4 October 2017



There is nothing quite like bringing baby home from the hospital. You lovingly swaddle your new one and provide this new being with all of the love and affection it can handle. It’s up to you to bathe it, feed it, clothe it, love it, and everything else that comes with raising children. So, of course you want to invest in products for your home that will ensure the safety of your baby.

1. Cord Wind Ups
Blinds might be attractive and convenient for your home, but for a baby it’s a source of wonder. Your baby wants to explore your home and if you want to ensure they are able to do it safely then your first port of call is cord wind ups. It only takes a second for a baby to get into trouble, especially around the cords in blinds.

2. Door Stoppers
Naturally, children adore playing with the door so a door stopper might not seem like that big a deal, but you’ll understand just how important it is when you hear baby screaming after getting pinched fingers. They come in a wide variety and styles, so you safety doesn’t have to cramp your style.

3. Retractable Gate
You know that baby gates are a must - you need to keep crawling babies out of the kitchen, the laundry room, the bathroom, and anywhere else that may present danger. They’re so ugly, though, that it can be difficult to give in to logic. There’s good news, retractable gates come in a variety of styles so you don’t need to worry about aesthetics. Perhaps the greatest aspect of these, for parents, is that it easily unlocks to retract so you don’t need to struggle with four bottles, a baby, and a stubborn gate.

4. Smoke & CO Alarm
If you don’t already have these installed - it’s a must. You may find that your local fire department is happy to help you with the installation of your new alarms and they will ensure they are installed in the proper area of your home. You don’t want them too close to the kitchen or sources of gas/fire.

5. Wearable Blanket
So much can go wrong in childhood that it’s a wonder any of us made it through unscathed. Thankfully, there are tips and tricks that have made life easier for parents. The wearable blanket is just one of these. Your baby is too old for swaddling but too young to provide with blankets in their crib - this is the perfect solution. When your baby is too old for swaddling but rolling over then this is an absolute must have safety product.

6. Baby Monitor Sock
Yes, a baby monitor sock. Slip these booties on and the monitor will track the baby’s Oxygen levels and heart rate. You can track this from the monitor’s base or from your Smartphone, so you can receive alerts and alarms anywhere should something go awry. This is an excellent option for parents who leave baby to go to work and feel nervous about how they’re little one is while they are away.

7. Smart Thermometer
Every new mum knows a thermometer is a must in the home, but thanks to the advancement of technology you can choose a smart thermometer. What’s so great about it? The reading is almost instant and the app will then provide you with advice on how to
take care of your infant. It’s the perfect option for new parents out there.

8. Pram Lights
A cyclist wouldn’t go out at night unless their gear was lit up so that vehicles on the road can spot them, right? Neither should you and your baby. Remember, when you’re crossing the road or pushing the pram through a car park the baby is ahead of you and prams can be difficult to see in the dark. So, light your pram up with LEDs.

9. Furniture Corner Guards
Do you have sharp edges on every piece of furniture throughout your home? It’s never a problem until you introduce a young person to your home - get ahead by investing in corner guards for all of your furniture, especially where baby will be spending time.

10. Tap Cover
Why buy a thermometer and a tap cover when you can buy both of those things in just one product? For your money you will have a colour coded thermometer which provides safety from burns and scalds for baby. Of course, the cover is foamy so it will also protect your baby from nasty bumps in the bath.

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