Welcome to my blog. I'm the owner of this blog. My name is Shini Lola. You can called me Shini. I'm from Malaysia in case you're curious on my nationality just because of my name. I'm a super duper talkative person. So if you know me in person, I guess you already knew that. I'm also a chubby girl who like to eat delicious foods especially cheese, ice cream, chocolate, lemon and so on. I'm a former dancer and guitarist as well when I was a kid. Blogging is my passion, I have been blog about more than 7 years and it has became my electronic diary to record my awesome journey. 

In case you don't know, some time I find myself quite a girly girl. I'm a huge fans of Hello Kitty. Thus, if you want me to choose my favourite colour, I would say pink!  But in the recent years, black and white, navy blue and army green has turn to my current favourite colours.

I'm a travel enthusiast. I have been visited total 13 countries : Australia, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Macao, India, Singapore and Malaysia. Japan is my current top favourite country because I like their culture, foods, makeup, fashion and so on. I can't wait to explore more about this world and trust me, there will be more to come.

Besides of travel, my blog also talks about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food, gadget etc. Guess what? My skin used to be sensitive and acne type. I used a lot of effort to improve my skin into current zero acne skin type. Thus, I would like to share about my beauty tips and daily routine to my lovely readers. Hopefully it helps and their skin can get better.

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