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    A Sweet Thing, is a newly opened caffe located in Ipoh. I always feel excited to try out new cafe in Ipoh as there are not much selection when I want to yum cha with my friends. Although I based in KL now and rarely go back to Ipoh but still, I hope there are more and more cafe open in my lovely hometown.

    If you guys read about my previous post about Daveland review, then you guys might recognize this place because all of the photos are taken at this place. I'm rushing for blog post and that time I'm at Ipoh so I got no idea where to have a photoshooting for the products. Luckily my bro visited this place and take photo to upload it on Instagram. So yeah, that's how I discover this cafe.
    All thanks to my partner-in-crime and photographer of that day to helps me take all of the photos. The weather is so hot and my boyfie need to standing outside to take photos of me with the products. It is not easy as a blogger's boyfriend you know?

    Their parking lot is quite limited so be sure to comes with your friends or family in one car so you guys no need to feel headache about the parking issue. Their interior is actually quite cozy and simple. Love the idea of golden hexagon as decoration the ceiling.

    Beside of the foods, the also selling clothes right beside the dining place. Before or after having your meals, you can just check them out. Who know, maybe you grab something home later?

    Since we visit here for high tea so we didn't order much. Just want to experience the new cafe and hope they won't disappoint us.

    Home Made Design Macaron (RM6.90)
    We order two home made design macaron and boyfie had chosen the two famous character of LINE - Brown(bear) and Cony(rabbit). Taste not bad actually.

    Earl Grey Tea (RM7.90)
    I order a Earl Grey Tea with pot to share with boyfie. Since we just finished our lunch before we get here, we need some tea to digest our foods.

    Ice Cream Waffle (RM8.90)
    We then ordered an Ice Cream Waffle which served buttermilk waffle, banana slice, stawberry slice, strawberry wafer roll and a scoop of ice cream on top. The waffle is slightly soft but overall is okay. Still consider acceptable.

    Overall I think it is a great cafe to chill with friends when you're in Ipoh. The things that need to be improve would be the parking issue and food serving time. It would be great if the foods served faster. LOL
    [ A Sweet Thing ]
    Address : 10, Jalan Dato Seri Ahmad Said, Greentown, Ipoh, Perak.
    Business Hours : Tue - Thu (10:00am - 8:00pm), Fri - Sun (10:00am - 10:00pm), Close on Monday
    Tel : 018-955 5180

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    9 October 2016

    HiBaby.TV,  is an online social entertainment platform has been launched in Malaysia recently. It’s the foundation for an interactive, enriching, and engaging experience through social channels. At HiBaby TV, you can stream all the live entertainment shows, curated by adorable, pretty and engaging hosts.

    What is HiBaby.TV?
    HiBaby.TV is an online interactive experience which allow users get to chat and interact with the hosts as well as take part and level up their online profile, meet new friends and reward hosts with virtual gifts that translate to real life earnings.

    HiBaby.TV Grand Launch at FUZE Club
    It was founded by a group of passionate individuals from all over Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and South East Asia, HiBaby.TV’s vision is simple – Hibaby.TV urged talented and beautiful personalities all over Malaysia to come forward to join the big team.

    Screenshot above shown those popular host on their site. It’s a new and fun way to interact live, with your favourite host and artiste. HiBaby.TV features popular and interesting contents such as food, travel, culture, sport, fitness as well as Malaysia business and hot issues.

    How Does This Work?
    That's easy. All you need to do just sign up an account for registration purpose or you can just log in via Facebook account. Then, you can start to interact with your favourite host! Feel bored at home? With HiBaby.TV, not anymore!

    You could get all the latest news and events on HiBaby.TV so be sure to keep track with their website. Moreover, there are plenty of contests for you to win fabulous prizes. So good luck for that.

    It will be soon to be available on Google Play Store for Android smartphones and laptops and iOS App Store. HiBaby.TV is an online video streaming platform featuring live content from hundreds of hosts all across Malaysia. Perhaps some hosts from another countries as well. Viewers get to enjoy the latest pop tunes, as well personal favourites picked by hosts, and sometimes, get to listen to the hosts sing along too!

    Check out pretty hosts as shown above! You could make new friends, create topics, share your common interest, support and reward each other for a good cause. Furthermore you could chat with the host, how cool is that! Some of you don't have many friend due to shy personality. You can chat with your favourite host about your daily lifestyle or some topic that you're interested. When you have the urge for games, just a few clicks to summon all your friends. 

    Basically, HiBaby.TV is a online social entertainment at its best! You guys should experience it. It’s FUN, it’s LIVE and it’s definitely rewarding. HiBaby.TV are enriching ideas without boundaries. If you're interested, be sure to check out their website or visit their Facebook page.

    [ HiBaby.TV ]
    Website :
    Facebook :



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