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Remember I blogged about Eat and Cook earlier? Yes, this time I had another opportunity to try their 11-courses meal with their latest menu. If you read my previous post, then you should know they charge their menu from time to time. Today, I'm gonna share my dining experience and the details of each dish with you all.

Previously, I had tried their 5-courses meal and I'm impressed with their creativity. They can really make all the humble ingredients pop!

Since I had blogged about Eat and Cook background before, so I'm not gonna repeat it here. You can always check out the previous post for more info.

11 Courses Journey
Only the finest and freshest ingredients will do when it comes to their menu. As the season's change, so does their menu. Every meal is crafted depending on what is available that day and can be tailored to your dietary preference and restrictions.

Amuse Bouche | Savoury selection
The first course was the amuse-bouche. Serving with the coffee dirt, bite-size potato, pumpkin and chicken skin.

I'm not a fan of chicken skin, but surprisingly their chicken skin is good. Love the texture with some seasoning.

Ulam | Pucuk paku, coconut cloud, cucuk udang
The second course was a special salad course I guess. Besides the traditional cucuk udang, they also cover the vegetables using coconut clouds. 

When we spot the creamy texture, we thought it gonna be taste very heavy. However, when we took a bite, it doesn't. It actually tastes quite light.

Crab and Tomato | Lemongrass, crab bisque, selasih
The next course would be crab meat spring roll with tomato, tomato panna cotta, crab foam.

This is the first time I tried panna cotta pair with savoury food. Normally we took it as a dessert. Overall not bad.

Okay. I don't know why it's not on the menu. This dish is basically are pastries with 2 different types of butter. I like their creativity in putting the butter into a bottle, making it looks like toothpaste. Lol

Ikan | Carambola, lemak beurre blanc
According to the explanation from the chef, this fish is called "chicken fish (鸡肉鱼)". Why? Because it tastes like chicken meat. This was the first time that we tried this kind of fish and to be honest, I don't like the texture. Yes, it really tastes like chicken meat and the texture is a bit like raw chicken, which I don't like. But who knows, maybe you will like it. However, I do like the beurre blanc though.

Signature River Prawn | Prawn head curry, gnocchi
Our favourite dish of the night. Served with the huge signature river prawn, flavourful prawn head curry, sweet potato gnocchi and parmesan cheese crips.

The texture of the prawn is perfect, glad that the chef didn't overcook it (as many chefs did it). The curry is so flavourful, and the gnocchi is delicious. I'm being biased here as I love to eat prawns and gnocchi. Lol

Secret dish | Squid with squid ink
Every menu they have a secret dish. For this time, their secret dish is actually squid, serving with squid ink and petai dust. Yes, the white powder foam thingy is actually petai according to the chef. Doesn't look like it at all right? We were shocked too as it doesn't taste like petai too.

Bow Zai Fan "煲仔饭" | Bottarga, dragon tiger grouper, kailan
I was quite surprised that I can find a bow zai fan here as I was wondering how they make it look fancy hahaha. 

There are some differences between this dish and the traditional version. Instead of using pork or chicken, they are using fish. Instead of putting the salted fish in the bowl, they replace it by using salted vegetables and serve it separately. I also like the salted sauce too.

Black-en Leek | Peanut relish, Leek leaf
I was looking forward to this dish because I'm a fan of leek and I was excited to see how they make this humble ingredient turn into something creative.

They didn't disappoint me! They grilled the leek and pair with peanut relish which tastes yummy. Not to mention the dish is served two ways where it served as a thick leek soup as well.

No name because obviously, it's not on the menu. Since we had tried several courses, this small bite of ice is to clear our palette so we can continue to taste other courses.

"Fuzhou" Aged Quail | Smoked quail leg, Kulim aioli
My second time to eat quail. Frankly, I was quite disappointed with this dish. First of all, the portion is a bit off. I know quail is super small size but they only serve half of it. The sauce is not what I like. That's all.

Saddle of Lamb | Mui choi, kopi jus
On the other hand, hubby had chosen the lamb. Although the portion is small it tastes not bad. They serve it two ways as well. We like the mui choi puree.

Dessert | Cempedak
If you are one of my close friends, then you should know how much I like my cempedak. When I saw this on the menu, I was looking forward to it. However, I personally thought the cempedak cream is very rich which is good, just that I found it a bit oily so it has a weird oily taste in it.

Teh tarik ice cream
How can you end the course without ice cream? Eat and Cook team always like to explore the local flavour and therefore, instead of the regular flavours such as chocolate or vanilla, they made the tarik ice cream. The ice cream is a silky smooth texture.

Mignardise | Sweets selections 

Last but not least, the last dessert was mignardise. Served with madeleine, chocolate truffle and cream puff. When they serve us these desserts, the first thing that caught our eyes was the bird nest. Obviously, it can't eat, just for decoration purposes. This is probably my favourite dessert of the night. The madeleine, chocolate truffle and cream puff, all taste delicious!

That's all for today! If you love omakase but with a local twist, then you should give Eat and cook a try. If you want to find out more, you may want to read my previous experience here :

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Business hours : Daily (6.00pm - 11.00pm) ; Closed on Monday
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