Hoshun Sushi Kaiseki, Bukit Damansara


Last month, I had a pleasant lunch with my colleagues at Hoshun Sushi Kaiseki, Bukit Damansara. Hoshun specialises in kaiseki and sushi omakase courses. A taste of Sendai - authentic Sendai food served by Chef Tanaka and Chef Hiro Murakami. Heard my lady boss say it was just newly opened. No wonder it hasn't appeared on any social media (yet). We all are looking forward to it!

We were immediately greeted by a multitude of white paper cranes hanging from the ceiling as soon as we stepped into the reception area.

It was so beautiful and totally an instaworthy spot. I'm not wearing any makeup on that day so you guys can't spot me in the photo hahaha.

Fall in love with this corner as well. So Japanese feel. (Makes me miss Japan so much)

When we step inside, we saw Red Hong Yi's beautiful "Look To The Mountains" art installation over at the sushi bar.

It was simply elegant. I was just sitting opposite it and enjoying every bit of its details.

As mentioned,  they are newly opened and we pay a visit during lunchtime, so that's not many customers here yet. I guess they will be full of crowd during dinner time. I like the way they organized everything for each customer.

They even provide hand sanitiser for each customer as a souvenir. So lovely right? With their logo some more haha. The sanitiser is foam type by the way.

We ordered the lunch menu prepared by Chef Tanaka. There are two choices for the lunch course and the one that I had chosen was SUGI 杉  (RM150).

Appetisers 前菜

For the appetiser, we were served bonito (skipjack tuna) with seaweed and onions. It was refreshing! I like the onion paired with some lime/lemon juice I guess? It really triggered our appetites.

Grilled Dish 焼物

For the second course, they served us a piece of codfish. I like how crispy the skin is and buttery soft inside. Nice plate by the way. Hahaha

Steamed Egg Custard 茶碗蒸し

My favourite chawanmushi! I always order this dish whenever I was in Japanese cuisine. Their egg custard texture is so silky smooth. There are also some mushrooms, parsley, and kamaboko as the topping.

Main Course

For the main course, you can choose either udon or soba and tempura / pot rice /  seasonal sushi 6 pieces / chirashi don / aburi chiarashi don.

For colleagues, they had chosen the seasonal sushi set. Since I always like to be different, so I had chosen another main course instead.

Aburi Chiarashi Don 炙りちらし丼

So for me, I had chosen the Aburi Chirashi Don. Fyi, it is bowl or lacquerware box of seafood over shari (vinegared sushi rice). The same thing as chirashi sushi, except that the seafood is chopped into smaller pieces that are mixed into the rice before eating.

The chef briefly smoke all the seafood before it is served. Love everything in this bowl as all of them are so oishii!

Soup 椀物

As usual, our last savoury dish would be the miso soup.

Dessert 水菓子

In order to end this course happily, a delicious dessert is a MUST! We have been served a special dessert comprising pumpkin ice cream wagashi (和菓子). This is my first time tasting pumpkin ice cream! Normally I only taste it as a cake or the actual fruit. And look at that kawaii wagashi! So tiny and cute design! Inside the wagashi is azuki paste. Look good and taste good.

Overall, I will definitely revisit this cuisine. Maybe for dinner since I haven't tried it yet. There are also a sake and wine menu as well (for those sake and wine lovers), so feel free to have a drink with your loved one or friends and family. 

Currently, my place is in Movement Control Order (MCO), so I guess I can only revisit after the MCO has ended. They might have takeaway options but I'm the kind of person who rather dines in when comes to the kaiseki. Till here. XOXO.

Location : 54-1, Jalan Medan Setia 2, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan.
Business hours : Monday - Sunday (12.00pm - 2.30pm | 6.00pm - 11.00pm) ; Closed on Sunday
Tel : 017-600 8190

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  1. hi, looks good, were you full with the SUGI course? price is reasonable.

    1. Yes, I was full with the SUGI course as the kaisen don is quite huge portion (for me). I personally think the price is reasonable for the quality like this. :)