2017 RECAP

2017 RECAP

Since 2017 has almost come to the end, I guess I should write a post about my 2017 recap. Some highlight from me in 2017. This year has been an up and down year for me. Not the best but not the worst year as well. I'm so glad that I have my family, boyfriend and friends with me all the time this year. You guys are my motivation! Thanks for being here.

I always wanted to become a full time blogger since day 1 of my blogging life. Always wanted to know how will my life changing if I turns out to be a full time blogger instead of part time blogger that I used to be and I did it! I quit my jobs on April this year and change to full time blogger for 8 months (until November).

Trust me, it wasn't easy to become a full time blogger as well. I thought after I become a full time blogger, sure have lots of time for photoshoot, video shoot, attending event and blogging etc. No, it wasn't exactly like that at all! Since full time blogger income was unstable, I need to work hard in order to earn more. Therefore, I had accepted many jobs and events, turns out I'm super busy with appointments, meetings and events. But of course, I'm happy that finally I can attend events on weekdays and even during day time because last time I always attend events on weekends.

However, you might noticed I mentioned I had became a full time blogger for 8 months. That's because I have a full time job again since November. You might wondering why I work full time again. Well, frankly speaking, the total income for blog and social media posting is enough for my living (3 meals per day, rental, utilities etc) However, it was unstable and I need more extra money for travel, mortgage (planning to buy a house) etc. Thus, full time job still necessary for better life.

I'm glad I had visited total 5 countries this year! Last year, I had visited Philippines, Thailand, Macao, Hong Kong. This year, I have been to India, China, Thailand, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Well, Singapore was not counted because every time I travelled there for work. Thanks to sponsors for giving me a great experience and amazing hospitality. I enjoyed a lot.

New Zealand always on my bucket list or maybe everyone's bucket list. Thank god my New Zealand bucket list achievement unlock on September! Fortunately my younger sister currently studies Master at Auckland so we got the opportunity to pay a visit. This time we had visited North Island, can't wait to visit South Island when she graduated.

Time flies~ Can't believe me and my baby boy has been together for more than 2 years already! I feel really thankful that he always by my side whenever I need someone. He has been always there to giving me mentally and physically support. Some time I told him I can handle this alone, but he still gonna say no, he won't leave me alone. Thanks for loving and caring me all the time bae. You're the BEST!

Yes, I'm on TV! First I was interviewed by the largest TV news channel in India during my sponsored trip to India. Then, I was live interview by Japan TV Channel when I'm attending Joe Chia fashion event. I'm so blessed to get these jobs and had the opportunity to share my experience with you all on TV.

This year, I have been invited as a speaker to share my experience with Water360 products during Watsons event. It was a great experience to speak publicly especially with so many strangers in front of me. Trust me, it was not easy at all. I'm glad I took this challenge and done it well.

For me, I think blogger is exactly like normal people. I never think I'm famous at all. I remember for one time, I attend a private beauty event as a guest, when I leave the event then suddenly I heard someone shout my name "Is that Shini Lola?" When I turns around, saw a cute teenagers come say hi and asked "can I take photo with you?" I was shock and said of course! So she said she always watch my vlog on YouTube Channel and said I was so hilarious in the lifestyle video. Lol. Can't believe I met my audience in real life because there are only 280,000+ video views. Thanks for the support girls! I will try my best to upload more exciting video.

Last but not least, I feel blessed to work with many big worldwide brands this year including Samsung, Digi, Honda, Calvin Klein, Sephora, Braun Buffel, Tous, Innisfree, Shiseido and many more. Thanks for believing me on the social advertising. I can't wait to collaborate with more brands on next coming year 2018.

In addition, thanks for you guys, my readers who has been support me all these year. Without you guys, I guess I will lost my passion and motivation. Thank you and I shall see you soon next year.