Umi Omakase, Bangsar South

Sorry for not updating my blog for a month. I was busy editing my DWP vlog and photos. Still halfway there but I feel that I can't neglect my blog for too long so I die die have to come out with at least one post first before 2022 has come to the end. Lol. Today's post is about one of the Japanese restaurants that I shared on my IG earlier which is Umi Omakase located in Bangsar South. Enjoy reading to find out more about my dining experience.

About Umi Omakase

Their ingredients are air-flown directly from Toyosu Market, bringing you only the freshest and finest quality from all over Japan. They claim to provide the deep and complex flavour of their Japanese Traditional omakase. The Japanese kanji “Umi” translates to “ocean”. It succinctly yet profoundly encapsulates our vision and promise to bring you paramount freshness and quality in each bite.

Takahiro Shiga 志賀 隆浩
(Head Chef of Umi Omakase)

With 31 years of vast experience in Japanese Omakase, Chef Shiga needs no further introduction. Having established himself as a renowned Omakase Chef in Japan, Chef Shiga is regularly invited to other Asian countries to coach the art of omakase. He is persistent in pursuing perfection in delivering the best possible omakase experience to the customers.

At Umi Omakase, an equal measure of thought and care is put into creating an experience for all your senses. Designed with the Zen philosophy in mind, our space is a calm and welcoming sanctuary where you immerse yourself in the moment and savour the art of the cuisine before you.

Our Omakase Experience


For the zensai, they served us sweetened Chesnut, ikura, prawn, oyster and so on. The plating looks cute though.


Served with ikura and some seasoning. Carpaccio is a dish of meat or fish, thinly sliced or pounded thin, and served raw, typically as an appetizer.

Seasonal Sashimi

Served with uni, caviar, maguro, Hokkaido scallop and Tai. Love the uni, caviar and scallop. The texture of the scallop is very tender.

Nigiri Sushi (5 pieces)

The first sushi was uni with Sancho. Love the amount of uni because you can never say no to uni!

The second sushi is totally forgotten fish is it because the local chef just passed us the sushi without explaining. So we have no idea. But I remember we don't really like it because it was a bit dry.

Again, forget what kind of fish is this but again, slightly dry.

I remember this one, maguro with caviar (finally). Taste better than the previous one. And more moisture.

And the last piece of sushi was otoro which is tuna belly.


A chawanmushi served with prawn and mushroom. I guess no need for further introduction to this dish hahaha.

Don Buri

A mini don. Served with ikura, tuna and another kind of fish. The portion is very small you can finish it in one bite.


A very light taste clams clear soup. Hmm...not our type.

Last but not least, Hokkaido melon and wagashi. The melon is so tasty and sweet! I guess it's a happy ending.


Rating : 7 out of 10.

The only time that I still feel hungry after finishing omakase. The courses are a bit less compared to other omakase restaurants (which is why we need to go second round).

Waiters and waitresses definitely need to train especially when they are serving the food. Until now I have no idea why they don't serve us separately from behind but instead, need to go through my friend to serve the dishes. The explanation of the dishes needs to be improved as well.

Will I come back : Nope. Since they are so many omakase restaurants nowadays, they need to be up in the game in order to compete.

Menu and Price Range
Yuki : RM180
Hama : RM280
Iso : RM380
Hisui : RM480

Yachiyo : RM580 (the one that we tried)
Ninsei : RM780
Wasai : RM980
Umi : RM1,280

All prices exclude government taxes and service charge of 10%

Check Out The Instagram Reel

Location : Ground Floor, Tower 11, Avenue 5, No. 8, Jalan Kerinchi, Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours : Daily (12.30pm - 2.30pm | 6.00pm - 8.00pm | 8.30pm - 10.30pm) ; Closed on Monday 
Tel : 012-598 3859

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