fees. While living on your own sounds ‘adulting’ but when money seems tight, you might want to avoid expensive condominiums in Kuala Lumpur or high-end area. Now that many students these days are tied with student loans and other expenditures, you wouldn’t want to dig deeper into the wallet to meet month ends. Here’s how you can save up for your rental. 
2018 RECAP

Time flies. It is the end of 2018 now and I can't wait to welcome 2019! Ever since I wrote about recap in 2017, I decided to write about the recap in every year to document all my memories and some highlights during the specific year. So of course, today topic is all about some highlights happened in 2018.

After the previous post, are you guys ready to find out more about Things To Do in Songdo? It is my first visit to Songdo. Thus, everything is new to me. I can't wait to explore other places of South Korea. We were like visiting one province each day, so this is the second province that we had visited for this trip. We had visited K-live Hologram Theater, Monster VR, Songdo Central Park, Songdo Hanok Village and get to stay at the beautiful Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon hotel.

It was great to revisit South Korea after 2 years. It was my 4th visit to South Korea. First was a girl trip; Second was a family trip; Third time was a sponsored plastic surgery trip and this time was a media trip. Special thanks to KTO Malaysia for this opportunity to explore more about Korea. Although I had visited this country 3 times in a row previously, I only managed to visit Seoul and Busan. This time, we had travelled a total of 6 provinces which is Ganghwado, Songdo, Yeosu, Suncheon, Jeonju and Seoul. I can't wait to share all the itinerary with you guys. But first, let me talk about things to do in Ganghwado. We had visited the Ganghwa Ginseng Center and Joyangbangjik Cafe.

I've always wanted to shop for special or limited edition products from abroad that are not available in Malaysia yet. However, it's hard to get it unless you really travel and walk into their store physically and buy them. Or sometimes, want to buy online, but the overseas USA, Japan, Korea or Taiwan websites doesn’t ship to Malaysia. But now, I’ve just discovered that a Malaysian based cross-border shipping service like Yellow Porter can actually solve my overseas shopping & shipping difficulties. Looks like now anyone can get their favourite brands from overseas that aren’t available in Malaysia as their shipping fees are quite affordable tooIf you’re just trying to find an easier way to ship your beloved purchases without breaking the bank, maybe can try Yellow Porter.

Finally comes to the Osaka Travel Guide as some of you requested. I have been visited this beautiful city twice and still loving it. Beside of Tokyo, Osaka is one of my favourite city in Japan because I can shop and eat till drop here. I guess that's why I'm loving it. Lol. So today, I will share with guys my tips on attractions (things to do / sight-seeing) and food recommendations. 

Finally, pay my visit to the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan (大阪海游馆) during our visit to Osaka. Ticked off another bucket list! Always want to visit the popular aquarium and I finally made it! The Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan is an aquarium located in the ward of Minato in Osaka, Japan, near Osaka Bay. It is one of the largest public aquariums in the world and is a member of the Japanese Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

I'm so glad that I could get the first preview of 20 Korean brands in K Glam event organized by Kinohimitsu. Kino Biotech Malaysia announced the launch of K Glam, a newly setup e-store that sells exclusive Korean beauty products. K Glam serves to give shoppers peace of mind during shopping as it carries only authentic and genuine beauty brands from Korea.

Kino Biotech Malaysia has worked closely with KOTRA Kuala Lumpur- a South Korean government agency for trade and investment promotion to source authentic products and promoting the brands in Malaysia. Kino Biotech Malaysia aims to make K Glam the top e-store for Korean beauty products.

My third time in Tokyo, Japan and it is still one of my favourite city! I love the culture, delicious food, beautiful places and not to mention, shopping paradise! This post will be about things to do in Tokyo! At first, I thought to want to include the food/cuisine recommendations as well. But then, I realised my food recommendations are a lot! To fit in one post, that could be very lengthy. Moreover, I thought to want to make a video for it too. Thus, I guess I should just make it a separate post (since I need some time to edit the video as well).

