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After Hamilton, now comes to the another destination - Rotorua. We took approximately 1 hour 20 minutes drove from Hamilton to Rotorua. In New Zealand, most of the people drive quite slow compared to Malaysian crazy driver (like me). Lol. Therefore, we just take a rest in the car except my brother-in-law because he was the one who driving. 

Before we depart from Rotorua, we have our lovely breakfast at our hotel.

Basically their breakfast buffet style is all the same in New Zealand. You can find harsh brown, eggs, mushroom, baked bean, sausages everywhere.

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Our first stop in Rotorua was Agroventures Adventure Park. Agroventures is situated within the realm of the world-famous Agrodome, and is a business unit of its own standing, leasing the land from the Agrodome. 

Today, what you will find at Agroventures is New Zealand’s leading adventure hub, offering the world’s most fun and unique array of soft to high adrenaline Rotorua activities in one beautiful location. 

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Spot our happy faces! 3 sisters playing go-kart together and it was so fun! My older sister thought it will be scary and dangerous but turns out she enjoy playing it a lot! If you're bringing your kids with you, make sure you keep an eye on them because there are some area quite slanting.

Each time after done with the go-kart game, we will need to take swing to go back to the beginning point.

Basically you play go-kart from top place to bottom of the hill, then you take swing to go back.

My younger sister was afraid of height since she was a small kid. Since I sit beside her, I need to comfort her all the time. I took this kind of swing in Australia, South Korea and Philippines for several times, so I don't worry much. Instead, I was so happy when I was up there. Lol. The whole journey I heard my sister keep on repeating the sentence "no shaking, no moving, sit still!"

After finished total 3 rounds of go-kart and swing activity, we feel quite hungry so we took our lunch at one of random restaurant. We ordered some pizza and pies. Taste not bad tho.

We then walk around and bought some souvenirs. Items such as mud products and Manuka honey products are popular there. Therefore, I bought some masks from there and it is really work amazing on my skin! Brought my niece to the candy shop and she got her another toy from there.

Agroventures Adventure Park

Address : 1335 Paradise Valley Rd, Ngongotaha, Rotorua 3040, New Zealand.

Business Hours : Daily | 9.00am - 5.00pm

We also stopped by at random road for photos.

At New Zealand, you can take beautiful photo everywhere.

I really love the colour difference on every tree.

In the heart of 350-acres of lush farmland, yet only 10 minutes from Rotorua city centre, you’ll find New Zealand’s Agrodome.
For over 40 years, visitors from all over the globe have come to the Agrodome to see our world-famous Farm Show starring a cast of talented animals… and you! After the show you can visit the Farmyard Nursery, which is home to their cutest baby animals who are available for cuddles and photos all year round!

Plus, if you really want to explore the Agrodome 350-acre working farm then join their Farm Tour. During this guided tour, you'll get to hand-feed loads of friendly animals and sample delicious kiwifruit juice and honey from their land.

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First time so close to the sheep and they are so adorable! Especially baby sheep. When we touch and cuddles them, they are not afraid of us. How wish I can bring one home by myself.

There are so many different kind of sheep that we don't know. I thought there are only one kind. Lol. They comes in different shape of horn and different colour of fur as well.

The dog is like the sheep's guard. The staff trained the dog to control the sheep so they won't go around and lost. Me and my younger sister keep saying the dog is beautiful.

There is also a sheep shearing performance. Sheep shearing is the process by which the woollen fleece of a sheep is cut off. The person who removes the sheep's wool is called a shearer. Typically each adult sheep is shorn once each year. 

One of the reader leave a comment on my YouTube channel mentioned she won't watch this kind of show because she pity the sheep. For your info, nearly all sheep require shearing. Sheep do not have the continuous growing and shedding cycles of many animals. The fleece that keeps the animal warm in winter becomes uncomfortably hot in summer, also tangled and dirty, holding manure, burrs, and other materials the sheep comes into contact with.

My niece and brother in law got the opportunity to try milked cow and they even got a certificate for it. Lol. On the other hand, my younger sister got the chance to feed a baby sheep. 

Before you leave, don't forget to pop into the Woollen Mill and Shearing Museum. Here you’ll learn the remarkable story of NZ pioneers the Bowen brothers and discover the full process of wool from the Sheep’s back to yours.
The Agrodome is one of New Zealand’s must-see attractions, open in any weather, 365 days a year.
Address : 141 Western Rd, Ngongotaha, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand.
Business Hours : Daily | 8.30am - 5.00pm

While we on the way to check-in our hotel, we saw double rainbow! All of us are so happy because usually people said if you saw double rainbow, that means you are lucky.

After check-in our hotel at Rotorua, we decided to take a walk. All of sudden, we saw a couple duck come to our place and ask for food! They are so cute and the female keep bullying male hahaha. They kept following us everywhere just for the food. Since we only have fruits and potato chips on hands, so we feed them with that. And guess what, they even eat the potato chips.

Millenniums Hotel Rotorua & Spa

Next to mystical Lake Rotorua and just a brief stroll from the city centre, Millennium Hotel Rotorua is an eco-friendly destination.

From here, experience Rotorua’s rich history, explore the thermal hot pools or the native bush, and even squeeze in a round of golf at one of Rotorua’s international golf courses. Their rooms and suites feature residential-style decor with views of Lake Rotorua or the native garden. This was the best hotel that I ever stay for my New Zealand trip!

Address : 270 Hinemaru St, Rotorua 3040, New Zealand.

We took a lot of photos here because "smoke" are everywhere!

The thermal hot pools create smoke and we feel so comfortable when we near to the lake as that weather was about 7-9 degree celcius at that moment.

For the dinner, our Daddy is craving for Indian food. Therefore, we had a wonderful  and delicious dinner!

The Indian food here are authentic and the spices are so rich!

My favourite was the cheese naan because the cheese was so rich and taste good!

After dinner, we went to Countdown for grocery shopping again. It is like our daily routine already. Lol. Since got nothing to shop, we shop for groceries. 

Night time, we sit outside of our room and chill. We bought so many snacks, fruits from the hotel and ice cream for supper! Tried this Sorbet ice cream with feijoa & pear flavour and it was so yummy!

What a beautiful view at night time. Crystal clear sky and beautiful lake. Our room is facing this view and we stayed here for two nights. Thanks for the wonderful journey Rotorua. Till next time. 

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