Nike, one of my favourite sports brand that I grow up with. Heating up on and off the court this winter season, the Nike Icon Clash collection returns with a versatile line of mix-and-match workout pieces rooted in basketball design. I'm pretty sure when I talk about basketball outfits, you guys must have in your mind like oversize top and bottom. Well, this time Nike bring the game to the next level!

"With Nike's new Icon Clash Collection, we're really excited to extend the energy and amazing sport details from the game of basketball onto versatile products across running, training and more," says Jessica Laird, Nike Women's Apparel Senior Creative Director.

Nike Icon Clash

Sprinkled with feminine glam, such as gold and silver metallics, and paired with detailed stripes, jersey fabric and engineered knits, the Nike Icon Clash pieces are tailored for a variety of workouts and transition easily to daily runways. I guess to judge from the outfits in the photo shown above, you will never know it is inspired by the basketball game because they don't look like the usual outfits right?

I'm trying one of the tops with the gold chain design and I'm loving it!

It is super comfy and I can wear it for just when I'm working out but for an outing too because it was stylish.

When I'm trying them at home, my husband told me he loves this outfit too! Guess I should grab one for him as well. Lol

And for the bottom, I had tried one of the leggings and it looks amazing too!

If you're my friend in reality then you probably know I'm not a skinny type of person but this pants making my body shape looks even better. It doesn't just look good but its elasticity is pretty great as well.

The collection’s printed pieces, such as the gold chain jacket, are partly inspired by ’80s aesthetics. I guess I need this for my workout outfits too.

From practice on the court to casual apparel on the street, the collection's gold and silver accents make for a versatile look in and out of the gym. 

The Icon Clash tearaway pants have a classic design with a touch of gold threading to add new-age flair. 

I'm freaking love this pant because it looks comfortable to wear and look at that button design! When you unbutton them on the side, it will make your legs look longer and sexy! Now who says sports wears doesn't look good huh?

The woven design of the bra back mimics a basketball net. 

Wow! This is so creative. I love the back design doesn't look like the usual "X" or just straight strap. It is added some pattern for your sport bra.

Interested on them already!? What are you waiting for? Go grab them now at your nearest Nike stores! Launched on November 1st, the Nike Icon Clash collection is currently available on http://www.nike.com. Don't forget to share with me your Icon Clash shopping haul.