23 February 2018



Happy Chinese New Year my readers! Can't believe CNY passed so fast. I'm personally think the feeling and celebration of CNY in Malaysia are getting lesser. Some of Chinese doesn't really bother about CNY anymore. Maybe due to economic or lost of interest? Since most of the youngsters just looking on their mobile phone even come out for gathering. Anyway, I would love to share my #SHINICNYOOTD to with all of you! I started this topic since 2 years back and the responds is not bad so I thought I'm gonna continue this topic on every Chinese New Year.


Day : It's the first day of Chinese New Year, of course I need to look elegant! I'm wearing a navy blue lace dress matching with my favourite glitter heels from www.sosoxa.com. This outfit is one of my favourite because I always something simple but nice.

Evening : For evening outfits, I prefer to go for blossom kind of style. Therefore, I had chosen a v-neck floral top and casual denim shorts from H&M.


For chor 2, I decided to go for Bella Hadid style. I saw her in the similar outfits on magazine before and I love it. Thus, I took it as inspiration. I bought a nude colour jumpsuit from Forever 21 and leather skirt from H&M to mix and match. Frankly, I love the outcome.


Boyfie is here during chor 3! My house always have open house on chor 3 every year. I know it gonna be so hot because I need to helps for arrangement. To prevent I will be sweat so much, I'm wearing a mustard v-neck jumpsuit (from Forever 21 too) and leather short from H&M. Yup, both of them are my favourite brand.


My CNY vibes is getting weaker on chor 4. Therefore, I started to go for casual wear lol. Just tied my hair (Jennifer Lopez wannabe), off shoulder black top and the same short from H&M again. The weather is so hot during CNY and this outfit just fit in the condition.

That's all for today. If you wish to see more about my outfits, you can search hashtag #SHINICNYOOTD on Instagram. On the other hand, feel free to have a look on my #SHINICNYOOTD 2017 LINK HERE

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