27 September 2017



Any fan of beer here? Great new to you guys! Introducing Tap It Out - Malaysia First Beer ATM. Located at Solaris Mont Kiara, Tap It Out is a beer bar with a twist. What's so special to it and compare to other usual bar? It provides self-service to pour your own beer aka beer ATM. Sound interesting? Continue reading to find out more.

As I watched the INSIDER video few months back, the pour-your-own beer bars mushrooming into major cities around the world e.g. Chicago (US)Alberta (Canada)New York (US).

I'm so excited when I knew the concept has brought to Malaysia and I can't wait to try by my own.

The owner explained to us about the concept and the advantages of beer ATM such as :
  • You buy for your own drink (no need to treat some cheapskate people who always ask you to treat them)
  • You can choose any beer that you like or even mixed them together (For example, Hoegaarden mixed with Asahi, I don't know how is the taste, you may try)
  • Pay to depend on how much you pour (If you haven't taste the beer before, you may pour a little bit to take a sip first, after you tried and you like it, you can even pour more)
  • Fresh beer (owner emphasize this point as you can taste the fresh beer by the time you take a sip)

This is the card to pour your own beer. It is works like a Touch-n-go. All you need to do is just go to the counter and register a card > reload any amount you want (RM50, RM100, RM150 etc) > and you can started to use it. Please note that minimum top up is RM50.

After you got the card on hand, choose any beer you wants. Then, put the card on the screen and started to pour your beer. After you stop, the screen will show you the amount you pour, the price and your balance in your card.

There are total 9 types of beer available at Tap It Out :
Asahi, Connors, Carlsberg, Hoegaarden, 1664 Blanc, Stella Artois, Erdinger, Weissbier, Kronenbourg, Leffe and Löwenbräu.

If you have no idea of how to calculate the price of the beer, you can refer to the beer menu and price for 1 litre on the screen.

What I like about Tap It Out was they are having total 9 types of glass of different type of beer respectively. My favourite glass is Stella Artois.

Beside of beer, they also serve wines, liquor, and even tea. Of course, these items are not self-service. Just order from the beverages menu will do.

In addition, they also have interactive entertainment in the house. If you are visiting here with your friends, you guys may consider to play beer pong here.

( Menu )
Beside of drinks, how can you missed the food right? They serve variety of snacks from popcorn, fried food to pork dishes.

( Food @ Tap It Out )
( Creme Brulee Roasted Pork )
Creme Brulee Rosted Pork (RM25.90)
One of the signature dish at Tap It Out. I tried it and I love it. I love the crispy skin texture with the taste of creme brulee. Not to mention it is really rare to see bar serving roasted pork (siew yuk) in Malaysia.

( Signature Premium Popcorn )
Another signature dish is Signature Premium Popcorn

  • Cheesy bomb (RM15.90) 
    • premium popcorn with cheese
  • Naughty-nutty (RM15.90) 
    • premium popcorn with sesame glaze pistachio
  • Oink-Oink (RM15.90) 
    • premium popcorn with bacon and crispy pork rind

Yakitori Chicken, Premium free range Pork Belly with Japanese Cucumber and other delicious food been served.

( Asian Fusion Popcorn Chicken Series )
Asian Fusion Popcorn Chicken Series (RM12.90)
It is yummy! Serve with house special spicy sauce. You can choose original or spicy.

Special thanks to Tap It Out for the opportunity. I will definitely revisit again anytime soon.

If you guys planning to drop by, let me know how you guys think about this concept by leaving a comment.

Tap It Out
Address : K-01-05, Soho KL, No.2, Jalan Solaris, Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours : Daily (4.00pm - 2.00am) 
Facebook : Tap It Out
Instagram : @tapitoutmsia

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