25 September 2017


Anyone loves Thai food like I do? Put your hands up high because I'm gonna introduce you guys my currently favourite Thai cuisine - Baan Kanom Jeen. As a huge fan of Thai food, I need to eat Thai literally every week. I also been to Thailand for several times just to try the local food. However, I haven't to try the "Thai Laska" yet, which is ridiculous because the owner told me it was one of the authentic local street food in Thailand.

( Baan Kanom Jeen )
For your info, Kanom Jeen or translated as Chinese Noodle, is one of the Thai's "kampung" dish. With noodles made from rice, Kanom Jeen is served with a variety of more than 50 types of sauces originating from 77 provinces all over Thailand. Here, they intend to bring a new dimension of Thai "kampung" dish for Malaysians to enjoy.

( Menu )
There are so many delicious foods that I would like to order but I'm strongly recommended you all try the Kanom Jeen since it is their signature dish here.

Ta-da! All the foods are coming! There are so many foods on the table and we can't wait to try them all one-by-one.

The owner served us a lot of dishes which include Kanom Jeen set, Fried Chicken, Green Curry Fried Rice with Fried Fish, Thai Curry Noodle, Thai Chicken Rice, Thai Milk Tea and desserts. So, let's dig in!

( Kanom Jeen Set )
Kanom Jeen Set has selection of Single Serve set (RM10.90) and Kanom Jeen set (RM39.90). For us, we had chosen the Kanom Jeen set. It was served with a basket of 12 rice noodle balls, anchovies, a bowl of eggs, and a basket of fresh vegetables. Each set comes with 4 sauce selections. The Kanom Jeen set can be serving for 2-4 pax.

( Sauce Selection )
There are 4 Sauce selection :
  • Green Curry (top left) - Known internationally as the chicken green curry sauce. Juicy and tender chicken meat served in this awesome green curry sauce.
  • Namphrik (top right) - This 3 flavours of sweet spicy sour sauce contains crushed nuts and minced prawns as its ingredients, its one of the local Thais must-eat-with Kanom Jeen sauce.
  • Southern Namya (bottom left) - Southerners love this sauce, it gives the creamy and spicy flavour-spiciest of all sauces, as the Southerners are well known for their love for strong spicy taste.
  • Red Namya (bottom right) - A sauce created especially for fish lovers, this sauce would definitely give the gult free experience.

These are the vegetables, hard-boiled egg and anchovies that been served together with the Kanom Jeen. The owner also gave us a dish of fried chicken as extra. The fried chicken is so delicious! Crispy skin and tender meat. Love the homemade chilis sauce as well.

So this is how I first try my Kanom Jeen. I took some noodles, fried chicken skin, hard-boiled egg, fresh vegetables, fried chicken, served with some green curry sauce and namphrik sauce. Yummy~

( Green Curry Fried Rice with Fried Fish )
Green Curry Fried Rice with Fried Fish (RM15.90)
Rice fried in their own green curry paste topped off with deep fried sea bass fillet. This is my first time again to try the green curry fried rice and I love the spices. Served with fried sea bass fillet? Seriously I'm loving it! I always complain why no one served fried rice with fish fillet because I am a fan of fish when it comes to meat. Now finally I found one.

( Chicken Rice )
Chicken Rice
Whenever I went to Bangkok, for sure I will order the chicken rice. Tried the chicken rice here and taste not bad too. Love how they served the big roasted garlic on top of the chicken.

( Curry Noodle )
Curry Noodle
Want to try some Thai and Malaysia fusion food? Try this curry noodle and you will love it! Big portion of the noodle served with red onion, green onion, vegetables, chicken slice and lime.

( Signature Thai Iced Dirty Tea and Signature Thai Ice Muddy Tea )
Signature Thai Iced Dirty Tea (RM7.90)
For the beverages, we had ordered a dirty tea which served with Thai milk tea and coffee.

Signature Thai Iced Muddy Tea (RM7.90)
On the other hand, muddy tea served with Thai milk tea and green tea. Both of them also taste good but I prefer muddy tea more!

( Red Ruby )
Red Ruby (RM6.90)
For the dessert, what we have here was Red Ruby which is one of the Thai signature dessert. Instead of using shave ice, the owner replaced it with 2 scoops of coconut ice cream. It definitely elevated the taste and boyfie love it so much.

Mango Sticky Rice
My favourite dish of that night - Mango Sticky Rice!

Frankly, this is one of the delicious mango stick rice that I ever had.

Love how they served it with a rich coconut ice cream on top. The cold coconut ice cream + warm pandan sticky rice + sweet and fresh mango are the best combination!

I will definitely come back for this dish.

By the way, they are some art painting on the wall that you can take some photos with it.

You can pretend you're waiting for someone like what I did. Lol

Thank you Baan Kanom Jean for having us! We will definitely revisit soon because the food is delicious and I will totally order my favourite Mango Sticky Rice!

The owner is super friendly and we have a quick chat about the concept of the restaurant and some info about Thailand.

Baan Kanom Jeen
Address : Lot 107, Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8, Damansara Perdana. (1st Floor)
Business Hours : Daily (11.30am - 9.30pm) 
Tel : 03-7611 4557
Facebook : Baan Kanom Jeen

Before we are leaving, the lady boss also passed us some beautiful 3D handmade jelly as a gift. She said it is the Thailand traditional floral jelly. I saw them via online but haven't has a chance to taste it. It's not only looking good, it tastes good too. Taste like some yogurt jelly. If you guys are interested, feel free to visit their  Instagram : @lamoon_sweet. That's all for today. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading. Till here.

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