14 February 2018



I will be travelling with my friends soon. Can't wait to start my first trip in 2018! I want my trip to be perfect and therefore, planning ahead is essential. For me, packing list is really important because if I'm travelling to rural area, I might unable to purchase the thing that I had forgotten to bring during my trip. I try to search "travel packing list Malaysia" on Google and I'm glad that I found ProductNation.

For your info, ProductNation is your destination for all the latest product reviews and roundups that are at the right price, on-trend, consumer favorites and timely in Malaysia. I guess you guys knew looking for and getting hold of the best products here in Malaysia can be a pain sometimes. We research, find out and list the best products locals are searching for and also ensure that these products can be found here in Malaysia instead of getting them from overseas.

Sometime, I found an interesting products on the Internet and thought I can get them in Malaysia. However, when I research the particular products, I found out it is only available in United States. ProductNation is really useful for me because I can research + read review + purchase on the same website. It's super convenient and of course, time-consuming.

Their site is covered in many categories such as fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel, home appliances, tech and many more. You can search the product reviews that you're looking for at by labels or search bar.

Beside of travel topic, I'm also interested on fashion category. Since I'm a huge fan of playsuit or romper, when I search the keyword on the search bar, this article pop out. I can find varieties of playsuit in this article and different brands, product descriptions, price all in one place. It is awesome right? If I'm interested, all I need to is just click the "buy now" button and that's it.

I'm prefer shop in this kind of site because it is more info lifestyle blog. I can compare the similar products with different price at the particular article. As I no need to browse the shopping site one-by-one for comparison, it ProductNation really save more lots of time and effort.

Thus, if you guys are plan to find site that features product reviews in Malaysia and wanted to shop in one place, you may consider visit ProductNation.

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