After my several day trip posts went viral, it's been a long time since I update any local places day trip post on my blog. Today, I will talk about Sekinchan Day Trip (适耕庄一日游). Hopefully you guys enjoy reading it like the other day trip posts.

Time flies~ Can't believe me and boyfie been together for more than 2 years! We want to go for short getaway but we had no idea where to go for last minute plan. Boyfie suggested "how about Sekinchan? Since both of us never been there before." Alright then, we head to Sekinchan early in the morning from KL.

#Restoran Riri Fatt (日日发茶餐室)
( Restoran Riri Fatt 日日发茶餐室 )
But we felt regret after reach there so early, most of the shop haven't even open yet. We had arrived our first stop at Restoran Riri Fatt to take some breakfast before we head to next station.

Before we been here, boyfie read a review via online saying this shop is famous with their 糯米猪. We thought want to give it a try because normally we eat 糯米鸡 instead of 糯米猪. Unfortunately when we reached there, the lady boss told us it is not available on that day. Disappointed.

Thus, boyfie had ordered a Hailam Chicken Rice at there. Taste so so only.

He also ordered a few slices of traditional kaya and butter toast, come with soft-boiled egg. Surprisingly it is taste not bad.

For me, I had ordered a WanTon Mee. Taste so so only and I was quite disappointed with only one wanton to be served.
Restoran Riri Fatt (日日发茶餐室)
Address : 45-B, Jalan Besar, Sekinchan, Selangor.
Business Hours : 6.45am - 5.00pm) ; CLOSED on Thursday

#Photo-shooting Anywhere

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Most of you asking me where to take good photos with better background. Well, actually we just drop by a random place to take photo. I guess every paddy field is the same here. So if you want me to recommend, I suggest you guys just find a random paddy field to stopped by when you guys are driving. Just like what we did.

#No.16 Cafe (拾綠號)

No.16 Cafe 拾綠號
( No.16 Cafe 拾綠號 )
I guess most of you heard about this cafe - No.16 Cafe right? It is a MUST VISIT cafe at Sekinchan. Sekinchan is just a small town which don't have much choices when come into cafe selection. What's so interesting about this cafe is the owner is using a bus as a cafe.

For people who thinking to stay overnight at Sekinchan, you may consider to stay this place called Padi Box. The concept of this place is staying in the container. Well, you might give it a try if you want. Padi Box is just located beside of No.16 Cafe.

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There are some tables and chairs at the outside of the bus, you can sit outside if you want. But since the weather is so hot during the day time, we decided to sit inside the bus to dine in.

What a brilliant idea to dine inside a bus. Although the bus is more into retro style but the place is clean and hygiene. It was so hot outside and we feel great to stay inside the bus because of the air-condition.

( Table menu )
This is their table menu. From left to right - Main course, dessert, beverages. Although they don't have much selection on the foods, but I saw majority of the customers are ordering dessert and drinks only so should be fine for the locals.

( Soft drinks | RM5 )
I like how they served the soft drink (RM5) in glass bottle instead of can. Moreover, they also served it into a bucket with full of ice. Did I said the bucket is came out from freezer too? Lol.

Imagine the sun is so hot outside, and you can enjoy the cold drinks inside a air-condition place. I guess the owner got think about that before. How thoughtful is that~

( Chicken Chop Rice with Mushroom Sauce | RM15 )
We had ordered 2 dishes for sharing. The first dish was Chicken Chop Rice with Mushroom Sauce (RM15). It served with herbs rice, corn and sauce that you desire. They have several sauce selection such as creamy mushroom, cheesy salted egg and black pepper sauce etc. We love the herbs rice. It brings the fragrance but not too heavy. The creamy mushroom sauce is a little bit small potion I guess. So far not bad.

( Breakfast )
Another dish that we had ordered was the breakfast ( I forget what's called, just something with breakfast). It served with scramble egg, sausage, toast, mushroom, crab cake and corn. Frankly, I was a little bit disappointed on the crab cake because it was overcooked. The other ingredients was fine.

My advise to you guys is if you really want to visit this cafe, visit them early. Since we were the first customer to arrived on that day, we have plenty of time to take photos. About lunch time 12pm onwards, a lot of locals and tourists drop by this cafe. Thus, if you wish to take some great photo without some people photo-bombing, make sure you arrived earlier.
No.16 Cafe (拾綠號)
Address : Jalan Tali Air 4, Sekinchan, Selangor (waze : No.16 Cafe 拾綠號
Business Hours : Fri - Mon (11.00am - 9.00pm) Thu (12.00pm - 9.00pm) ; CLOSED on Tue & Wed
Tel : 010-254 6268

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Last but not least, #KenjixShini is officially 2 years old! We are looking forward for the 3rd anniversary. Thanks for always pamper me like a queen but not a princess. You always support me mentality and physically no matter what. Love you!

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