21 September 2017


Who doesn't love Japanese skin care!? I am always a huge fan of it because I think their skin care is suitable for almost any skin type. Kao Malaysia has brought in Curél, Japan’s No.1 Brand for Sensitive Asian Skin with the vision of providing safe and effective Sensitive skincare solution's.

For your information, Curél is scientifically developed with extensive dermatological research and is clinically tested to suit Asian Skin. Which means it is suitable for us! Dry and sensitive skin is caused by a lack of Ceramide in our skin says Kao Japan dermatology research team through all their constant researches and efforts by paying attention to customers' concerns over their skin problems.

One of the most frequently asked question is, how do we determine if our skin type is sensitive? Sensitive skin is a state of hyper-reactivity and skin will be lack of Ceramide, resulting to skin problems and discomfort such as roughness, dryness, irritation, itching and redness. It is important to provide potent moisture by applying the suitable skin care which helps protects and replenishes the function of Ceramide. The importance of Ceramide in our skin…

Curél has discovered that dry and sensitive skin troubles amongst Malaysians have increased significantly, many factors causing sensitive skin include pro-longed exposure to UV rays and bad weather conditions such as pollution or even the use of unsuitable skincare products. Well, I am pretty sure many of us has tried products that are not suitable for our skin type, wrong products that causes our skin to feel uncomfortable. Also the crazy hot and sometimes humid weather we have in Malaysia. But ever since I discovered the brand Curél, I used it every single day and night and now my skin constantly feels healthy and hydrated.

The highly anticipated brand by Kao, Curél, Japan’s No.1 Brand for Sensitive Asian Skin offers a holistic range of products that combat sensitive problem from the root of our skin. Specially formulated and clinically proven to support dry and sensitive skin. Best part of all, Curél is also recommended for use on babies with dry and sensitive skin conditions. So mommy’s out there do not hesitate to give this product a try if you baby has dry or sensitive skin! Another thing you need to know, Curél’s efficacy is backed by over 30 years of R&D, researching more than 2,000 different formulas and 6,400 people with sensitive skin. The result is Curél’s breakthrough technology – the advanced moisture-retaining Ceramide technology. So we can be sure now that it is a safe product to use on our face daily.

The essential ingredient that is contained in Curél’s skin care products is Ceramide, a unique dermatological formulated and clinically proven to be hydrating, penetrating and moisture-retaining for skin. The product do not only helps improve low barrier conditions on the skin surface, but also targets the problem from within. This gentle formulation is hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, colorant free, alcohol free*, pH balanced and endorsed by over 3,900 dermatologists in Japan.

Curél Makeup Cleansing Gel
This Makeup Cleansing Gel as it is able to removes makeup including long lasting foundation from deep within pores while the ceramide in our skin. We all know that long lasting cosmetics are very hard to remove thoroughly with normal makeup remover but this makeup cleansing gel can remove it with ease.

Usage :: Apply an appropriate amount onto dry skin with dry hands. Then, gently massage 4-5 times using circular motion (like what I did in the photo). Rinse off thoroughly and dry face with towel.

Verdict : : I purposely draw a big heart on my face to test the effectiveness of the makeup cleansing gel. Previously, I don't really prefer gel type makeup cleanser because I thought it can't fully remove my makeup. Surprisingly it is not sticky at all and works amazing. It really removed my makeup with ease.

Curél Foaming Wash
After removing makeup on face, it is now time to cleanse your face. The Curél Foaming Wash intensively cleanses perspiration and dirt while protecting the ceramide on our face. It also holds cleansing ingredients that minimize stress on skin. Oh wow~ I frequently work under pressure this means I can use it to reduce the stress on my skin?! Haha. This product dispenses a foamy lather to cleanse smoothly by gently massaging. It leaves a dewy, comfortable feeling to your skin after wash. Just the right everyday cleanser I need.

Usage :: Apply an appropriate amount (2 full pumps) directly onto wet skin. Then, gently massage in circular motion and rinse off thoroughly.

Verdict : : I'm not a big fan of foaming wash because sometime the foam will get stuck on my eyelash extensions. Thus, we need to be careful not to apply around eye area if you have eyelash extensions. But so far this cleanser really helps to cleanse my face thoroughly leaving my skin fresh and dewy.

