18 December 2015


Annyeong  Today post is gonna be a short post about my latest #Korea Trip Haul during my 3rd time visit to Korea in this year. I don't really buy much during this trip because I still got a lot of skin care and cosmetic still haven't use or even open the package yet. However, I'm so happy because I bought 3CE and Stylenanda items. Currently I fall in love with the 3CE lipstick because the effect was so lovely and nice. Instead of taking photo one by one and demonstrate, I recorded a video and showed you guys what I had bought. If you're my YouTube subscribers then you knew normally I spoke Cantonese for my haul video. My boyfie and readers from Taiwan complained that they don't understand Cantonese. Thus, this time I tried to speak Mandarin so hopefully you guys able to understand what I'm saying.

< KOREA TRIP HAUL | | 韩国旅游的战利品  >

That's all for today. Hope you guys enjoy watching my video. I will upload more videos / vlog on my YouTube Channel soon. So remember to stay tuned. Loves

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