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Bonjour~ Finally, I got to try one of the restaurants I look forward to on this trip, Beige Alain Ducasse located in Ginza, Tokyo. What attracts me? As a massive fan of CHANEL, how can I miss this right!? Furthermore, I got to try the food served by these two Michelin-star French restaurants. I bet their food will taste good. Thus, I tag along with my friend to visit this restaurant. Continue reading to check out my dining experience and find out whether I think worth it or not.

About Beige Alain Ducasse
Beige Alain Ducasse
For your info, Beige Alain Ducasse is a fine French cuisine with Japanese influences in an elegant space with views from a rooftop patio. It was founded in 2004 through a collaboration between the top-quality fashion brand CHANEL and Ducasse Paris. The spirit of "simple and elegant" that both shares is expressed in every detail of the cuisine and the decor. They offer refined French cuisine that makes the fullest possible use from the pick of the finest Japanese ingredients.

Kamakura vegetables have become synonymous with their Executive Chef, Kei Kojima; together with selected Japanese ingredients - a wealth of seafood, Meishan pork from Ibaraki, milk-fed veal from the Oakleaf Farm in Hokkaido and top-quality ingredients available only from France such as foie gras, chicken from Bresse, lobster from Bretagne are used lavishly to produce cuisine in both traditional and modern ways. The full, rich flavours painstakingly developed, together with their simplicity, leave a deep and lasting impression.

The chef said, "as in a fashion collection, in cuisine too the sense of the seasons is very important. Preparing a dish that brings out the inherent flavours of the ingredients of the season, helping people to rediscover that wonderful taste - that, to my mind, is the function of a cook." He believes that a person who enjoys good food has a wonderful life. Well, I believe that too hahaha.

The Interior
The interior decor was designed by Peter Marino, the designer in charge of CHANEL boutiques worldwide. The tableware uses a variety of materials - chinaware and crystal of course, but also silver and gold, the warmth of wood, copper, rubber and lacquer. Items produced by traditional European and Japanese craftsmen have been selected to present the "simple and elegant".

( Image source : Beige Tokyo )

You can see some artwork of CHANEL on the wall as decoration.

Love the monotone because it's so classy and elegant. Also, they are my favourite colours lol.

The Dining Experience

We had chosen the course which includes a starter, fish, meat and dessert (cost 24,000 yen per pax). It doesn't include any drinks, so you have to pay for them of course.

For the beverages, we ordered a Perrier (1,100 yen per pax) and a Moet - Imperial (2,600 per pax) to pair with our starters.

I love love love their loaves of bread. They will bring the bread loft and slice it in front of you. Actually, the whole dining experience consists of a lot of table serving which I like it.

They provide butter (I love it) and some salt for us to pair with the bread. Since I love eating their bread, the waiter keeps refilling different kinds of bread for me hahaha.

Amuse bouche
Served with tuna with bread and Iberico ham mini pizza.

Love both of them! Although they are just one small bite (amuse bouche come on), but so flavourful!

Okay, the second dish surprised me. It was popcorn with yoghurt and some grapefruit sauce underneath I guess. It was crunchy, soft and sour taste at the same time. Weird dish but creative. I'm looking forward to tasting the next course already!

Ise ebi in the fireplace, muscat grape and heart of salad, saffron sauce.

As a huge fan of ebi, of course, I'm gonna order this. The ebi's texture is lovely, not too soft nor too chewy. The muscat grape is sweet but balances the dish.

My friend ordered Roasted ceps, grilled amagi shamo and Iberico cured ham.

( Couldn't comment on this dish because I didn't try it ) 

In order to pair with our main course, we order a Travel Rose - Famille Perrin (2,600 per pax).

Love the sweet rose, paired well with my fish.

Since we can choose two main courses from fish, crustaceans and meat selection, my first main course would be Kinmedai served with red gourd and seaweeds, tomato sauce.

The temperature of the fish is just nice. Crispy skin with tender meat. The tomato sauce really brings out the freshness of the fish.

My second course would be the pork from Meishanton, served with chicory and onions.

I don't have many choices because other foods on the menu were beef or venison which I don't eat. Before they serve me, I was worried the meat might be chewy, but surprisingly, the texture is just nice. Not undercooked nor overcooked. Love the sauce that brings out the flavour of the pork. The sweetness of the onion paired well too.

Since my friend ordered venison, so she ordered a Nuits Saint Georges Les Belles Croix - T.L Belair (6,500 yen) to pair with the dish.

My friend's second course is Ezo shika, served with grilled leeks and white turnips.

( Couldn't comment on this dish because I didn't try it ) 

After finishing our main course, the waiter table serving us a yuzu sorbet to clean our palate. Freshen our palate before the next dish.

For the next dish, we were asked to select any type of French cheese (3,000 yen).

There are many selections of cheeses and the waiter will explain them to you one by one.

Since I was so full after a few courses so I only choose one type of cheese while my friend had chosen two types of cheese. They provide us with some bread, honey and jam to eat with the cheese.

For dessert, we ordered the signature Chocolate Camélia. The Camelia, the flagship creation, symbol of the collaboration with CHANEL. It is actually chocolate mousse and tastes so good!

And I ordered a raw and confit lemon, served with almond milk and zest sorbet, argan oil. It tastes so delicious as well! I'm actually not surprised their dessert is so good because I already tried it one day in advance. Like how? Well, stay tuned on my blog then you will know. Lol.

They also served us some complimentary chocolate before we pay the bill. Dark chocolate is good.

Worth It?

Overall, we think it's worth paying a visit. I will definitely visit this restaurant to try their other dishes.

Previously, I watched a video from a Chinese YouTuber saying the food is bad here and pricey. But I actually think the price is reasonable. For the brand, location, environment, services and ingredients, I personally don't think it is pricey. 

We spent a total of 78,512 yen (with 12% tax included).

Even their washroom is comfy. Must take a photo here before I leave hahaha.

Last but not least, an instaworthy photo inside the lift. Can you spot those cute little CHANEL buttons? It's so iconic!

When the lift opened, the staff gave each person a bag with a box of chocolate as a complimentary. How lovely!

Location : Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 3 Chome−3−5-3 シャネル銀座ビルディング 10F.
Business hours : Wed - Sun (11.30am - 4.00pm ; 6.00pm - 11.00pm) ; Closed on Mon - Tue

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