2 June 2018



Summer is coming and we need a hot body to show off! Lol. I'm just kidding. I know there is whole year summer time in Malaysia. But if you're going to the beach for your summer holiday, we all need a super-hot body, right? But how can we achieve a fit body in a healthy way? Well, you should give it a try on Seamless Hotpants from Soft Snug

While there are many facets of life that contributes to living well, Soft Snug offer products that makes you feeling and looking good the healthy way. No pills, no procedures, just a stylishly effective apparel to complement your workout sessions.

If you're an office lady who constantly sit on the chair, you might easier to get tummy or even cellulite.

With Seamless Hotpants, it can solve your problem.

You can wear it for shopping, work out or even casual outing! Now who say work out outfits is not pretty.

  • The latest technology which uses zero thread.
  • No more sudden ripped pant in public due to bad sewing thread.
  • Promotes flawless which shapes our body line. It will make us look slimmer.
  • Duo side wearing which gave you 2 different outlooks.
  • Sweater booster. 4 times faster in fat burning process.

Soft Snug apparel is made to boost your sweat production by retaining your body warmth as you work out. It uses EPDM fabric which is not only serves is sweat boosting purpose but is also comfortable for movement and stretching. 

So, go about on your usual workouts - stretching, running or dancing to the beat, as Soft Snug hugs your body perfectly with the EPDM fabric sewn together securely with flat lock seams.

You can check out the closer look of the seamless hotpants. It is super elastic and comfortable. When you're wearing it, it is just like normal pants, so don't you worry whether it will uncomfortable because it won't happen.

For people who don't want to go for diet (eat clean) and don't want to work out, this is a perfect product for you. Of course, if you're wearing it during work out, it can make you burn more fat too! I'm actually tried similar hot pants from the other brands, but their hotpants was so thick texture and quite hard to fit in. Although this hotpants's texture is thinner, but it was very light and easier for me to work out / stretching! I'm impressed.

"Make your workout sessions count, do it with Soft Snug! "

If you're interested to create a hot body, what are you waiting for? Grab one now to prepare for your summer holiday body! For more info, kindly visit their website https://www.softsnug.com/


  1. I like the seamless feature of this pair of pants. Also, the sweat booster is real highlight - extra sweat for the same amount of exercise. Wow, I feel light already just thinking about it!

    1. I know right. But I think workout and diet are important as well.

  2. this hot pants seems ok wor.. zero thread some more leh. i had a few hot pants d but not really comfort for stretching. wanna try this as well. so at least i know which is the best for myself. thanks for sharing babe.!

    1. Me too! Previous one quite hard to fit and not comfort for stretching. This is different though.

  3. It fits so perfectly on you! It looks fashionable too, so many brand for hot pants nowadays. Time to explore new brands!


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