Some of the readers read about my Tokyo DisneySea post and asked me when I blog about Tokyo Disneyland. Well, here you go! I just want to make sure my Tokyo Disneyland Vlog is live on my YouTube Channel before I blog about it, so you guys can actually watch the video after you read the whole thing. Some readers might prefer to watch the video rather than reading an article. As usual, today post is all about attractions, food, night show in Tokyo Disneyland.

If you're asking me, which country that I want to travel in the future, I would say Alaska. I always want to travel to Alaska since I was a kid. Especially after I watched movies that acted by one of my favourite actresses Milla Jovovich - The Fourth Kind and Resident Evil. It makes me feel that Alaska is a 'special' place (just kidding).  I was wondering if I decided to travel to Alaska, why not travel with Celebrity's Alaskan Cruises?


My third time visiting Kyoto. However, this Kyoto trip is a different kind of amazing and memorable because I was visiting with my fiancé. Kyoto is truly a beautiful and peaceful place. Every time I visit here, I only manage to stay 1 or 2 nights. I wish I had more time to explore this beautiful land next time. This post is about how to travel from Tokyo to Kyoto, things to do in Kyoto, food and sharing our Yukata experience with you guys.

Hooray! Finally, I got to visit Tokyo DisneySea! As mentioned earlier in the previous post, I don't get the chance to visit Tokyo DisneySea last time because eventually, I had chosen Disneyland. Well, another bucket list ticked off now! The whole journey was accompanied by the one and the only bf makes the memories more precious. For your info, DisneySea is the only one in the whole world which located in Japan, you can't find it elsewhere. As usual, I will talk about attractions/shows, foods and some guidance in this post.

Surf Air is the one of a kind all-you-can-fly membership program. They recently partnered with All Road North, expanding their offerings, creating unique, original weekend vacation packages to all of its members. Members will also benefit from offerings made possible by FoundersCard and The Private Suite at LAX.

All of this comes as a celebration of the company's fifth year in operation. Subscribers are able to celebrate along with the company by taking advantage of these new offerings. They is simply giving thanks to its members for making their business possible.

Members are treated to tons of unique experiences. Subscribers were able to make use of curated vacations all around California. With their partnership with All Roads North, a company which has been in operation since 2014, they are now offering unique road trip experiences. Each trip is specially designed by specialists - people who have contacts with the best hotels, lodges, and ranches across the United States. Lake Tahoe is one of the newest vacation spots made available to the company's subscribers.

Members of the subscription service aren't simply taking part in a transportation system. They are subscribing to a truly unique experience. The partnership with The Private Suite LAX enables growth, creating preferred rates for Preferred and Premium Members. A person will no longer be forced to wait long hours in line. The Private Suite LAX and Surf Air are offering a hassle fry flying experience. One of the greatest luxuries offered at airports is private TSA screenings. You won't have to wait for hundreds of others to be processed before getting to the terminal. Individuals who make use of The Private Suite's membership will be driven directly to their airplane across the tarmac. Members will also be able to enjoy a private room prior to their flight. These rooms are equipped with their own bathrooms, foot pantries, and beds.

FoundersCard's partnership brings a whole other list of benefits. FoundersCard is made up of over 25,000 innovators and entrepreneurs. They have created a network for themselves that offers endless opportunities. FoundersCard brings flexibility to the frequent flyer, offering them lenient cancellation options and VIP travel privileges.

More About The Company
Surf Air was founded in 2013. They have locations in several cities in California. These cities are Burbank, Carlsbad, Monterey, Oakland, Hawthorne, Napa, Palm SPrings, San Carlos, Santa Barbara, Truckee, and San Jose. The organization also offers flights to McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

2017 was the year that expansion was made into Europe, offering its first flight from London to Ibiza. Future plans in Europe include setting up shop in areas like Cannes, Luxembourg, and Milan.

