31 January 2018



As I'm looking for a new home, furniture plays a key role in my plan. However, I'm looking for unique and ergonomic furniture instead of the common boring version. I found Primero on one of my recent research via online. 

Primero is a Singapore based online furniture shop. Primero was founded on the vision that everyone deserves to have beautiful, high-quality furniture at affordable prices. I found that their custom-made furniture is designed to be bold and inspiring. 

They thought great furniture design shouldn’t be unaffordable which I totally agreed. It is an adventure for them to make inspiring furniture affordable for everyone.

When I'm thinking to purchase a new set of furniture for my new home, I thought of sofa, bed, wardrobe, cupboard and so on. The following 3 types of furniture are some of the furniture that I personally think essential to me. 

Study Desks and Tables
It is the most important furniture for me because I spend hours of my work on it. I'm glad to find many selections of study tables, office desks and writing desks on Primero's website. What I love about Primero is, they have a study table for every need a preference. Whether you're using it to study or as a space to work from home, be spoiled for choice of their unique, affordable study desks.

My personal favourite would be the one that in the photo shown above. Not just I can put my MacBook on it, I can put some of my stuff in the organizer such as a phone charger, camera charger, memory card, tissue box, camera and many more. It will tidier if I have a study table like this. Unlike my current study table, super messy with all my stuff. 

( TV Console Singapore )
TV Consoles
TV Console is another essential furniture for me because I and my boyfie watch movies most of the time. It is like a hobby for both of us. I personally think that the living room is the centrepiece of my home. When I got home, the first place that I'm gonna step in would be my living room. Thus, a stylish and sophisticated TV console is the one that I'm looking for. In Primero, whether you're looking for a grand media console to fill your living room or a small, chic piece that's functional and beautiful, for sure you able to find one for your own.

I always prefer dark shade when it comes to TV console to prevent the dirt and scratches. If it is in the dark tone then those scratch won't be too obvious.

( Dining Table Singapore )
Dining Tables
Last but not least, the dining table. In Chinese culture, a dining table is really important. Well, at least this was what my parents told me.  The perfect dining set is not hard to achieve with their range of carefully curated, elegant pieces. Whether it's a Scandinavian, Mid-Century Modern or contemporary style you prefer, Primero quite sure they have what you need.

I prefer the wood type and simple dining table. It looks modern and elegant. The simple design of the dining table is easy to match with any design of chairs. 

Free Installation & Delivery
All items purchased above $100 comes with free installation & delivery. Their delivery men will make sure to put your furniture exactly where you want them. 

I personally think that you should give Primero a try, for the sake of their furniture are really different. Take one glance at their website and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

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