17 February 2016 172 Dongil-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Annyeonghaseyo  It's time to back to #Korea trip post again! This would be the very last post of my Seoul, South Korea trip because I need to blog about my Osaka, Japan and Busan, South Korea trip very soon. Sorry if my third Korea trip make you feel bored because I don't really explore the city very well this time. Mainly because I just went there for plastic surgery. The 2 days before I go back to Malaysia, my Korean friend Stella decided to bring me out for shopping. She purposely choose Kondae (Konkuk University Area) because it is nearby and it's nice for shopping.

Not many tourists know of this area as they tend to stick to the more well known and more tourist friendly areas such as Myeongdong, Hongdae, and Itaewon. I noticed that too because during my first visit to Seoul, I visited these tourist attractions. Konkuk University Area (Kondae) is a crowded nightlife area packed with college students, street food, restaurants, and an almost endless amount of bars. The best time to visit is at night when the place is lit up, loud, and packed with lots of hungry people looking for to party and for cheap food and drinks.
The majority of people who visit this area are college students from adjacent Konkuk University. You will also see businessmen looking for cheap food and drinks after a hard day at work. Either way, this area is packed any night of the week.

How to go :  From Gangnam-gu to Konkuk University Station; Seoul Metro train and Line 7 train (14 mins, ₩2748) or taxi (6 mins, ₩12982)

Stella bought me a random shop which sell lots of different type of things. When I saw the caps, the first thing that pop out on my mind would be my boyfie. My boyfie always wearing a cap whenever he feel lazy to set his hair, so I guess I must buy a cap for him. Eventually I grab one for him. It cost about 18,000 (RM65.40).

There are also some other cute caps at opposite but the price range are slightly higher. I didn't plan to buy this because I thought after I bought it for sure I will just leave it in my wardrobe because I don't think I will wear it on the street.

The earrings price range is about ₩1,000 - ₩3,000. Some are even more expensive than that. Since I already bought 2 pairs at Samseong (please refer previous post) so I didn't buy any earrings here.

Paul Frank weighing scale | Kondae . Konkuk University Area
This weighing scale is so cute but attached with Paul Frank images. Not sure whether it was authentic or not but Paul Frank's fans might consider this so you will still feel happy even you saw you are overweight. Oops~

Since I can't chew any foods after done the plastic surgery so Stella decided to bring me go for a drink. We visit Cafe Iceberry which is a franchise cafe in Korea.

As you can see according to the photo above, they are specialty in bingsu, ice-cream, waffles / pancakes, smoothies and so on. Too bad I can't chew or else for sure I will order a bingsu for myself!

Cheesecake Waffle | Cafe Icebaby

Stella order a Cheesecake Waffle for her own. I didn't get a chance to try it but Stella told me the cheese cake is frozen and waffle are so crispy(I can see that) so overall it taste good. She also mentioned she visit this shop some time.

Mint Chocolate Smoothies | Cafe Icebaby

I ordered a Mint Chocolate Smoothies and it taste so good! It served with oreo cookies as topping as well. The cream on the top is not the usual whipped cream, it was mint whipped cream. Taste so good and some more the portion is huge.

신촌 Cafe Iceberry ]

✦ Address : 2 Floor 5-46 Hwayang-dong Gwangjin-gu Seoul South Korea.
 Tel : 82-2-465-0130
✦ Official Website : http://www.cafeiceberry.com/

Stella and me
Special thanks to Stella for bringing me out on that day. She sacrifice her off day to accompany me because it was a weekday. We just take 2 photos because she's a camera shy person. Thanks for taking good care of me during the whole plastic surgery process too.

Okay. You might confused why I bought these things but I never mentioned that previously.Well, it was a raining day so Stella and me sharing a umbrella while I'm busy shopping & holding lots of shopping bag. I guess this is the main reason of why I didn't take much photo on the day.

 I bought the kawaii Cookies Monster casing on the street. It was so cute and just about the time I need a new 'dress' for my new Rose Gold iPhone6! Everyone saying it's so cute whenever I'm start to using it in Malaysia. Bought total 2 clothes at different shops because it was Winter season so don't have much choices for Malaysian like me(super hot weather in Malaysia). Stella and me also bought bags at one of the random shop as the shop is about the close, so we can get affordable price (₩1.000) for all the bags! That's why I grab 2 of it, another bag is purchase at another shop. Last but not least, bought 2 hand cream for my sister and mom at Natrure Republic because they said they want it.

Till here. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading my post and don't forget to watch the #vlog as follows. Loves



  1. Oh my gosh I wonder what can I get when I go to Korea... things are quite expensive aren't they... sighhh.... and I am on a tight budget... huhuhu

    1. Hmm....Their skin care and cosmetics are quite affordable. Other than that, foods are not cheap. =)

  2. indeed a shopping and eating haven there!! :D i think i will go crazy with shopping if i were there too :P

    1. Hahaha. Shopping is good for me but Korean food not my favourite. =D

  3. I wanna go Korea I wanna go Korea.. Such a nice place!

  4. Reading this post makes me so excited for my Korea trip!!

  5. I'm starting to see more and more korean desserts. Will look into this for my next trip.

  6. university area is popular hang out place in seoul. good info

  7. i wanna go korea!!!..i like backpack and the cookie monster casing..its cute!

  8. yum korea is like dessert heaven, they make such awesome unique cakes waffles smoothies etc.

  9. You went to so many countries. I am so envy! I wish I could go out and travel like you

  10. Missed out this place when i was in Korea.
    Hope go the chance to revisit Korea soon. :)

    1. Me too. Visit this place during the 3rd visit. =)

  11. wow! you have travelled the 3rd time to Korea! so nice! wish I can travel Korea for shopping too!
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  12. Haven't been to Korea before, will bookmark this post for my travel reference :)

  13. Always love reading your posts on your Korea trip. Definitely one of my dream places but I do hope the exchange rate improves

  14. Awww!!!! I want that Cheesecake Waffle. I hope I can get like those in KL. You make me miss Korea again.

  15. Korea is such a shoppers paradise. Every corner there's always something that calls out to be purchased. I remember my haul of cosmetics, hand creams and face masks for my friends. Thankfully last year the exchange rate was still to our favour.


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