The company currently has 12 planes in their fleet. All of these planes are Pilatus PC-12 NGs. Each plane has room for 8 people. This plane has been called the most economical plane that is operational of its size. The plane is 14 meters in length and 16 meters in wingspan.

Sudhin Shahani is the current Executive Chairman, leading the company with several original founders.

Readers has been questioning me when do I blog about my Japan trip. Well, I try my best to complete them one-by-one because there are tons of photos and video that I'm gonna edit. Lol. So I blog about Nara first since I took the least photos here so easier for me to edit and write. Nara Travel Guide (this post) will be talk about the attractions / things to do, food and some of my personal thoughts in Nara. This post is more into Nara half-day trip or one day trip instead of a few days. 

Finally, I blog about Universal Studios Japan as requested by most of the readers/followers. This was my second visit and I'm still very excited during the visit. This time, I will try to experience other games and activities that I had missed last time especially The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Don't forget to read until the end as I have some discount code for you guys.

Lately, I done a "No Makeup" Makeup Challenge with KATE. So, what is a "no makeup" makeup anyway? It's like I'm wearing makeup but I looks like I'm not. I always prefer light makeup rather than heavy makeup because I feel that my face doesn't suitable for heavy makeup at all. Thus, let's see how it works with KATE's products!

Remember I blogged about b.liv 2 years back? Back then, I had tried their popular product - blackhead remover and immerse me sheet mask. This time, I will be sharing with you all the upgraded Immerse Me sheet mask, Rose Bloom and o2 Bubbly Bright Oxygenating mask. So are you guys ready to pamper your skin? Continue reading to find out more.
Photo by Yoshio Tomii

When I ask, what is the thing that you can think of about Japan, you might think of Mount Fuji. I guess most of you heard about it. It is one of the beautiful landscape that represent Japan. If you're visiting Japan anytime soon, don't forget to pay a visit to Mount Fuji. Trust me, it is totally worth it.

Konichiwa! Hello from Japan! Yes, I'm currently travelling in Japan now and this blog post has been scheduled since 2 weeks ago. The reason I scheduled this post is to inform my sponsors and readers that I'm currently on vacation and unavailable to accept any campaigns / jobs. Any emails I will reply asap once I came back to Malaysia. Meanwhile, if you wish to know more about the latest updates of my Japan trip, don't forget to follow me on Instagram (@shinilola) and keep track with my instastories. I will share some of the highlights of my Japan trip, so make sure you don't missed it.

My friends who live in Singapore always whatsapp me that they are craving for durian all the time. Despite they can purchase the durian at the physical store, but most of them they are so busy with their work or lifestyle. After I done some research for them, finally I found which deliver fresh durians to your doorstep!

Anyone love Japanese curry like I do? Today I would like to introduce a Japanese cuisine which serve edible Japanese curry dish to you guys. CoCo ICHIBANYA is the famous curry house from Japan with 30 years experience in Japanese food business. It boasts varieties of Japanese Curry with unique and creative style along with the best quality ingredient to make tasty curry. Diners can choose their rice portion, either less or more, and even the spiciness of the curry!

Hi guys, it has been 3 months since I blog about food. Did you guys miss my food post? My bff -  Sylvia's birthday is on end of June. However, both of us are busy with our schedule and raya time is falling in this month. Therefore, we had celebrated one month before. I know right, it was too early. Lol. Every year, we celebrate each other birthday in a simple way. We always prefer a simple meal as a birthday celebration. A huge birthday party is not our thing. When I ask Sylvia to choose a place for her birthday meal, she had chosen Pulp by Papa Palheta @ Bangsar.

Summer is coming and we need a hot body to show off! Lol. I'm just kidding. I know there is whole year summer time in Malaysia. But if you're going to the beach for your summer holiday, we all need a super-hot body, right? But how can we achieve a fit body in a healthy way? Well, you should give it a try on Seamless Hotpants from Soft Snug

After relaxing at Koh Phangan for a few days, we decided to travel from Koh Phangan to Surat Thani. In order to reach Surat Thani, the only transportation would be ferry. So I finally made up my mind to travel by taking Phangan Tour 2000 ferry from Koh Phangan to Surat Thani.
A bridal bouquet is more than just a beautiful floral arrangement that the bride carries as she walk down the aisle. When you ask your wedding florist to give you the most elegant and sophisticated flower, this includes the bridal bouquet.

