After I had posted several instastories about my dining experience in Eat and Cook on my Instagram, there are tons of followers been asking me about the price range, how's the food etc. No worries, I will share my dining experience and all the details here. Make sure you read it to the end and show some love.

About Eat and Cook

For your info, Eat and Cook is a creative cuisine but served in Omakase way by using fresh seasonal ingredients from the heart of our homeland.

They are a team of adventurous eaters & cooks constantly seeking flavorful new frontiers. They believe that food is a window to cultural diversity, and Malaysia is the best example of that. From all their accumulated time spent abroad embracing the unknown and experimenting with ingredients from their backyard, they want to bring it all to the table for the customers to experience through their mouthwatering menu.

The Stage

They have two area for dine-in - The Stage and Table. The one that we had chosen was The Stage so we can witness front and centre the grace and precision of their chefs cooking at a mere 5 meters away from us. Every dish is a showcase of the different backgrounds our chefs hail from.

Be sure to make reservations to guarantee your seats since they only take 22 pax.

5 Courses Journey
Only the finest and freshest ingredients will do when it comes to their menu. As the season's change, so does their menu. Every meal is crafted depending on what is available that day and can be tailored to your dietary preference and restrictions.

We had tried their half menu comes with 5 dishes of different sensations. The whole journey will take about 90 mins at RM260.00+ per pax.

They also have 8 courses journey which cost RM380+.

As I mentioned, their menu will be changed every season (3 months) so the price will be changing as well.

Chamomile Tea
You can pair your meals with wine or any drinks you like. For us, we had chosen the flower tea - Chamomile Tea to pair with our meals.

Vegetable sensation
On the left, 6 hours boil carrot with milk puree. I prefer this because it tastes so buttery.

On the right, sweetleaf in nitrogen foam. Not my favourite but tastes not bad too.

Quite satisfied as an amuse-bouche.

Scallops with Tomato Puree
For our first course, the pan-seared scallops served with tomato puree, fried chilli and fried sago.

I like the tomato puree although I'm not a fan of tomato. It gave me freshness and surprisingly match well with the protein. The fried chilli tastes delicious too.

Mushroom in many ways
I don't know what's this dish called since there's no menu for us to have a look but since the whole dish is a different kind of mushroom, I would be called it "mushroom in many ways". Lol. It consists of enoki mushroom, shitake mushroom and other kinds of mushroom.

As a mushroom lover, I finished this dish instantly. It was a special dish as I don't think I ever eat a whole dish of mushroom. Normally it pairs with other protein or vegetables.

Ikan Bakar 
Sugar cane grill fresh sea bream, Budu infuse tomato sauce, budu and shallot balsamic sauce, crispy ulam and fish base sago pickled onion and ginger torch flower. This was actually one of my favourite dish here. I like how crispy the fish skin and the sweet and sour sauce really pair well with the fish. 

Calamansi Lolipop with Asam and kefir lime dust
Before move to the next dish, they served us the calamansi lolipop to refresh our palette. This lolipop remind us the childhood. They served with asam powder and kefir lime dust, so you can dip into that to try the different taste.

Ravioli with duck confit
One of my favourite pasta - Ravioli served with duck confit. Love the duck confit as it wasn't too salty (most of the time, I found duck confit quite salty). I have totally forgotten what's inside the ravioli but I remember overhearing the chef said it took them 3 days to make the content.

The Inspired "Apam Balik"
Last but not least, the childhood crispy tuile with honeycomb cake purple corn purée and homemade peanut butter sauce. The memory of "ang ku kuih" macaroon.

Apam balik is one of my favourite desserts during my childhood. My dad used to buy it for me in the night market. The sweet cake is a perfect match with the salty ice cream to balance the taste. What a special dessert to end our course.

Overall, I think the food is tasty and we can felt the effort that all the chefs have made. I will definitely revisit especially when I knew the menu will be changed every season. I'm looking forward to trying the new menu.

Location : L2-42, The Link2, 2, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 3, Bukit Jalil, 57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours : Daily (6.00pm - 11.00pm) ; Closed on Monday
Tel : 03-9765 6898