Curél Moisture Lotion II
For the lotion, it consists of Eucalyptus extract that penetrates deeply so your skin feels soothe, fully moisturised and resistant to external irritation. It leaves your skin a moist sensation so it is definitely suitable for dry skin like mine. Lotion is an essential step for your daily skin care routine if you want to have a healthy skin.

Usage :: After cleansing, apply the lotion gently over the entire face. You can either pour it on your palm and apply or pour it onto cotton pad and gently wipe your face with it.

Verdict : : The lotion is more of a liquid form not a thick creamy texture. For people who are always in a rush or those who dislike greasy creamy texture on your skin, the lighter liquid texture like this lotion might just be your choice!

Curél Moisture Face Milk
My favorite product of all – Curél Moisture Face Milk. The Ceramide functioning element and eucalyptus extract diffuse genuinely into the stratum corneum. Skin stays silky, deeply moisturised, and resistant to external irritation. This product provides plenty of moisture and leaves a lightweight feeling on my skin. I treat it as a moisturiser or emulsion.

Usage : : Apply gently over the entire face, especially on the dry and rough areas. Apply after using Curel Moisture Lotion II on skin.

Verdict : : Like I mentioned, this is one of my favorite product among this range! Love the silky smooth texture, not too thick and creamy at the same time. It's more like a rich lotion. After applying it, I can feel instant moisture on my face.

This Curél Trial Kit II retails at RM52.89 which includes all of the product above. It is super convenient for a frequent traveler like me. Although I always check-in my luggage on flight, but I still prefer to bring travel kit / trial kit skin care with me to save more space so that I can shop more during my trip! Lol. Also, if you haven't try this brand yet, you should definitely get one to try out the products to see if you will like it as much as I do.

Curél Intensive Moisture Cream
I was also give a sample size of it's BEST SELLER - Curél Intensive Moisture Cream. It is awarded as the Best Cream for 3 consecutive years by Japan’s prestigious @COSME award and contains the highest potency of Ceramide-functioning ingredients. Wow! I'm glad that I got the opportunity to get my hands on it. Let's see how is the result.

Verdict : : Tried and tested. Love it so much! My skin feels moisturised the whole day even under air conditioner. Skin feeling *doink doink* after I applied it. No wonder this is the best seller product!

Curél Lip Care Cream Light Pink (RM42.40)
After your daily skin care routine, how can you missed out your lip care? This lip care cream is uniquely formulated with Ceramide functioning elements, plant imitative moisture-retaining ingredient and Jojoba Oil that saturates deeply into lips for remarkably elastic and moisture-heavy lips.

Verdict : : Tried the lip care cream and it amazes me! It provides a light pink tint which you can notice from the photo, the colour is not so vibrant just a little pinkish as it works more like a lip care not lipstick. My lip has always been so dry and flaky, but thank god I found “you”! No more dry lips if I apply this everyday!

Although the "before and after" not much difference from the photo shown above, but you can see my skin looks more dewy, not as dull as before. I could feel that my skin is hydrated and healthy after applying the products everyday. Can't wait to see how my skin looks more healthy and moisturised day by day.

Curél is now available at selected Watson Malaysia stores. The retail price of Curél products ranges from RM42.40 to RM111.30 with GST. What are you waiting for? Grab it now at your nearest store and let me know the result after you used it.

Below is the list of Watsons Malaysia stores where you can purchase Curél products:
  • Mid Valley Megamall - Flagship store
  • One Utama Shopping Centre - Flagship store
  • Suria KLCC
  • Pavilion KL
  • Cheras Leisure Mall
  • Mytown Shopping Centre
  • Sunway Pyramid
  • Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre
  • Aeon Cheras Selatan Mall
  • Bukit Tinggi Klang
  • IOI Mall
  • Aeon Seremban 2
  • Sky Avenue Genting
  • Kinta City Shopping Mall
  • Queensbay Mall
  • Gurney Plaza
  • Queensbay Mall 2
  • City Square JB
  • Aeon Tebrau City JB
  • Dataran Pahlawan Melaka

For more information, feel free to visit Curél Facebook page or Kao Malaysia's official website  :

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