Whenever I told someone my boyfriend is from Pontian (笨珍), people was like where is Pontian? What to do and eat there? After I told them what I had eaten there, my friends asking why don't you blog about them? Well, here you go guys! I compiles all the foods I had eaten into one list just like what I did for Johor Bahru One Day Trip. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading this post.

Heng Heng 兴兴
(Heng Heng 兴兴)
First up is my all time favourite - Heng Heng (兴兴) Wanton Mee. They saying if you haven't try this wanton mee before, that means you haven't been to Pontian. They are popular with their wanton mee but when you sit down, they will served you some "otak otak". It is optional, you can whether give it a try or you can leave it there.

Heng Heng popular wanton mee
(The popular wanton mee)
I love to eat wanton mee a lot and this is my very first time to try the sour taste wanton mee. Yes, they are using some kind like tomato paste as the sauce. This shop has been featured on newspaper and other media channels. If you don't know how to speak Mandarin, no worries, you can speak Cantonese here as the owner is a GuongDong people. Which is why they pronounced their shop as "Heng Heng".

Heng Heng wanton mee

Heng Heng wanton mee
I really love the sour taste of this wanton mee because I think it is unique. I had a bad experience on Pontian wanton mee that I tried at KL because its taste very bad and their services are bad as well. My boyfriend keep asking me to try their authentic version instead trying the franchise at other state so I did. After I tried this I felt the taste are huge different with the one I had tried

Heng Heng wanton
Maybe some people prefer noodles in hot temperature with the Chinese traditional way for eating. However, I found out Heng Heng wanton mee taste good even it's cold. If you're planning a food trip to Pontian, make sure you try this before you leave.
[ Heng Heng Wanton Mee ]
Address : 766, Lorong Anggerik, Kampung Parit Mesjid, 82000 Pontian, Johor.
Business hours : Monday - Sunday (9am - 6pm) | Closed on Friday

    MEI GUI SEA FOOD (玫瑰海鲜园)
MEI GUI SEA FOOD 玫瑰海鲜园 - 烧鱼
(Mei Gui Sea Food 玫瑰海鲜园 - 烧鱼)
Another restaurant that I always craving for their delicious foods is Mei Gui Sea Food (玫瑰海鲜园). I'm pretty sure all Pontianese are really proud of this restaurant because there are always a lot of tourists visit here. Their signature dish is Malaysian Grilled Fish (烧鱼) and they has been doing this for more than 30 years! Frankly, I have to say the grilled fish is the best that I ever taste in my life. Everytime I pay a visit for sure I will order this.

Grilled Sotong
(Grilled Sotong)
Another must eat dish is the Grilled Sotong. It taste so good especially with their homemade chilis sauce. I love the sweet and sour taste chilis sauce a lot because they apply onions as well.

We also ordered Lemon Fried Chicken and some vegetables, taste not bad as well. They always crowded since 6pm will make sure you come earlier if you wish to dine in. Or, you can make reservation just in case you don't walk away with disappointment. You might need to expect at least 30 minutes waiting time for the dish to be served. 
[ Mei Gui Sea Food ]
Address : 2002, Jalan Parit Mesjid, Taman Mawar, 82000 Pontian Johor.
Business hours : Monday - Sunday (5pm - 12am)
Tel : 07-686 2484

(Kedai Makan Chern Sze)
Boyfie bring me try different fish balls in Pontian. Another one is popular with "big fish balls" (大粒鱼丸面) which is at other place. This one is called Kedai Makan Chern Sze (城市西刀鱼丸面). Obviously, their popular dish is their fish balls.

Kedai Makan Chern Sze (城市西刀鱼丸面)
They have different kind of noodles for you to choose such as kuey teow, bihun and mee etc. You can choose either you want it served with soup or dry with sauce. All you need to do is just order their fish balls. Their fish balls comes with elastic texture so when you take a bite, you can feel their bounciness. 
[ Kedai Makan Chern Sze ]
Address : 12G, Jalan Delima 1, Pusat Perdagangan Baru Pontian.

    AH POH BAK KUT TEH (亚宝砂煲肉骨茶)
AH POH BAK KUT TEH (亚宝砂煲肉骨茶)
(Ah Poh Bak Kut Teh)
There are two famous bak kut teh in Pontian and the one that I had visited is Ah Poh Bak Kut Teh (亚宝砂煲肉骨茶). Why I visited this instead of another shop? Simply because my boyfriend and his family members personally prefer this.

Ah Poh Bak Kut Teh
We ordered bak kuk teh, braised pork legs, braised chicken legs, yau char kwai and sour vegetables. I'm gonna tell you, I love their sour vegetables a lot! I'm not a pork person, so I can eat up to 2 bowl of sour vegetables. In fact, Pontianese like to have bak kut teh for their breakfast, just like Klang people. Bak kuk teh for breakfast is a little bit heavy for me, so I just eat very little. However, you can try them early in the morning as they will closed by noon time.
[ Ah Poh Bak Kut Teh ]
Address : 1, Jalan Jutawan, Taman Jutawan, Jalan Taib, Pontian Town, 82000.
Business hours : Monday - Sunday (7am - 1.30pm)

I try to search this shop's English name but I failed. Well, I try my best. You might not heard about this shop as it is not famous at all. They are just locate beside the main road with no signboard. The only "signboard" I can get is the photo that shown above.

We ordered curry fish, long bean, cabbages and salty egg sotong. You must try the salty egg sotong! It is so freaking delicious. I'm still craving for it while blogging this post. A must try dish at this restaurant.

Chinese herbal tea
Feel free to try their homemade Chinese herbal tea as well. It's always good to drink herbal tea to balance our heatless during this hot weather. 
[ 777永辉煮炒 ]
Address : Can't find any exact location for this but some people saying it is location opposite 崩山饼干场
Contact : 011-1515 3873

LTL Coffee
(LTL Coffee)
Pontian is a small town. Their street are normally full of the traditional cuisines. However, we found 1 café called LTL Coffee which is a great place to chill. There are only few cafes in Pontian and I think this café is not bad.

LTL Coffee - Beverages
We ordered different kind of beverages including coffee, tea, iced lychee, latte, hot honey lemon and many more. Their coffee is great and services are good.

LTL Coffee - Dessert

LTL Coffee - French Fries
They served Western foods but since we went there after finished our lunch, so we just ordered drinks, French fries and desserts. Maybe we will drop by and try their main course next time.

LTL Coffee - Balcony
For smokers, you can sit at the balcony and smoke. Or, if you want to tell your secret to your BFF, you may want to tell it here since this area is separate with indoor. Lol.
[ LTL Coffee ]
Address : 665, Jalan Tain, Pontian.
Business hours : Monday - Friday (7pm - 12am), Saturday - Sunday (12pm - 12am)

That's all for my "What To Eat In Pontian" post. If you're from Pontian and have something interesting place that want to share with me, feel free to drop me a comment. I would love to drop by at my next visit. Feel free to visit my other one day trip or what to eat in Malaysia below :


  1. Woah, food trip! Never thought that there was so much delicious food in Pontian. Must make a trip soon! The wantan mee is really unique and I'd like to try that :)