Welcome to my blog. My name is Shini Lola. Most of the clients/readers are curious about my nationality because of my name. Well, I'm a Malaysian. Just that my real name is a quite common name for the Chinese, so I created a special one for myself lol. I'm a super-duper talkative person. So if you know me in person, I guess you already know that (Not sure if that's my strength or weakness hahaha).

Blogging is my passion, I have been blogging since 2010. At first, I treated it as my "electronic diary" to record my journeys, experiences and precious memories. But then, I felt surprised when clients/brands started to reach me for product and service reviews. It was a truly amazing experience as I can do the things that I like and at the same time earn my side income from it. I always feel thankful to my clients and followers for their trust in me. Therefore, it's my job to study every brand, try the products, and experience the services before I share them here on my blog. This is to make sure they are safe to eat or use for my readers.

Shini is a versatile travel writer and enthusiast who also loves blogging about beauty, lifestyle, fashion and foodie tips. A digital creator and blog editor, I have visited 24 countries and have even been interviewed by NDTV during her trip to India with the AirAsia team. I have had the privilege of being featured in numerous media outlets, including The Star and Marie France Asia. Additionally, I have been invited to speak at events such as Watsons and MATTA Fair. My blog includes not only stories of my travels but also many other topics such as beauty and fashion tips, food and gadget reviews etc.

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