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My friends who live in Singapore always whatsapp me that they are craving for durian all the time. Despite they can purchase the durian at the physical store, but most of them they are so busy with their work or lifestyle. After I done some research for them, finally I found DurianDelivery.com.sg which deliver fresh durians to your doorstep!

DurianDelivery.com.sg is the durian store of choice to many Singaporeans today. With their wide range of products, from the Mao Shan Wang, to the Red Prawn and our signature Old Tree Mao Shan Wang, consuming durians has never been easier. While they might not dare to say they’re the cheapest durian store in Singapore, they are certainly one of the more affordable ones. 
Being durian lovers ourselves, Durian Delivery team understand the desire for many Singaporeans to have a durian eating experience that isn’t filled with doubt, dissatisfaction, and certainly not the common quarrels with durian store owners that happen all too often. To solve that problem, they also know that their integrity for serving durians have to be excellent. To that end, they have expanded their operations all over Singapore, and they are now serving even the most durian-populated areas like Geylang, Ghim Moh, Dempsey and Balestier. 

They served quality, affordable durians fresh from plantation and here are some of their signature products :-

Hand-Picked Royal Old Tree MSW Durian (TSW)
- Hand-Picked Royal Old Tree MSW Durian (TSW)
The popular Mao Shan Wang, also known as the MSW Durian, plucked from only the oldest, most premium trees. What separates the Royal MSW from your traditional MSW is the kind of curation it goes through. From the cultivation of the first-fruits to it getting plucked down, every piece has been selected with care and precision to bring you the Royal MSW. Rich, heavily complex flavour that's slightly bittersweet.

Price range : $32.90 - $64.90 (Prices is per 400g pack. Each pack comes with 400g of durian)
Red Prawn
- Red Prawn
The sweet flavour of the Red Prawn is perfect for first-time lovers of durians. Coming with an intense sweet flavour, the Red Prawn is a favourite of both first-time durian eaters and durian connoisseurs.

Price range : $17.90 - $34.90 (Prices is per 400g pack. Each pack comes with 400g of durian)
Mao Shan Wang (MSW)
- Mao Shan Wang (MSW)
The Mao Shan Wang needs no introduction. Plucked directly from their plantation, your Mao Shan Wang is probably the freshest in Singapore. No longer than 6-12 hours off the tree, your Mao Shan Wang comes packed in a neat air-sealed box. The most popular breed of durian among Singaporeans, the Mao Shan Wang is extremely sensitive to heat, and need to be consumed quickly for maximum taste. Bitter Sweet Taste!

Price range : $27.90 - $54.90 (Prices is per 400g pack. Each pack comes with 400g of durian)

They actually have more products but they are out of stock at the moment (business real good huh). Looking forward to see more products coming in! 

The typical durians we eat from stores are usually a day old. That's because they store their duriasn, and the older durians are pushed out ahead of the new ones to make way for new stock. As durian lovers, we know that every minute after a durian is plucked affects the quality of the durian. Their durians reach your doorstep within 6-12 hours after they're plucked, making their durians arguably the best in Singapore!

They provide express Durian Delivery which will delivery to you within 2 hours after you placed your order. They will deliver from 1pm-11pm, so make sure you will be at home during these period. Guess what, order your durians and get free delivery when you purchase above $200! It is a great idea order as many durian as possible to share with your friends and family. CLICK HERE to find out more about their delivery process.

Ordering is easy as pie on their website. Simply select a delivery slot, and they’ll deliver within that time range. Once they are filled up on those particular slots, their system automatically updates the schedule and it will be blocked out. Please note that their cut-off time for all next day orders is 6pm.

Don't forget to quote "shinilola" at checkout to entitled 10% discount guys! Exclusively for my readers. What are you waiting for? Head to https://duriandelivery.com.sg/ now and shop for some durians!

Most of them some customer who love to eat durians, but they are worry the smell will stay in the car for a long time. With order via online, this problem will solved. Save time, convenient, fresh durian and price reasonable, I guess Durian Delivery is the better choice.


  1. Gosh!I will inform my Singapore friends of this durian delivery, too! So convenient and assured of only the best fruits at their doorstep. What more can one ask for?

  2. Seriously they should have this in Malaysia too. Penang. Then in would gleefully buy Durians. Hate to buy then because when i transport them back my car stinks

  3. Dang! They even provide delivery right now? That is something new. :D OMG! You are making me drooling at the sight of this glorious golden-yellowish flesh of durians. I want duuuuuurrriiiiaaannn! Ok...A bit too dramatic. :p

  4. wah.. bestnya ada service delinvery durian ke depana pintu rumah.. wah.. sukanya kalau dekat Malaysia ni pun buat macam ni

  5. Wow the queen of fruit! Durian is truly a huge thing in your country, and i didn't know there are different kinds of durian.