8 of the Best Dating / Hangout Places in Singapore

Now that restrictions are being lowered in Singapore and things are finally starting to feel normal (and safe), getting out to breathe some fresh air sounds like heaven.

Made even better with someone by your side!

If you have a date lined up (lucky you!) but you're wondering what are the cool places to hang out or bring a date to - this is the list of dating places in Singapore for you.

8 of the best dating/hangout places in Singapore

1. Mount Faber Park

The perfect place for a sunset date - Mount Faber Park is definitely one of the romantic places for couples to hang out in.

Head towards Faber Point to enjoy a spectacular bird's eye view of the surrounding neighbourhood. Or take the cable car from Mount Faber to Sentosa Island to see the view from above.

Mount Faber Park makes a great place to bring your date to because it's relatively quieter. And if your date is the outdoorsy type, Mount Faber Park hits the right spot.

2. Sisters' Islands
( Credit : The Honeycombers )

There is nothing more relaxing than having your hair blown in the sea wind and hearing the waves crash against the beach. Sisters' Islands is the perfect place to escape from the busy city life even if just for a day.

Only a 15-minutes ferry ride to reach the islands, there are tons of activities you can do with your date. Bring your date here for some fun in the sun! They would totally enjoy it.

Doesn't this make Sisters' Island one of the best hangout places in Singapore?

3. Raffles Marine Lighthouse
( Credit : The Smart Local )

Free for the public to visit, the Raffles Marina Lighthouse provides the ideal backdrop to your Instagram pictures.

Add in a gorgeous sunset at the edge of the skyline and you wouldn't want to stop taking those pictures. A great idea for a couple photoshoots (or training ground for your Instagram boyfriend).

You would also find many couples doing wedding photoshoots here which just goes to prove that the Raffles Marina Lighthouse is one of the romantic places in Singapore.

4. The Projector
( Credit : The Honeycombers )

If you are looking for something special and not-so-obvious, head over to The Projector for an unforgettable date.

It might not pop up as one of the dating places in Singapore but you won't be disappointed especially if your date or you are into indie and arthouse films. Even if neither of you is, this would still make a pretty good memory.

Once you're done with the movie date, head over to one of many rooftop bars that you can find in Singapore to discuss the movie over drinks.

Sounds like a pretty excellent date in the making, no?

5. Gillman Barracks
( Credit : artnet )

A place that locals might not even know about - Gillman Barracks is a contemporary arts cluster that is home to international art galleries, restaurants and the NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore.

They're all located within conserved colonial barracks - sounds like another fascinating place to bring your date to!

With so much to see and explore within Gillman Barracks, it can be classified as one of the best hangout places in Singapore. Your date will surely be impressive.

6. Yueh Hai Ching
( Credit : Roots.gov.sg )

Also known as the Love Temple, this UNESCO heritage site is the place to go to if you are looking for love. This is why it would make a good place to bring your date to.

After all, this is where worshipers go to pray to the moon deity, Yue Lao, for relationship guidance.

Even if you don't believe in this kind of thing, Yueh Hai Ching still makes a good dating place in Singapore because it's a beautiful building with historical significance.

Top your date off with a session at a couple spas to really destress and reconnect with each other.

7. Quayside Isle
( Credit : Her World Singapore )

Visit this little islet, which is part of the Sentosa Cove enclave, and unwind with a drink at one of the many restaurants you can find at the waterfront.

Imagine walking along Quayside Isle's promenade hand-in-hand with your date as you take in the wonderful view of the sea and the amazing fleet of yachts parked at the cove - sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

If this imagination is making you feel jealous instead (because you're lacking the "date" part), why not get onto a dating app in Singapore to look for your other half?

8. Smith Marine Floating Restaurant
( Credit : The Smart Local )

Bored with the same old dating places in Singapore? Well, travelling to the Smith Marine Floating Restaurant should be an adventure in itself.

Located in the middle of the ocean, you'll need to take a boat from the Changi Point Ferry Terminal to reach this seafood restaurant.

Things get even more interesting because you get to catch your own fish to eat! Show off your fishing skills to your date (don't worry, it's easy to catch the fish) and enjoy a delicious meal together.

We hope this list of best places to date or hang out in Singapore helped you out.

Let us know if you have more to add to this list!