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As a Japanese food lover, I had an omakase experience in Japan, but this is my first omakase experience in my home country Malaysia, I felt so guilty. Until when we are choosing the restaurant to celebrate our second wedding anniversary, we both decided to celebrate at Sushi Azabu, Isetan The Japan Store. Continue reading to find out how was our omakase experience.

About Sushi Azabu

Welcoming Malaysian diners for well over three years, the Malaysian outpost to lower Manhattan's world-renowned Michelin-starred Sushi Azabu has garnered much noteworthy acclaim for its insistent authenticity through precision and masterful fitness in the art of sushi.

As to be expected, the restaurant continues to maintain exceedingly high standards that best encapsulates the ethos of dining in Sushi Azabu, whether in New York or Kuala Lumpur. Lauded for its elegance to sushi that is now rarely seen with rapid commercialization, Sushi Azabu takes pride in offering a menu that comprises many of Japan's time-honoured delights, prepared with only the freshest ingredients available.

Seafood is flown directly from the coasts of Japan twice a week to ensure utmost quality, while the selection is impressive in itself, spanning common favourites such as salmon and tuna, to less common amberjack fish, big-eyed snappers and more.

Centred around an open kitchen that invites diners to marvel at the fine handiwork of its traditionally trained chefs, Sushi Azabu exudes an atmosphere that bridges the gap between high artistry and food. This is further amplified by Sushi Azabu's speciality in omakase, where diners leave creative liberty to their chefs for a truly bespoke meal.


Sake Omakase
 (RM60 / 100ml)
For the drink, I had ordered a sake to match with my omakase. Hubby had ordered a Kirin beer though. The sake tastes not bad.

For the first appetizer, served with fried fish, carrot, and some other vegetables. Don't really remember all the dish's ingredients as there are too many dishes in omakase. Lol

No offence, not a fan of oyster because I don't like the texture, but after tasting this, surprisingly not bad. Better than my first experience in which the oyster is cold and slimy when it is in my throat.

The next course would be sashimi. Served with maguro (tuna), saba and kampachi (yellowtail). Always a fan of kampachi because of its texture.

The first nigiri was actually kampachi but I was too excited to taste it so I have totally forgotten to take a photo of it. Oops~ My bad. The next nigiri was Halfbeak. Tastes not bad and we like the pepper on the top, Not sure what it is but it is delicious lol.

The next nigiri was bluefin fatty tuna from Chiba prefecture. Although I haven't been to China prefecture before, this bluefin tuna is oishii! I guess I want to travel there just for the tuna!

Spanish (sawara) mackerel topped with yuzu pepper. This is one of our favourites because the yuzu pepper is everything! Once we took a bite, the yuzu pepper's fragrance is all over our mouth. Me and husband like this very much.

Ebi nigiri. As a fan of prawn, I like this but my husband wasn't so he doesn't like it at all. He feels the texture is a bit weird. Maybe because normally he only eat cooked prawn, so this raw ebi is a little bit too "fresh" to him.

My favourite uni (sea urchin)! How can no one love uni right!? When I saw Chef Markey bring out a whole box of uni in front of me, I was so excited to give it a try. Forgot which prefecture the left uni from but I remember the uni on the right was from Hokkaido. Coincidentally, the first time I taste uni was in Hokkaido! I still remember the taste of freshness until now.  Prefer the uni on the right instead of the left.

Torched rosy seabass. Another fan here! Seabass is one of my favourite fish so this torched seabass is what I love!

Maguro roll sushi. It is delicious and previously, we thought omakase won't let our stomach full but at this point, we actually sense we are a little bit full already. Lol

Fried squid served with the fried vegetable that the waiter claims is only available during the spring season in Japan. I like the squid texture before it is crispy on the outside and soft inside. However, my hubby said it's too soft for him.

Our least favourite dish of the day - Lotus root. Not our favourite because we found the texture quite weird. A little bit too soft for us. But who knows? Maybe you will like it.

Chawanmushi. A simple chawanmushi that served with a piece of fish cake and some spring onion. Love how smooth the texture is.

The last savoury dish before we move to the dessert - miso soup.

Since that day was our second wedding anniversary so you can notice the greeting on the plate. Our dessert is yummy and healthy at the same time hahaha. The mango, melon, strawberry and yuzu sherbet are tasty. My personal favourite would be the yuzu sherbet and the sweet mango.

Overall, I think we will definitely revisit this place again because of the food, environment, staff friendliness and not to mention affordable price range. They have 3 different types of omakase menus - Azabu, KOI and Omakase. The one that we had chosen was Omakase which cost RM490 per pax. Last but not least, happy second wedding anniversary to #KenjixShini. Lol

Location : 4F Lot 10 Shopping Centre, 50, Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours : Daily (12.00pm - 3.00pm | 6.00pm - 10.00pm) ; Closed on Monday
Tel : 03-2119 2624

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