2018 Recap

2018 RECAP
Time flies. It is the end of 2018 now and I can't wait to welcome 2019! Ever since I wrote about the recap in 2017, I decided to write about the recap every year to document all my memories and some highlights during the specific year. So of course, today's topic is all about some highlights that happened in 2018.

Basically, I will briefly talk about each of the highlights and if I blogged about it before, I will put the link of the blog post so if you're interested, you can just directly click on the link to read more. I hope it won't be a lengthy post because I guess you guys might not have time to read them all. Lol

#KenjixShini Engagement
Yes! We are ENGAGED! Couldn't believe my boyfriend's fiance proposed to me so soon. We talked about this before and we actually planned the wedding proposal will happen during our trip to Japan which is in July. Turns out he was giving me surprises so he proposed to me in March. Also, the date that he proposed to me was the same as my parent's wedding anniversary. Not sure if he was purposely or coincidentally because when I asked him, he just said he felt that day was a special day!

Find out more on the detailed blog post : #KENJIXSHINI ARE ENGAGED!

Travelled #16 Countries
Can't believe I ticked off my bucket list one by one. This year, I had travelled a total of 16 countries! I'm looking forward to the #17 countries on my list. Still not sure which country should I put in for the number 17 because there are so many countries on my bucket list. HAHAHA

If you're interested in checking out all the travelogues of countries that I have visited, you may visit this link : #TravelWithShini

Visited 4 countries this year
I promised myself I should travel to at least one country each year and I'm pretty sure I did it well! Ever since I set this goal for myself, I travelled to at least 4 countries every year. Lol. This year, I had travelled to Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia and South Korea. I can't wait to explore other countries. I'm currently still working on the South Korea and Cambodia itinerary. Meanwhile, you can refer to the completed itinerary as follows :

Vietnam : #ShiniInVIETNAM
Japan : #ShiniInJAPAN
South Korea : #ShiniInKOREA

A Sponsored trip to South Korea
I always think I'm a "happy-go-lucky" girl. Thanks to KTO Malaysia, I get the opportunity to visit South Korea on a media trip. I had visited South Korea a couple of times, but every time I visited Seoul and Busan. This time, we visited a total of 6 provinces once which included Ganghwado, Songdo, Yeosu, Suncheon, Jeonju and Seoul.

To be honest, I actually feel happy and guilty at the same time when I'm receiving the invitation to a sponsored / media trip. Mainly because I have a full-time job and I can't constantly take leave for travelling. I had rejected more than 10 sponsored trips only in 2018. Yes, literally every month I got a FAM trip invitation. I feel so bad because I wish I could join them all. However, if I want to join them meaning I have to travel every month or twice per month which is impossible for me.

Anyway, I really appreciate all the sponsors and my client for believing in me. You guys are AMAZING and please keep inviting me for the FAM trip. Lol. Cause you know I love travelling.

Online Features
Compared to 2017, I admit I'm not really active on my blog. Instead, I started to put more content and spend more effort on my Instagram. Being a blogger is not enough, so now we need to become KOL / Influencer. I wouldn't really be called myself an influencer because I don't think I'm popular. Personally, I still prefer "Blogger" as my title.

On the other hand, thanks for the online features. I really appreciated it.

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Collaborate with more Fashion Brands
My blog is all about Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion, Food and Gadgets. Lately, I worked with more fashion brands than last year. I'm glad that I work with a few worldwide fashion brands such as Hermes, Braun Buffel, Tous, Tissot, Poh Kong and so on. Thanks for selecting me to promote your brands and I'm looking forward to working with you all again.

That's all for my 2018 recap. 2019 will be a BUSY year for me because I'm gonna married! I need to plan my wedding and it is important for both of us! I know right, once in a lifetime. I can't wait to share with you guys about my wedding story. See you guys next year then. If you're interested in my previous year's recap, feel free to read them as follows :