18 December 2018 Songdo-dong, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, South Korea


After the previous post, are you guys ready to find out more about Things To Do in Songdo? It is my first visit to Songdo. Thus, everything is new to me. I can't wait to explore other places of South Korea. We were like visiting one province each day, so this is the second province that we had visited for this trip. We had visited K-live Hologram Theater, Monster VR, Songdo Central Park, Songdo Hanok Village and get to stay at the beautiful Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon hotel.

So after we had finished our lunch in Ganghwado, we are heading to Songdo by our tour bus. If you take the train from Ganghwado to Songdo, it will probably take about 2 hours+. However, I would suggest you guys rent a car or hire a tour guide + driver if you're really interested to visit these places. You wouldn't know much if you're a tourist, so tour guide + driver is a better choice. Moreover, they can suggest more local cuisines and activities to you guys.

Songdo embodies the future of Incheon. Built on reclaimed land, Songdo offers a number of attractions. A trip to Songdo can start at Central Park, a natural oasis in the city. Because of its proximity to the sea, the man-made waterway is filled with sea water, and water taxis travel through the park. Close by are a lawn and a promenade along a field of reeds. Nearby, there are many futuristic-looking buildings, creating a harmonious combination of technology and the natural environment.

  • K-live Hologram Theater

Our first stop in Songdo was K-live. Calling all K-pop lovers! KLIVE is the world's first dedicated K-pop hologram performance hall. Meet your favourite K-pop stars, take photos with them and watch them perform.

Although I'm not a fan of K-pop star I'm looking forward to meeting one.

The high-resolution images and 270-degree projections, combined with the screams of dedicated fans, make this a remarkably realistic experience. The dreamlike atmosphere of imaginary ‘Hallyu City' (think dusk, glittering stars, hazy streetlamps) comes alive when the clock strikes the hour. Clowns emerge from the terraces to guide you into the Klive Theater where a lifelike hologram concert will unfold. Dance with Psy, sing along with 2NE1 and come face to face with BIGBANG! K-pop fans will not want to miss this!

  • Watch your favourite K-pop stars in an incredibly lifelike hologram performance
  • Snap a pic with your favourite band members in the Star Photo Box, arrive by Limo with them to the show and even ride with them in the AR Elevator!
  • Try your favourite K-pop stars' favourite snacks and beverages at CafĂ© Klive after the show

When we first saw G-Dragon on the stage, we were all screaming so loud! It was so real. This was my first time to experience hologram concert and I can't believe the effect looks so real. It was like the real person is standing in front of us and perform. He performs a few songs which including Heart Breaker, Crooked etc.

After a few songs performed by G-Dragon, now it's time to watch PSY hologram concert. PSY performs a few songs such as Oppa Gangnam Style and Mother Farther Gentlemen. And again, the hologram concert look surreal to us.

Before we enter the main room, we were asked to take a close up photo of us. We were curious what's the purpose of it until we saw our face on the big screen.

We are dancing Mother Father Gentlemen OMG! It was so funny. You can saw my face on this photo and there are two of me.

You can purchase the entrance ticket at KLOOK

  • Monster VR

Next to K-live was Monster VR. It is the world's largest VR Theme Park with 4 zones (Jungle Adventure, VR theatre, VR Gaming, VR Exciting). I tried VR in Malaysia before but this place is huge! No wonder it is the largest VR theme park in the world.

Before we wear the VR mask, we are asked to put on the cute kitty cover to prevent our makeup stain on the VR mask.

It was a great move because I personally think hygiene is very important.

No one like to wear other people's make up right?

There are many games to choose and I tried this one, which is kayak boat and the hot air balloon on the back. The kayak VR experience was a little bit dizzy, maybe I didn't wear the VR mask correctly. However, the hot air balloon experience was superb! The visual look surreal and beautiful.

