10 February 2016 Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea


Annyeonghaseyo  It's time to blogged about my last Korea Trip on November 2015. If you read my previous post about Arte Cafe @ Gangnam then you should know I stayed at Gangnam. Well, I never been to Gangnam on last 2 visits until this trip. Today post is gonna about my little explore in Gangnam, Sadang and Samseong.

I love travel a lot but I never travel alone before. Well, I can say travel alone is fun in this trip because I can do whatever I want. However, I still prefer a travel partner instead of travel alone because as a talkative person here, travel alone might be bored sometime.

GS25 Store

Just like the ordinary tourist, I loveeee their convenient store! Although Japan - Lawson is always my favourite but GS 25 is another convenient store that I like as well. In Korea, I love their potato salad and onigiri!

Here are what I bought at the GS 25 store which only located behind of my hostel. I didn't buy a lot because Banobagi Clinic already included my accommodation and meals as well. I just bought extra for supper.

Yeoksam Station - Exit 5

Decided to take a walk at nearby area because I can't go far away after the surgery. I'm worry my wound might easily to get inflection and I'm lack of confidence when people are looking at my face because my face still swollen like hell. Yeoksam Station Exit 5 is nearby to my hostel which is a good thing because it's convenient for me to go to other places.

This Paris Baguette Cafe seem very popular for Korean because I can see this shop everywhere in Seoul. Plus, when I look inside there's always crowded.

There are some cafe which nearby at my hostel as well. Their price range actually quite similar with thee franchise cafe which is about RM20 - RM40++. 

Passed by this house when I'm going to meet my secondary school friend - Johnny and felt this house is beautiful. Not sure whether it's a resident house or cafe but feel quite unique.

We decided to meet at Coffee Bean. In Korea, after you order and pay at the counter, they will pass you the vibrator so when it is vibrating means your order is ready. It works in every single cafe.

Ordered a hot chocolate and a "don't know what it was called" foods. It actually included Parmesan cheese, mayonnaise, egg and muffin. Quite delicious though.

Since I just done my plastic surgery so my face still very swollen. I only able to consume foods with small bite.

After met with my friend we decided to take a walk. Beautiful tree in the morning with nice cold weather. Aghhhh~ Why Malaysia so hot all the time!?

Accompany Johnny went to Starbucks to check out their Christmas edition of Starbucks tumbler because his colleague request for it.

Christmas gift box decoration, Simple yet beautiful. I always love to visit other countries during Christmas season because they always have many wonderful and lovely decoration to surprise us.

We took MRT and reach Sadang. How to go Sadang Station from Gangnam-nu? Seoul Metro - Line 2 train (16 mins, ₩2,956 | RM10.25) or taxi (7 mins, ₩14,155 | RM49.06) Actually we plan to visit the biggest market in Seoul but we don't do research well because it was closed at 3pm. By the time we reach at Sadang already 3.30pm. Oops~ At the end we decided chill at Caffe Bene. We ordered a Chocolate Bingsu which cost us 9,800 | RM34.

Then, we head to Samseong. How to go Samseong Station from Sadang Station?  Seoul Metro - Line 2 train (19 mins, ₩2,909 | RM10.08) or taxi (8 mins, ₩16,133 | RM55.92)

We decided to visit COEX MALL. It containing Convention centers, Exhibition halls and many malls, is an underground shopping mall in Gangnam-gu Seoul, South Korea. It has an area of about 154,000 square meters, of which 144,000 square meters are on a single underground floor, making it Korea's LARGEST underground shopping mall. The mall is located at Samseong-dong served by Samseong Station on Seoul Metro Line 2, at the intersection of Teheranno and Yeongdong Dae-ro. The COEX Mall is adjacent to the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center, which is part of the COEX complex, run by the Korea International Trade Association (KITA).
Along with hundreds of shops, the mall houses two food courts, Megabox (movie theatres), COEX Aquarium, a large bookstore, and the Kimchi Field Museum. It features a game area that is used to film computer game tournaments, which are broadcast on local television. There are stages inside and outside the mall for seasonal events and public appearances by celebrities. Millennium Square is the main exit of COEX Mall connecting with Line 2's Samseong Station.

The Daiso logo in Korea is different compare to the normal that we had seen. We decide to pay a visit and at the end I bought some snacks for my boyfie, colleague and family. Please noted that all the price are different. Not everything is RM5, some item price ranges are even more than that.

After visited Daiso, we went to Adidas as well and I end up buying a sport pants. I took my dinner at the food court because Johnny is a vegetarian so he didn't eat anything. I ordered a Japanese udon and it cost me 6,500 | RM22.53. It was oishi!


 Location :  513 Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
✦ Phone : +82 2-6002-5300

✦ Opening Hours : 

Korean New Year
10AM– 10PM
Hours might different
Korean New Year (Observed)
10AM – 10PM
Hours might different
Thursday10AM – 10PM
Friday10AM – 10PM
Saturday10AM – 10PM
Sunday10AM – 10PM
Monday10AM – 10PM

After that, I came back to Gangnam alone and found out Yeoksam - Exit 6 is the most nearby station from my hostel!

Haul of the day

Haul of the day
When I'm buying this sport pants and I told the staff I need a medium size and they told me small size will fit me well. I said nope, because I know my butt is very big and he told Korean girl always buy S size. Well well, luckily I insist I want a M size because I try it at home and it fit me well. Guess my butt is big compare to those Korean girl.  =X

Yes! Visited Coffee Bean at another day again to meet my senior! My senior currently studying his Master Program at Busan and he is kind enough to meet me at Seoul! Ordered a hot chocolate and cheese bagel as breakfast. The cheese bagel is so yummy!

After the breakfast, we decided to visit a random cuisine for our lunch. Forgot to take some photo of the shop because both of us so talkative but it's really traditional Korean cuisine. The provided the radish and require to cut by our own. My senior - Matthias order a beef noodle while I order a dumpling soup with rice. 

Me and my senior Matthias! He's a Malaysian but he originally look like a Korean right? LOL~ Vlog is included this time so don't forget to watch it. I will continue to blog about my Korea Trip at next post so remember to STAY TUNED! Loves


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