2022 Recap

2022 RECAP
Hello readers or should I say 2023? Looking back at my blog posts, I couldn't believe I skipped the 2020 and 2021 recap lol! I guess my life was boring during the lockdown and I don't want to talk about it. 2022 was an amazing year so of course, I have to share with you all what happened this year. Enjoy reading guys~

Visited 4 Countries
Yes, #TravelWithShini is back! So happy that we can finally travel abroad after so long! It was so hard for me (as a frequent traveller) to stay at home all the time during the lockdown. I visited 4 countries which are Dubai, Turkey, Japan and Indonesia in 2022. All trips with different travel partners and all the trips were fun!

I'm looking forward to exploring other countries. I'm currently still working on Japan and Indonesia itineraries. Meanwhile, you can refer to the completed itinerary as follows :

Travelled To 2 Countries For The First Time
I promised myself I must travel to at least one or two countries in a year that I never travelled to before and I did it! I have never been to the Middle East or Europe so travelling to Dubai and Turkey ticked off another bucket list! I travelled to Dubai with a new friend and gosh, we are living a rich life, everyday man! Took a hot air balloon ride with my mom in Turkey? Oh yeah, it was our first time! Definitely a memorable memory in our lives.

If you're interested in checking out all the travelogues of countries that I have visited, you may see this link : #TravelWithShini

Got COVID-19
Never thought I got COVID-19! I thought I could skip it after keeping the record for two years. I got it on the last day of my Turkey trip. I always heard my friend who got it before saying their symptoms were very mild. Maybe just some sore throat and that's all. But guess what~ I got a fever, sore throat, flu, coughing, body ache and headache! Unlucky me~ Anyway, I'm still here and healthy so I'm truly blessed about it.

Featured In The Star
This actually happened in 2021 but since I skipped the 2021 recap I'm gonna put in the 2022 recap hahaha. I don't care. When The Star editor interviewed me, I thought it gonna be a small space for my stories until when I got the newspaper, I only realised the space was so big, it was like half of the page oh my god. I told my parents about it and they faster go grab a copy of it lol. Although it's not the first time that I featured in a newspaper this cover is the biggest one so far. You may check out the online version here.

Working In A Japanese Company
As a huge fan of Japan, it was always my dream to work in a Japanese company. And my dream come true in 2021. I quit my job in an e-commerce company to join a listed Japanese PR company. It is the biggest PR agency in Japan and I even visited our HQ in Tokyo during our company trip to Japan. It was interesting to know how the Japanese work and understand more towards their working culture. My boss is Japanese and she is the cutest boss that I ever know. She always treats us well and teaches us many Japanese words that we never heard of hahaha.

Bought My First Hermes Birkin Bag
In 2021, I bought my first Hermes bag as a birthday gift. It was a small milestone for me. In 2022, I've bought my first Birkin bag. I never thought I could afford a Hermes Birkin bag at 31 years old (yup, I bought it with my hard-earned money). It is also the most expensive bag that I ever purchase in my life. Black colour, gold hardware with Togo leather, classic! I will definitely pass it on to my daughter (if I get any in the future).

Went to #DWP22
Last but not least, my Christmas wish came true because my hubby brought me to DWP22 in December! I always want to attend this biggest rave party in Southeast Asia. Supposedly going in 2019 but I was too late and the tickets are sold out. I'm glad I went to catch my favourite DJ - Yellow Claw and Martin Garrix's live performances. They are awesome! Who knows~ Maybe I'm going in 2023?

That's all for my 2022 recap. There are still more things that I would like to share with you guys but next time. If you're interested in my previous year's recap, feel free to read them as follows :