When you reach my age, the only thing you will be worry about is spot or pigmentation. Yes, it is a concern for me because it takes so much effort and time to fix them. I have received the Dermal White Series from NUViT and I can't wait to share my experience with all of you here.

Since I blogged about Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide, readers has been chasing me for Mui Ne post. They are so curious about the desert and want to know more about it. I got you guys! Today post is all about Mui Ne Travel Guide. This article will be include hotel, attractions (tour) and guide from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne. Also, remember to read our worst experience with the train while we on the way to Mui Ne. It was quite terrified thou.

It's been a long time since I blog about movie review. Ever since I blogged about The Conjuring and Annabelle's movie review, surprisingly some people who don't dare to watch the movie read my review instead. Maybe horror movie in written form is not so scary. Therefore, today I will review the current trending Korean horror movie - Gonjiam : Haunted Asylum

Finally tick off another country - Vietnam! #ShinixSylvia decided to visit Vietnam few weeks ago and we had visited Ho Chi Minh and Mui Ne. I will cover Ho Chi Minh in this post first, next post will be Mui Ne Travel Guide. You can check out more photos on Instagram by searching hashtag #ShiniInVIETNAM. In this post, I will include all the details such as hotel, attractions, food, transportation and expenses. So make sure you bookmark this post as reference if you really plan to visit Vietnam soon. I guess by reading this travelogue can help you save a lot of time on research and planning for itinerary.

After visited Koh Tao, our next destination will be Koh Phangan as it just located nearby to Koh Tao. In case you missed my previous Koh Tao Travelogue, you may visit the link here. I always heard there are many things happening in Koh Phangan and I was looking forward to pay a visit with Lomprayah high-speed ferry.

Landed or high rise properties? Actually, there’s no right answer for this, it is always depending on owner’s own preferences. Because everyone got their different point of view. After some studies, I had shortlisted these 4 factors to thought through before you purchase a property :

  • Security Issue
Security wise, high rise is definitely win. Why? For example, when you drive to the guard house - one check point; Guard house to lobby, 2nd check point; Lobby go into the lift, 3rd check point; Go up to the resident, 4thcheck point. With multiple check points, it’s harder for thief to get in.  The percentage of break-ins in high rise buildings are lesser as compared to landed properties. In most cases should there be break-ins in high rise building, it would only be caused by internal personnel. That’s why developer keep emphasize that during launching.

However, even now there’s landed strata come with gated and guarded to increase the security. While for landed properties, thief is easy accessible via on the ground.

  • Investment Point of View. Cash Flow
First you need to ask yourself, capital appreciation or cash-flow? Most of the rich people have no problem on cash flow, therefore, they will choose to invest on landed as the price will definitely going up in future. Moreover, – buying a landed property actually own a piece of mother ground as compared to high rise properties.

If you’re worry about cash flow, then high rise properties are your better choice. Compare to terrace house, high rise buildings always get better rental deal as demand is higher.

  • Living Experience. Facilities or Without
Nowadays, living is one of the priority for the buyers. For example, married couple is definitely suitable to stay in high rise properties. Cleaning is very easy for 1000 square feet. People who want to be connected, accessible, going everywhere via public transportation. High rise properties also having facilities, pool, sauna, gym, games room and many more.

For landed, buyer probably go home to watch TV or have a walk to the garden. Which is why developer come out with landed strata where you got best of both world, you’ll get the facilities and spacious properties at the same time.

