New Year Eve with Neon Countdown 2017


Happy New Year 2018! This is my first post of 2018 and hopefully you guys enjoy reading it. How was your New Year Eve? Remember I mentioned on my previous post that I'm gonna celebrate my New Year Eve with #AABC X AIRASIAREDTIX NEON COUNTDOWN 2017? I did and it was super fun and awesome night! Promised you guys will blog about the happenings and here you go.

We are so exciting when we had arrived. Although there was no dress code for the party. However, we saw most of the people were wearing white top. I guess that's because they plan to apply UV paint on their shirt. Guess I missed the main point. We should wearing white top instead. Aiks.

Nevermind, we decided to take a walk and took some photos before we party.

There was some area which is great for us to have a photo shoot.

About half an hour later, the party has begun.

You can see there are more and more people are joining.

(Most of them are wearing white top like I said right? Lol)

Since this was the first time that I attend a rave party with boyfie, of course we need to take a photo together as a memory.

Both of us has been applied UV paint our body. Boyfie draw "YOLO" on his left arm while I draw a heart shape on my chest. I choose pink because it match my outfits.

As mentioned in the previous post, I already received the party kit before everyone does. Therefore, I already have the LED glasses with me.

The colour of LED glasses was yellow, I saw different people wearing different colours such as neon green and red. I actually prefer red shade instead of yellow hahaha.

Well, last selfie before the party has begun! Guess I won't have time to take a selfie anymore after the party started.

Woohoo~ The party started! Firstly, we have Pria Cotterell and Amin Salmee for their performance. Pria Cotterell's voice is so gorgeous.

Next will be Ramsey Westwood and Chukiess & Whackboi. Can't believe our local DJ's music can be such great. First time saw them live and the crowd love them.

Dimatik, another DJ to perform his music. I prefer his style because most of the tracks he played was the tracks that I knew.

Last but not least, the main act and also my favourite DJ of the night - KSHMR

His music make that night super lit! My top favourite was Bazaar and Secret as I always listen these in my car. Can't believe I saw him live. Thanks AirAsia for making this happened!

He also perform his latest track - SHIVA which make the crowd goes crazy.

KSHMR count down the new year eve with us!

When he said "Happy New Year!" There are so many beautiful fireworks appeared in the sky.

If you're saw my instastories, then you'll know the fireworks are never ending. I wondered how much money they spend on the firework because during every Chinese New Year, my father spend 4 figure for the fireworks, so I guess this could be 5 figure?

If you missed out my instastories and curious of the live, feel free to visit my Instagram profile (@shinilola) and check out my highlights called "NYE"

You can watch more live performance and highlight of that night in that folder. Hope you enjoy watching.
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Don't forget to check out the short video that I had made for the highlights of that night. I can't wait to join the Neon Countdown 2018 for end of this year already!