9 December 2018 Ganghwado, Buleun-myeon, Incheon


It was great to revisit South Korea after 2 years. It was my 4th visit to South Korea. First was a girl trip; Second was a family trip; Third time was a sponsored plastic surgery trip and this time was a media trip. Special thanks to KTO Malaysia for this opportunity to explore more about Korea. Although I had visited this country 3 times in a row previously, I only managed to visit Seoul and Busan. This time, we had travelled a total of 6 provinces which is Ganghwado, Songdo, Yeosu, Suncheon, Jeonju and Seoul. I can't wait to share all the itinerary with you guys. But first, let me talk about things to do in Ganghwado. We had visited the Ganghwa Ginseng Center and Joyangbangjik Cafe.

Once we had landed in Incheon Airport, we had our breakfast at the popular Paris Baguette. After finishing our breakfast and freshen up, we're heading to Ganghwado. It took us about 46 minutes to get there. If you took a bus to get there, you might need to spend about 2 hours+.

First thing first, some brief info about Ganghwado. Ganghwa island is the fifth largest island in Korea and is located in the West Sea. It is composed of 11 inhabited islands and 17 uninhabited islands, and its beaches are 99 km long. Recently with the creation of the Ganghwa Bridge, the island has become more like the mainland.

Because there were people living on this island from the prehistoric times, there are many ancient artefacts on the island. The most famous of these are the Goindol Rocks, designated as World’s Cultural Treasure. The Goindol graves are where the rulers of the Ganghwa Island in the Bronze Age are buried. There are about 80 of these stone graves around the island. There is also evidence of the Dangunwanggeom, the founding figure of Korea whose life marks the beginning of Korean history. If you walk up the many steps of Chamseongdan in Mani Mountain, you will come to a peak where you can see the West Sea and the island. This is where Dangunwanggeom is said to have offered sacrificial rites to the heavens.

Ganghwa Island has many famous local products, including the medicinally effective Ganghwa Ginseng, Pure-Ganghwa radish with its peculiar taste, and Hwamunseok, which is a mat woven with flower patterns. Hwamunseok is famous also as a representative traditional Korean product, with its intricate handwork and designs.

  • Luge Ride Experience

We were supposed to take a luge ride when we came Ganghwado. Unfortunately, when we get there, the staff saying the cable car is still under maintenance so we can't take a risk. Eventually, we end up taking some photos there and heading to another destination.

It was actually one of the activities that I'm looking forward because I experienced that in New Zealand last year and it was so much fun! Anyway, if you happened to visit Ganghwado, don't forget to give it a try.

  • Ganghwa Ginseng Center (강화 인삼센터)

Before we are going to the cafe, we stopped by at the Ganghwa Ginseng Center to check out some ginseng. In 1920, Ganghwado Island has designated a special district for ginseng cultivation. At the onset of the Korean War (1950-1953), the people of Gaeseong City (the birthplace of ginseng cultivation) took refuge on Ganghwado Island and began to cultivate ginseng on a large scale, which was the beginning of the production of the famous 6-year-old root of ginseng.

Ganghwado Island has the optimal environment for ginseng cultivation with clay soil, sandy loam, and a cool climate condition influenced by onshore winds. The thick root of a Ganghwa ginseng does not have any inside cavity or white interior. This is how Ganghwa became a leading producer of the 6-year-old root, which has a high rate of red ginseng extract, cheonji. 

Ganghwa Ginseng Center handles quality ginseng guaranteed in its cultivation, processing, and distribution, owing to the utmost care exerted to provide safe and reliable products.

Address : 335, Ganghwa-daero, Ganghwa-eup, Ganghwa-gun, Incheon-si.

  • Joyangbangjik Cafe

Finally, we had arrived at the beautiful and unique cafe - Joyangbangjik Cafe. Joyangbangjik cafe was a former textile factory in Ganghwa city. It was built in 1933. This year it opened as a large café, gallery and art space.

When we enter the main entrance, we saw an old school bus. Our first thought was, oh my god, it is definitely a great place for us to take some great photos! We can't wait to explore more.

One of my favourite spot but also, a little bit creepy lol.

Thought want to take a photo with it but eventually nope because I'm afraid it will suddenly move! HAHAHA

Every corner of this cafe is instaworthy! All of us keep taking photos non-stop.

If we have more time, we could take more beautiful photos here.

Meet Charlie! To be honest, I'm actually don't know his name, I just simply named it as Charlie. He was just there, sitting alone. No one dares to take a photo with him, so I decided to do a selfie. As I mentioned, this factory was built in 1933. Therefore, most of the objects were left here since long time ago. I guess this toy is about 70 years old.

There are some old school posters left in this room. According to the texture and design, you can see the posters are in the 50s or 60s century.

It is a cafe, so of course, they serve coffee and tea here! Currently, they only provide beverages and some dessert. No main course will be served here.

Since I'm don't really drink coffee, so I had ordered a Chocolate Latte. It tastes good, not too sweet, just what I want.

This room is just located outside the bathroom. So retro and unique. Ahhh... I love this place so much. How I wish Malaysia have this kind of cafe.

Some photos that I took in Joyangbangjik Cafe. I really love the telephone stand picture. Do you guys love these pictures like I do? Since it was just opened in July 2018, still consider newly opened, so I can't get many details to provide to you guys. But you can provide the name to your tour guide when you're visiting Ganghwado.

South Korea was snowing on the day before we came here. Too bad I missed it because I only saw once in Hokkaido last time.

Before we head to Songdo, we decided to stop by at this restaurant for our lunch. Not sure what is it called in Korean, so a picture of the restaurant name will do. If you know the Korean language, kindly let me know the pronunciation of this restaurant so I can share with my readers.

Our first Korean food in Ganghwado! The food tastes a little bit heavy for me but overall is fine.

What I love about Autumn is the beautiful flowers are everywhere.

Actually, when we went there, the weather was in between the Autumn and Winter season.

Check this out! I'm not sure it was the blueberry or whatsoever but it looks like a blueberry right guys?

That's all for my trip to Ganghwado. Since we only went there for half day, so we only managed to visit a few places. Stay tuned on my blog for Songdo, Yeosu, Suncheon, Jeonju and Seoul travelogue. Don't forget to watch the travel vlog below. Till here. 

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  1. Such an interesting place... there's so many things to do in ganghwado.. makes me feels like wanna fly there now... syok nya!

  2. The Joyangbangjik Cafe is worth the visit, will plan a trip there. Hopefully I have enough time.