5 March 2018



Every Malaysian’s favourite question is — “What to eat?”. It is a common question we ask our friends, family, and colleagues almost every day. But, if you plan to visit IPC Shopping Centre, try out their app. It helps you to solve the problem. Wondering why? Continue reading to find out more.

I heard from my friends that IPC Shopping Centre recently had a redevelopment, so I thought we could pay a visit. When we arrived, we decided to take a walk to check out the shops and of course, it's shopping time (simply because it's the Chinese New Year season)! Few hours later, we felt a little bit hungry. Maybe because we had skipped our lunch as we were too engrossed with shopping. Therefore, we skipped right to early dinner.

Now, here's the question. What to eat? Both of us (me and my boyfie) were in a  dilemma and had different opinions on which restaurant to go to. All of sudden, I remember I read about their app a few days back (it’s all over the news!). I immediately downloaded the app on the spot and try to figure out which restaurant should we dine in.

You must be thinking, “Why do I need a shopping centre app? Waste space only…” Well, if you’re like me who always tend to look for the centre’s directory, an app might just be your answer! Imagine the amount of time you save looking for the directory and waiting for your turn to use it.

So, yes, I downloaded the IPC app and like what you expect, they have the store guide, map view, parking information, and so on.

It’s quite easy to use too. Let's say if I wanted to look for restaurants, I just filter my search and it will display all the cuisines which are arranged in alphabetical order.

You can even change it to Map View and you can see exactly where the restaurant is.

I personally prefer list view because I'm really bad with directions. Lol.

Here comes the interesting part. Besides those feature I just mentioned, the IPC app also has something called “The Mood Menu”. If you ever find yourself in a dilemma or argument with friends about what and where to eat, this feature will help you narrow down and suggest places to eat. Chances are, you would really want to eat at the suggested place.

Sounds too good to be true? I thought so too. I mean… how can an app know what you want to eat, right?

But IPC did it and with a little bit of science and data, TA-DA, The Mood Menu was born.

What IPC did was, they worked with a food scientist from U.S. and Spotify to create a food and mood matching tool. According to this food scientist, what we feel will affect what we eat. And depending on what we feel, we tend to listen to certain type of songs on Spotify.

I guess if you take this theory, that would explain why I always binge-eat while listening to mellow songs when I am sad.

Check out below to find out how The Mood Menu works.

Screen shot 1 : When you open the app, this would be the landing page.

Screen shot 2 : Click it and it will link to The Mood Menu page, click "I'm Ready!"

Screen shot 3 : It is require to link to your Spotify account.

Screen shot 4 : After agreed the T&C, IPC app is now connected with your Spotify account.

Screen shot 5 : Ta-da! IPC app detect I'm in Happy Mood and suggest me to eat something sour and less sweet. There were a few good suggestions such as Absolute Thai and Ah Cheng Laksa.

So there's how we end up having dinner at Absolute Thai
Of course, we headed to Absolute Thai because I loveeee Thai food!

It only took us 2 minutes to decide what to eat that day. An achievement in our relationship compare to our usual argument that will last us an hour until we actually eat something.

Besides the app and eating, I am very impressed with the new IPC Shopping Centre. It’s such a family-friendly places to be. With female-driver parking lots, family parking lots, wheelchair and baby stroller facilities, and just the overall convenience. 

And I love to eat, so there are tons of restaurants there. Be sure to check out LG1 because it’s a food heaven there.

The mobile application is now available for download via Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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