CHANEL Factory 5 Collection Review

Finally, I had received my CHANEL Factory 5 Collection and got the chance to review them! I have been seeing them on Instagram for such a long time but due to the pandemic, Malaysia only started open order now. Since it's only available to order online, so everyone needs to rush to the site and purchase them. I was quite lucky because I managed to grab a few items (thanks to my husband's fast hands). Thus, let's take a look at what had I purchased, shall we?

Factory 5 Collection

N°5 is the most iconic fragrance of the century. A radical creation that revolutionized the traditions of its era. A design piece turned icon that celebrates 100 years of fame in 2001.

To mark this very special year, CHANEL has created an exclusive collection inspired by everyday objects, a reminder that wearing N°5 transforms the ordinary. These 17 limited-edition products make up the FACTORY 5 COLLECTION.
As a fan of CHANEL, of course, I need to at least grab something right? It was a great collection as my life couldn't wait for another 100 years of CHANEL lol. At least when I'm getting older and looking at these items, I will know the last time I've bought this during 2021. 

N°5 Bottle | Factory 5 Collection

A glass water bottle (590 ml) whose label adopts the same visual identity as the N°5 perfume bottle. This is the hottest item in the Factory 5 Collection and everyone is aiming for it! My sales associate told me the bottle is gone within 15 minutes. Well, I guess I'm the lucky one. Never thought I can grab this successfully (technically is my husband, not me actually lol).

Loved that the material was glass instead of plastic so I can pour warm water into it. I'm not a room temperature water kind of person, I only drink water with warm or cold temperatures. Another thing would be the texture of the holder (the white area). It was smooth to carry and looks pretty. One thing that I will worry about will be the holder getting dirty as it is in white colour. Hopefully, I can take good care of it lol.

Price : RM300

N°5 The Shower Gel | Factory 5 Collection

20 cartons of creamy, foaming shower gel, in a white tin that brings to mind a can of paint. Not to mention it is a limited edition of course. I actually want to grab the tablet as it comes with a can as well. Unfortunately, it sold out within seconds. I guess I'm just out of luck then. Well, at least I got something right? This shower gel in a can of paint is cute as hell. Even you place it in your living room still look gorgeous.

The shower gel prolongs the scent trail of limited edition N°5 eau de parfum and N°5 l'eau, from the Factory 5 Collection, leaving the skin delicately scented. Until now, I still haven't given it a try yet. Maybe I should take a packet out and try soon. It smells good though.

Price : RM276

N°5 Eau De Parfum Spray | Factory 5 Collection

The limited-edition bottle of N°5 is encased in a white blister pack made of biodegradable paper pulp. It's natural, subtly velvet-like material is pleasing to the touch and hugs the shape of the iconic perfume bottle. The N°5 is an icon of CHANEL and of course, I can't miss it! It is a must-buy among all the other beauty items because it is classic!

Spray generously onto the skin or inside clothing. I personally will prefer to spray it on my skin instead. If I spray it on my clothing, then I might worry my bag will rub with it. As all of you might know, luxury bags with leather is really sensitive to perfume, it will ruin the leather's texture so I have to be careful.

To prolong the trail of the fragrance, pair it with bath and body products from the Factory 5 Collection, such as The Bath Tablets, The Body Lotion, The Soap, The Shower Gel, The Body Cream, The Body Oil, and The Sparkling Body Gel.

Price : RM645

N°5 Crochet Net Beach Bag | Factory 5 Collection 

Do you know when you purchase more than RM1,000 on the bill, you can get a crochet net beach bag for free? This is not for sale so obviously, it is a hot item! Many of the followers actually want me to sell the beach bag as they might not hit the RM1,000 threshold or just want to buy it as a souvenir. Unfortunately, I don't plan to sell it now. But if I do, I will definitely keep you girls in the post on my Instagram. 

It's so minimalist and pretty! I will definitely bring it along when I'm on a beach vacation. I guess it will look perfect in the photo and match my bikini.

That's all for today. Do share with me what you've bought from the collection by leaving a comment below. I would love to know. Till here. XOXO.

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