  • Maintenance Fees. Pay or No Need to Pay
Maintenance fees is painful for individual title owner. You need to pay for it as long as you own a high-rise property. Some investors choose not to pay the maintenance fees since they thought they didn’t use the facilities. However, with the new SMA (Strata Management Act) implemented rules & regulations will take action if owner don’t pay maintenance fees. Landed strata and high-rise properties need to pay for the maintenance while for landed properties owner, no need to pay.

Bear in mind that if you want to get your property for renovation, you need a permit to renovate for landed strata and high-rise properties. Yup, I know right. It kinda suck that you can't even renovate your own property even you're the owner. On the other hand, Individual title owner can renovate whatever they want to do. I guess the owner of landed property win it all.

Credit to Realestateguy for sharing with us his point of view for this article.

I know, lots of you are waiting for me to share my wedding proposal story. I was proposed to by my boyfie, Kenji. Some friends and fans are curious to know more insight about it. Therefore, I'm gonna share the stories about #KENJIxSHINI are engaged with you guys here today. Special thanks to all my friends and fans for the greetings. I received so many comments, PM, DM, Wechat, Whatsapp messages and other social media platforms. You guys are just so sweet! I'm replying you guys one-by-one, even through the comments are a lot because I really appreciate each of your blessing.

When you plan to buy a property, the first thing that most people talk about is location. Ever wonder why location is an important factor in purchasing a property? What kind of factors that you need to take note for a location of the property? Hartamas got you covered! Kindly find following for 5 things you must know for a location :

I saw many influencers / bloggers went to Shirakawa-go recently. And then, I found out my Shirakawa-go blog post is still pending in the draft box. Well, I guess it is a perfect time to continue writing about it. Stop giving myself an excuse for laziness. Lol. If you guys plan to pay a visit soon, hope you guys will enjoy reading and bookmark this as reference.

Which kind of property should I buy? Project or sub-sale? As a first timer, when I’m thinking to buy my first property, I have no idea whether should I buy project or sub-sale. I asked myself, will it make a huge different? In order to find out, I had done some research on them for comparison purpose. And here are some differences between them:

If you ask a person who know about real estate, most of the time they will tell you to buy project if you’re first timer.  Probably because it requires less Initial investment (deposit). The price is cheaper and most of the time, developer will provide cash rebate so you can actually save a lot.

If you have no idea how to buy a property for the first, what is the procedure. No worries, developer can help you to settle everything including legal fees and lawyer fees etc. Moreover, you don’t need to extra pay for that.

However, there are always pros and cons for everything. The main disadvantage would be need to wait for the project to be done. The waiting period is probably 36 - 48 months. Also, you need to pay progressive interest while waiting to get your key. Some of the buyer think it is higher risk than buying sub sale because you’re not sure about the surroundings. No one can predict what will happen in these few years.

Sub Sale
The main advantage No need to wait for so long. As long as your loan is approved, probably 3 - 4 months then you can get your house key. This is an essential factor for wedding couple if you need to move in urgently. Another benefit is since you already know the surroundings, for instance, schools or shopping malls is nearby so basically you can approximately know the value of that area.

Of course, since duration is shorter, sub sale property ‘s deposit is more expensive. Therefore, if you don’t have enough capital, you might consider buying project instead of sub sale property. 

In conclusion, I will said both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, it is depends your situation.Till here.

Credit to Realestateguy for sharing with us his point of view for this article.

It's foodie time! Who doesn't love to eat dessert right? (Although I knew some of you might not) I'm not really fancy with dessert, but when it comes to soft serve ice cream and waffle... Hell yeah! Last weekend, boyfie and I went to Pavilion to send my bag for cleaning and shopping! After we finished shopping, we had decided to stop by Hail's Dessert & Soft Serve Cafe.


As a newbie in real estate / property industry, I have zero knowledge about property. However, when people talk about property, the first thing I heard was always about freehold or leasehold. I'm wondering why this topic is crucial when comes to property. Whenever you're telling people that this property is freehold, audience was like oh that's great. On the other hand, when you're telling people that you will buy a leasehold property soon, for sure they will ask how many years remaining. So, what’s the real difference between of them?