There are other VR games such as a zombie game, but I don't have the courage to give it a try because I tried it before back in Malaysia and I feel scared like hell. Lol. In the end, we went to the small VR room to play other games which is not so scary. I tried the dancing games and it was so fun.

I strongly suggest you guys drop by here to experience these activities.

It was fun and something new for me especially the hologram concert.

  • Songdo Central Park Night View

At night, we enjoy the Songdo Central Park Night View at nearby our hotel. The weather was so cold so we just enjoy in a bit. Interested to know where we stay for our first night? Continue reading to find out more.


  • Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon

So are you ready to see our hotel for the first night? We stayed in Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon hotel and it was the most expensive hotel among others for the following days. It is also the filming location of the popular k-drama GOBLIN. Located in Korea's most advanced international city - Songdo, Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon Associated with AccorHotels stands for spectacular aesthetics of traditional Korea amidst a grand forest of ultra-modern skycrapers.

Located within 1.3 km of Songdo Convensia and 2.6 km of NC Cube Canal Walk, Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon Associated with Accor has rooms in Incheon. Featuring a 24-hour front desk, this property also provides guests with a restaurant. Incheon Port Coast Passenger Terminal is 11.3 km away and Incheon Port International Passenger Terminal is 11.3 km from the hotel.

Before I came here, I actually google it and I saw so many the beautiful photos on the internet.

When I had arrived, this place is truly amazing and not to mention I love their interior a lot.

No wonder they decided to film the k-drama here.

The room capacity is huge and all for my own! Yes, if you watch the live video on my Instagram previously then you should know each of us has their own room! Special thanks to KTO Malaysia again for the great hospitality.

All guest rooms in the hotel are equipped with an electric teapot. Featuring a private bathroom with a shower and a hairdryer, rooms at Gyeongwonjae Ambassador Incheon also have free WiFi. At the accommodation, the rooms have air conditioning and a TV. Unlike other hotels, their mini bar is FREE here! Hooray!

Spot a wood bathtub here, telling myself I must soak in immediately. Therefore, chill here for a while before I get into the bed. After I get up, I feel so relax and comfortable. Straightly sleep until the morning because the bed was too comfy!

A buffet breakfast is available daily at the property. They are so many choices for the foods. If you don't mind to pay the higher price to enjoy, this is the place that you want to be! Strongly recommend you guys to stay here.

Price : RM1,300+ per night (Deluxe Suite Double Room)
The price varies. Depending on which website you made the booking.

  • Songdo Hanok Village

Our dinner place is just located nearby beside our hotel, known as Songdo Hanok Village. It was a beautiful place to dine in and if I stay here, I can ensure myself to have my dinner here every single day. Lol

Since it is the Christmas season now, the trees are all covered in LED light and it was so pretty! I can feel the Christmas vibe everywhere.

Our dinner tonight was a steamboat. When we step in the room, all the ingredients and hot pot already been prepared for us. The broth taste like Chinese medicine which I like because my mom used to cook that for me. I like the light texture and the great thing was it's not spicy at all because I don't eat spicily.

While we're eating the vegetables, they're serving us the side dishes and seafood! Look at that fresh seafood they served. What a pleasant meal we had. What's better than having a steamboat as dinner while the weather is - 2-degree Celsius right?

  • Hollys Coffee

After finished our scrumptious dinner, we then head to the Hollys Coffee which is just located beside our dinner place. A hot mint chocolate drink is what I want in this cold weather. We chit-chat for a while and walking outside to enjoy the night city view of Songdo. So now you know where we are standing to enjoy the night view. We then heading back to our hotel to take a good rest.

(YouTube Channel : TheShinilola)




  1. The trip look amazing! The wooden bathtub made the bathroom look like the perfect sauna to be in when you're cold :)


  2. haven't been to Songdo but it does look nice. let me plan for next trip

  3. If you didn't mention it was a hotel I wouldn't know it's one! Looks like inside the Korean palace

  4. Wow! That's so nice, i have been to K-live Hologram Theater had a good day out there too.