6 February 2018


Shini Lola with the LUNA play plus facial brush

For all beauty routine, cleansing is the most essential step for me. In my personal opinion, if we didn't cleanse our face clearly, even we apply many skin care on our face, it still won't absorb by our pores. However, how we do to make sure we really cleanse our face? Introducing LUNA play plus that I had received from FOREO, a facial brush which can clean your face with ease.

Just in case haven't heard about FOREO yet, allow me to briefly talk about it for you. For your info, FOREO provides variety of skin care and oral care products. Besides products for women, they also have men selection as well. 

Even trough FOREO is not a traditional beauty company but guess what? The LUNA facial cleaning brush already taken the industry and lighting up 5,000 stores in more than 40 countries. Impressive huh? So, now you know about the website. Let me proceed to the product shall we?

LUNA play plus face brush in the FOREO box

front side of LUNA play plus facial cleansing brush

We always busy with works and personal matters, by the time we reached home, it was already night time. All we want just want to remove our makeup quick and take a rest. However, if we didn't cleanse our face well, it might lead to our skin into acne, white head and black head situation. With LUNA play plus, we can just it and cleanse our face with ease.

Well, this cute and compact LUNA play plus might help! My very first facial brush which can fits in your laptop or gym bag! Also, it uses AAA batteries so I can cleanse my face anytime!

back side of the FOREO facial brush

What is the difference between this FOREO face brush with other similar product? It is more gentle than any other deep cleansing brush. With T-Sonic pulsations, it able to gently unclog your pores to remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil. It also helps to remove dead skin cells and makeup residue.

I normally use it twice a day (after I woke up and before I sleep). Trust me, by using this twice a day is enough to achieve better skin condition.

silicone touch points of FOREO facial cleansing brush

"The size is so small, will it really effective?" Some of you might wondering about size issue. LUNA play plus may be small, but it comes equipped with a broad 2-zone facial brush to suit every skin type.

No wonder when I look at the details, I was wondering why there are 2 zone for the facial brush. Now I know why. Basically I'm using the finer touch points to cleanse on larger areas such as cheeks, forehead and jaw area, while thicker touch points to cleanse my nose area. Check out the instructions below for better understanding.

how to use FOREO facial brush, LUNA play plus

Directions to use :
1) Wet your face and apply your regular cleanser
2) Wet the LUNA play plus and turn it on (The button in the center)
3) Gently move the LUNA play plus cleansing surface in circular motions over your face for 1 minute like I did (photo on bottom right)
4) Rinse and dry your face. Then, apply your skin care products such as toner, lotion, moistuizer and day cream / night cream etc.

colors of LUNA play plus

There are total 7 colours available :
  • LUNA play plus Aquamarine
  • LUNA play plus Midnight
  • LUNA play plus Mint
  • LUNA play plus Pearl Pink
  • LUNA play plus Purple
  • LUNA play plus Sunflower Yellow
  • LUNA play plus Fuchsia (the colour that I demo)
Price : ¥399

LUNA play plus in the hands

After I have been using for a month, I can feel my skin is smoother. There are actually some white heads on my jawline area and after I used LUNA play plus, I can notice it reduces my white heads. You can totally feel it when you touch your face.

Moreover, I also noticed my pores is getting smaller. Probably it really cleaned the dirt in my pores.

It was an essential tool to me as I'm a frequent traveler and I apply makeup for all day long. A detail cleansing is all I need.
Shini Lola holding a FOREO silicone face brush

This facial brush is truly a great and must-have product to use in daily routine! I will definitely bring it along in my hand carry whenever I'm travelling. Just in case the flight is long hours, I can use it clean my face on flight as well. How convenient is that. Hmm...maybe I should grab another colour for my boyfie? Since he found it interesting too. Lol

If you're interested and wish to grab one for your own, kindly visit this LINK HERE and make a purchase. Don't forget to share with me which colour you had chosen too!

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