21 June 2018


Anyone love Japanese curry like I do? Today I would like to introduce a Japanese cuisine which serve edible Japanese curry dish to you guys. CoCo ICHIBANYA is the famous curry house from Japan with 30 years experience in Japanese food business. It boasts varieties of Japanese Curry with unique and creative style along with the best quality ingredient to make tasty curry. Diners can choose their rice portion, either less or more, and even the spiciness of the curry!

Some of you might heard about this popular restaurant before. Well, actually I tried it long time but this post has been draft on my blog for a long time. So, sorry for not updating. Lol. Boyfie and I went to shopping at Pavilion few months ago. When we were thinking what to eat for late lunch, we saw CoCo ICHIBANYA which just located in front of us. Thus, we give it a try.

There are total 4 steps to order your curry dish :-
1) Select the curry from menu
2) Select the quantity of rice (I like this idea! If you're a small eater, you may choose 150g of rice and they even discount RM3 on the cost)
3) Spice adjustment possible (Since I can't eat really spicy, I had chosen Original Flavor)
4) Curry adjustment possible (You may choose the spiciness or just plain curry will do)

After you choose your curry dish, you can choose to add any toppings as well. Toppings such as hard-boiled egg, cheese, mushroom, vegetables, chicken sausage etc. Price is vary.

Blueberry Smoothies (RM11)

While waiting for my food to come, I had ordered a blueberry smoothies. It taste not bad actually. Not too sweet nor sour.

Beef Curry with Rice
Boyfie ordered a beef curry with rice. He also add on a hard-boiled egg as topping. Since he is not so hungry, so he had ordered 150g of rice. Just in case if you are asking me about the portion, you can take this as reference. He love the taste of Japanese curry.

Fried Chicken Omelette Curry (RM27)

I'm so hungry on that day. Therefore, I had ordered a chicken omelette curry with rice. I also add on vegetables so you can see how beautiful of this dish with the toppings.

I love how smooth of the omelette, chicken is crispy on the outside tender inside, vegetables and curry taste great. What a delicious brunch for both of us. Strongly recommended for those readers who haven't pay a visit. Totally worth it!

Address : Lot 1.52.00 & 1.53.00, Level 1 @ Pavilion
Business hours : Daily (10am - 10pm)
Tel : 03-2110 6388/ 03-2142 1111


  1. omg... you making me craving on their food. lolz.. tomorrow for sure will go and eat it up again. love their food so much...

  2. belum pernah lagi measai kari Jepun ni..nampak sedap dan menarik..pasti semua boleh merasainya...tempat nyapn tidaklah jauh mana. terletak dalam bandar KL juga...pasti Bonda akan pergi untuk merasai...