Sushi Hibiki, Shoppes at Four Seasons Place

Guys, please don't get upset because I'm going to blog about omakase again (for the third time in a row). If you're searching for an omakase experience for your loved one's birthday celebration, then Sushi Hibiki at Shoppes, Four Seasons Place might be the ideal place you're seeking. Sushi Hibiki offers an exceptional dining experience for those who appreciate the art of Japanese cuisine and want to celebrate special occasions in style. It's an ideal choice for those looking for a unique and memorable birthday celebration. The restaurant provides an intimate dining setting with a limited number of seats. This allows for a personalized and memorable dining experience.

About Sushi Hibiki
Sushi Hibiki

Sushi Hibiki is a hidden gem offering premium and authentic Japanese omakase in an intimate setting. Nestled within Shoppes, Four Seasons Place, this establishment's discreet location might have remained a well-kept secret were it not for the event we organized.

The restaurant provides a premium omakase experience, akin to Japanese fine dining. Diners are treated to a front-row view at the chef's open-concept kitchen counter, where they can witness their meals being meticulously prepared and cooked.

Chef Makoto Saito Sam
Makoto Saito has been a sushi chef for more than 20 years, having worked in countries such as Japan, Australia, Italy and Malaysia. Prominent restaurants that he has worked in include The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto in Japan.

Chef Saito emphasises that the most valuable attribute of a sushi chef is the ability to create a comfortable environment for customers. "While it is essential to make good sushi, it is also vital for customers to have a delightful dining experience with us. I think "who you eat with" is more important than "what you eat", he said.

Our Omakase Experience

As for the beverage, they presented us with chilled green tea, served elegantly in wine glasses. Quite a fancy touch, don't you think?

Sakizuke | Amuse-Bouche
Steamed tea beans from Saitama. It's a straightforward choice, but it suits our taste.

Zensai | Appetizer
Osmic tomatoes from Chiba (priced at RM300 per box). When we learned about the cost, we were quite surprised. It raised the expectation for its flavour, and it did not disappoint. The tomatoes turned out to be exceptionally juicy and sweet, making the price seem justified.

Kobachi | Small Bowl
Accompanied by oyster chawanmushi from Miyagi, this was my initial experience of savouring oysters alongside chawanmushi. To my surprise, this combination proved to be a delightful pairing.

Sashimi | Raw Fish
Always a cherished course for me - sashimi. It featured Coho salmon from Miyagi and my personal favourite, botan ebi from Hokkaido. Botan ebi has always held a special place in my heart, and discovering that it hailed from Hokkaido brought me immense joy, as it's renowned for being the best.

Tuna is undeniably a timeless and classic selection for sushi. I suppose I needn't elaborate further on this protein if you're a frequent reader of my omakase posts.

Grilled Spanish mackerel from Miyaki-Chiba accompanied by steamed long beans. I appreciate the tender texture of the meat and the delightful crispiness of the skin.

Serving vinegared eel from Aichi. Sunomono, which literally translates to vinegared thing, introduced my palate to the delightful combination of tender eel and a sweet vinegar dressing, a new and intriguing flavour experience.

Fried bigfin reef squid from Oita, served alongside a mysterious white powdery element, the name of which, I must admit, has temporarily escaped my memory, haha.

Hokkaido sea urchin. If you're a dedicated reader, there's no need for additional explanation, hahaha.

Temaki filled with tuna from Miyagi. Oh my goodness, I'm craving more of this!

A humble miso soup.

Mizugashi | Dessert
Last but certainly not least, the dessert featured peaches from Okayama. Having visited Okayama as a traveller before, I was already aware of the region's reputation for delicious and popular peaches. It was a delightful experience to savour them once more, even here in Malaysia.

Menu and Price Range
Iki course | short 7 course omakase : RM580
Miyabi course | signature 10 course omakase : RM750
Kiwami course | premium omakase : RM980
Special hibiki | chef Sam's special omakase : RM1,480 (requires a booking of 4 days in advance)

Due to the limited seating, it's highly recommended to make a reservation in advance, especially for special occasions like birthday celebrations.

Location : Lot B1-04(A), Basement 1 Shoppes at Four Seasons Place KL, 145, Jln Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours : Tue - Sun (6.00pm - 10.00pm) ; Closed on Monday
Tel : 03-2391 9008

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