2019 Recap

2019 RECAP
Finally, here comes the time of the year that I would write about my 2019 recap. Time flies, many things happened this year. I turned from Ms. to Mrs; From an executive to a manager. Since the post can't fit in all the happenings, I just chose the top 6 highlights of my life in 2019 to share with you all. Enjoy reading and don't forget to share yours with me by leaving a comment.

#KenShiBigDay . We are married
I guess most of you already know that I'm married this year! Yes, I'm officially a wife now and you may be called Mrs Koh. It's unbelievable because we actually had a plan that we gonna married when I was 30 years old but I guess, he thought I was the chosen one so he proposed to me earlier. Hahaha! A lot of you asking me why him? Will I regret it after married? Did I lose all the freedom after married? Well, hell no! You see, before we got married, we had been dating for 4 years and we lived together for more than 3 years. I guess that might be enough to know each other well because we have been seeing each other every single day.

Previously, I was thinking of blogging about my wedding but ended up getting a few sponsored trips and I got caught up in so much work. So, do you guys think I should blog about it? There are still many wedding photos that I haven't shared with you guys so please keep track of my Instagram, I will try to upload them soonest!

For more info, check out the hashtag #KenShibigDay on Instagram!

Promoted Title . Manager
As some of you might know, I'm back to a full-time job after taking a few months break from my previous job. In this new company, I'm a Digital Marketing Manager. I promised myself I needed to be a manager before I was 30 and I did it!

I know, it might mean nothing to you if you're a boss/lady boss. But for me, it is a small achievement that I'm happy and proud of. With my part-time income added, a five-figure monthly income is not a dream anymore. That's why I said, I'm proud of myself. Of course, it is actually quite a challenge for me as I never lead a team as a leader in the workplace. Now, I need to manage a few of them in a team and I wish I can improve myself every single day. Well, learning shouldn't stop until you die right? Hahaha.

5 Sponsored / Business Trip
I knew I got a sponsored trip every year but most of the time, I only managed to accept 1 trip due to my limited annual leave. However, this year is something special because I am able to accept a total of 5 sponsored (business) trips! Yay~ It's also considered the most travelling year in my life! Let me share with you guys about my business trip one by one.

I went to Singapore for a 2D1N business trip. It was actually an event about Hokkaido that was held in Singapore. There are bloggers from Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia to attend the event and I'm representing Malaysia. It was great to meet all the influencers from other countries. They are all so talented. For more info, check out the hashtag #ShiniInSingapore on Instagram!

Jakarta, Indonesia
Lazada was having a birthday party in Jakarta, Indonesia and they planned to bring a total of 150 Malaysia influencers to Jakarta to celebrate together. I had to admit, it was insane. This is my first time attending an event with so many influencers and it was nice to make new friends. For more info, check out the hashtag #ShiniInJakarta on Instagram!

Kanagawa, Japan
It's awesome to revisit my favourite country - Japan again! This time, I visited my 6th prefecture in Japan which is Kanagawa. I always wanted to visit the popular Yokohama and Kawasaki city and I did it! We also visited other cities such as Kamakura, Miura, Fujisawa and Chigasaki as well. For more info, check out the hashtag #ShiniInKanagawa on Instagram!

Okayama and Tottori, Japan
Yes, I'm going back to Japan again after 4 months! It is basically right after my wedding in Johor. I'm so happy that I got the opportunity to visit my 7th and 8 prefectures in Japan. Fall in love with both of the prefectures especially Tottori! Can you imagine there's a beautiful desert in Japan too? For more info, check out the hashtag #ShiniInOkayama and #ShiniInTottori on Instagram!

Before the end of 2019, I got a wedding gift from Macao Tourism! They sponsored us with a year-end trip as a gift! How lovely are they right? Finally, I got to bring my hubby along for this trip because most of the time I'm travelling alone. Both of us enjoy this short holiday and all thanks to them. For more info, check out the hashtag #ShiniInMacao on Instagram!

The Most Travelling Year So Far
Besides the 5 sponsored trips, I also managed to revisit Auckland, New Zealand again for my younger sister's convocation. It was a long and chill 12-day vacation right after I resigned from my previous job. Also, I got to visit Bali, Indonesia with my hubby for a pre-honeymoon trip. It was a fun and relaxing trip! A short vacation before our wedding is always a good idea. Last but not least, I also went to Langkawi for a weekend escape with my high schoolmates! We have always been meeting each other every year since a few years back. We love to have a short road trip every single year! For more info, check out the hashtags #ShiniInAuckland, #ShiniInBali, #ShiniInLangkawi on Instagram!

Watched Dua Lipa Live
Yes, I got the chance to meet Dua Lipa! Well, although I can't take a photo with her, I managed to watch her live performance. Remember I was invited to attend Lazada's birthday party in Jakarta? Dua Lipa was actually one of the guests and we were so lucky to see her live!

To be honest, she is so pretty and tall in person! When some of my friends watched her live on my instastory, they were saying she looks so tall. I can't keep my eyes off her. She is perfect! All thanks to Lazada for the invitation! I'm looking forward to meeting more singers or artists in future.

Long-term Collaboration with Fashion Brands
The recent years, I had a long-term partnership with certain sponsors such as eyelash extensions, eyebrow embroidery, hair salons, aesthetic clinics and so on. This year is special because I had a long-term collaboration with some fashion brands! Last time was always on a one-time basis but I'm glad that certain brands decided to work with me in the long term. Thanks for trusting me.

That's all for my 2019 recap. There are still more things that I would like to share with you guys but maybe next time. If you're interested in my previous year's recap, feel free to read them as follows :

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