Lately, friends are asking why my skin condition turns better day-by-day. Well, because currently I'm using YEHWADAM Revitalizing Anti-Aging Products from THE FACE SHOP. It was a traditional herb line that contains Korean traditional herbs and flower extracts, inspired by stories of beautiful Korean women and their beauty secrets passed down through the generations.

Every Malaysian’s favourite question is — “What to eat?”. It is a common question we ask our friends, family, and colleagues almost every day. But, if you plan to visit IPC Shopping Centre, try out their app. It helps you to solve the problem. Wondering why? Continue reading to find out more.

Finally I blog about my Hong Kong Travelogue 香港之旅. I will try my best to clear all of my pending travel posts such as Japan and Thailand travelogue. If you're following my Instagram or Facebook, then you should know this was my third visit to Hong Kong. Therefore, we (me and my family) are not going to visit those mainstream attractions. Instead, we had visited some of them and some of the local restaurant which nearby our hotel. This post is all about the things to do and what to eat during my 5D4N Hong Kong Trip. 

Happy Chinese New Year my readers! Can't believe CNY passed so fast. I'm personally think the feeling and celebration of CNY in Malaysia are getting lesser. Some of Chinese doesn't really bother about CNY anymore. Maybe due to economic or lost of interest? Since most of the youngsters just looking on their mobile phone even come out for gathering. Anyway, I would love to share my #SHINICNYOOTD to with all of you! I started this topic since 2 years back and the responds is not bad so I thought I'm gonna continue this topic on every Chinese New Year.

I will be travelling with my friends soon. Can't wait to start my first trip in 2018! I want my trip to be perfect and therefore, planning ahead is essential. For me, packing list is really important because if I'm travelling to rural area, I might unable to purchase the thing that I had forgotten to bring during my trip. I try to search "travel packing list Malaysia" on Google and I'm glad that I found ProductNation.
Shini Lola with the LUNA play plus facial brush

For all beauty routine, cleansing is the most essential step for me. In my personal opinion, if we didn't cleanse our face clearly, even we apply many skin care on our face, it still won't absorb by our pores. However, how we do to make sure we really cleanse our face? Introducing LUNA play plus that I had received from FOREO, a facial brush which can clean your face with ease.

As I'm looking for a new home, furniture plays a key role in my plan. However, I'm looking for unique and ergonomic furniture instead of the common boring version. I found Primero on one of my recent research via online. 

One of the most looked at parts of a woman’s body are her breasts. However not every woman is endowed in that department which has led to various procedures improving the size. This was around 3 decades ago. In 2018, technology has advanced so much and surgery techniques have improved to the point where size has been overtaken by shape and natural-looking in what is desirable. Different procedures have also been introduced aside from implants that improve the look and feel of the breasts and Korea, the #1 capital in the world for plastic surgery has seen a huge jump in breast enhancement procedure in recent years. Here is a breakdown of some of the procedures they offer.

Finally it has comes to the last post of my New Zealand trip. Or should I blog about New Zealand Guide? Anyway, today post is all about Wellington which is the capital city and second most populous urban area of New Zealand. Love this city but the weather is so windy!

It's been a longggggg time since I blogged about food. I guess the last food post was on September 2017. Since you guys has been DM me on Instagram asking any cafe recommendation. Also, not to mention #food is one of the most view category on my blog. Therefore, let me introduce the cafe of the day - Naj & Belle @ Courtyard SS15. Oh ya! By the way, I changed another filter / mood for this series of photos, let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Happy New Year 2018! This is my first post of 2018 and hopefully you guys enjoy reading it. How was your New Year Eve? Remember I mentioned on my previous post that I'm gonna celebrate my New Year Eve with #AABC X AIRASIAREDTIX NEON COUNTDOWN 2017? I did and it was super fun and awesome night! Promised you guys will blog about the happenings and here you go.

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