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Hola! I just changed my blog layout (again) and I hope you guys enjoy it. It took me a lot of time and effort to do this and thank god I still remember some programming code to complete it. Okay back to the main topic, today I'm gonna share one of my favourite omakase Japanese restaurants - Sushi Kazu which is located in Damansara Heights.

About Kazu

Tucked away in the quiet neck of Damansara Heights, atop Plaza Batai, sits Sushi Kazu, an Omakase fine-dining experience. Intentionally stripped-back aesthetics place emphasis on Masterchef Norikazu Shibata's back-to-basics ethos. An elegant, oval-shaped counter-frames the open kitchen, drawing all focus to the bounty of beautifully composed dishes.

This Japanese-inspired bar serves up curation of Japanese whiskies and signature cocktails for your enjoyment.

The restaurant is located on the first floor and the signage is not obvious. Thus, remember to spot their logo "和" while you're searching for them.

Norikazu Shibata

Executive Masterchef Norikazu Shibata is the culinary force behind the innovative dining experience at Sushi Kazu. His journey began 36 years ago in a sushi-ya in Tokyo. He would later hone his skills under the watchful eyes of extraordinary chefs in Hong Kong.

Specialising in Edomae sushi, Masterchef Shibata’s cuisine is a showcase of superb techniques, perfected over time. Sushi Kazu is his first culinary concept, created with the purpose of extracting the flavours of the season’s finest ingredients.

His unwavering quest for perfection has led to this one principle :
Simplicity is the best test of quality.

Edomae sushi is an art form, 200 years and counting. Ingredients are carefully crafted using an array of culinary techniques, including pickling and marination, to spotlight the season’s best flavours.

Every dining experience is unique, with infinite permutations. Masterchef Norikazu Shibata tailors each menu to the patron’s palate, ensuring that the rhythm of the meal perfectly pairs with the individual.

Unfortunately, Chef Norikazu was serving other guests on that day. Thus, another chef is serving us. Don't get me wrong. Another chef is great too. 

Our Omakase Experience
First of all, the lunch omakase menu that we had chosen was Hikari. However, they don't serve this menu anymore due to a lack of manpower (according to them). I will explain more details about the other menus.


The first dish would be zensai (appetiser). Serving with a simple salad (cabbages and wakame).

A dish to fresh our appetite before we start the heavy seafood dishes.

Seasonal Sashimi

Here comes the fatty yummy sashimi! Served with maguro, ootoro, hotate and kampachi!

Each of them is so oishii, especially the ootoro!  Love the texture and when I took a bite, it was so tender. As the second dish, it already gave me a high expectation for the nigiri.

旬の鮨 8種

Seasonal Sushi | 8 Kinds

Here comes the seasonal sushi and they never disappoint me. Totally forgot what kind of fish is this because busy chatting with colleagues but it is delicious.

The second nigiri is ootoro temaki.  As mentioned earlier, totally in love with the ootoro texture. I know it's high cholesterol but I just want to have another piece.


The humble chawanmushi. Why do I say humble? Because inside it only have mushroom and shrimp. The portion is a bit off for us. We thought it was a mistake at first. Lol

The third nigiri was served with uni! Yummy but why the uni portion is so small? Hahaha, we need more uni, please.

Ta-da! My fav buri is in the house! This fat buri just dance in my mouth once I took a bite.

Forgot what kind of fish is this but it is so tender and a bit sweet (maybe because of the sauce).

This is my favourite nigiri of the day. It is called baton ebi. The prawn is so tender and it was melting in my mouth instantly. I have always been a prawn lover and this surprises me! Do try this if you're a prawn lover like me (if they still serving this).   

Again, forget the fish type but love the tone of the fish. So pretty.

Last but not least, this fish is soft like butter! Even when I'm holding this to take photos I also worry it will tear apart. I think you guys will hate me because I keep forgetting the types of fish hahaha. I already tried my best to remember the fish type while I'm keep focusing on the topic that we were chit-chatting.


Do you think that's the end?  No no on~ They served us a mini don after that. It consists of uni, maguro and sansho. Finally, we have been served with more uni but I think today lunch already reached our cholesterol quota. Hahaha.


Miso Soup

Normally when we think about miso soup, what comes to our mind was miso paste, tofu and wakame. But when they served us this version (with the prawn head). It surprises me because it brings the taste to another level. The prawn head provided more unami for the soup and taste good.



When we feel super full for the courses, they served us the dessert. Yuzu sorbet and muscat grape are what we want when we just finished so many courses.

The freshness of the yuzu sorbet pair well with the muscat.

Lunch Menu
  • Umi 海 - RM378
  • Kazu 和 - RM598 (also available for dinner menu)

Overall the experience was good and I definitely will revisit it. I pay a visit to my Japanese boss and even she approved this restaurant. The quality of the food is totally worth it, not to mention the price is actually quite reasonable compared to other Japanese restaurants. It has officially become one of my top favourites on my Omakase Japanese restaurant lists. If you had visited, feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think.

Location : Lot 8-A, Plaza Batai, Damansara Heights, 50490 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours : Daily (12.00pm - 11.00pm) ; Closed on Monday
Tel : 03-7490 2208

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