5 April 2018



I know, lots of you are waiting for me to share my wedding proposal story. I was proposed to by my boyfie, Kenji. Some friends and fans are curious to know more insight about it. Therefore, I'm gonna share the stories about #KENJIxSHINI are engaged with you guys here today. Special thanks to all my friends and fans for the greetings. I received so many comments, PM, DM, Wechat, Whatsapp messages and other social media platforms. You guys are just so sweet! I'm replying you guys one-by-one, even through the comments are a lot because I really appreciate each of your blessing.

Last Friday, I was told by boyfie that his best friend’s birthday is coming soon and they would like to have birthday celebrate with him. 

Since their friendship was so close, so of course I trust him.

He told me that that he already book an airbnb to celebrate his birthday. You might noticed I didn't dress up so well in the photo. No fancy dress during the wedding proposal because we were at the middle of the forest, everyone is wearing shorts and slipper 😂 If I knew earlier I would wear something nice. Lol.

At night, after we finished our dinner, he hold my hand and bring me to the upstairs. All of sudden, I heard someone is playing "Backstreet Boy - Drowning" song. I was a little bit doubt that something will happen because I know none of his friends are fan of BSB except me.

Then when I saw “MARRY ME” with all the LED lights, I was shocked. I know he will propose to me this year but I don’t know it will be now. I thought he gonna propose to me during our next coming trip. He said propose during travelling is easy so he thought doing something that will wow me. And he did!

At first, I cried a little during the proposal and when I saw my boyfie’s crying, I cried even harder. This is my first time saw him cried infront of me. I knew he want this so bad and of course, I SAY YES! 

Also, I don't even remember we have been together for 1000 days! He is always the one who remember this kind of thing. Lol

He actually told my mom that he will propose to me on 30th March before this and coincidentally, it is my parents wedding anniversary. Don't you think that's so sweet?

I can felt he is so sincere and put a lot of effort on this wedding proposal.

Previously, I thought we gonna do the wedding proposal at our next coming trip but he told me that proposal is too mainstream. Everyone can do that. I knew he spend so much effort and time on this because he covered all the accommodation, meals, entertainment just for these. 

Feel so touched when I knew all of these just to ask me to marry him.

Feel so blessed to have him to become my fiancée because he not only treat me like a princess, he pamper me like a QUEEN!

I'm an independent lady but whenever I need him, he was always there for me.

For a person who have 3 jobs, sometime I don't really have much time for him. But he totally understand and comfort me whenever I feel guilty.

Special thanks to all the friends (his brother and their girlfriends) to help him out for the arrangement. Most of you are not based in KL but you guys purposely take leave and spend time to come here. We really feel thankful for that.

It won't be complete without you guys.

We also celebrate our engagement on the other night at Zouk with friends.

Thanks for the effort baby boy. Next time, I should introduce him as my financée instead of boyfriend tho. Lol.

Thanks for reading our engagement stories. And yes, #KENJIxSHINI are engaged!


  1. Awww! Congratulations! This is such a sweet and surprise proposal. And I also love the Backstreet Boys! :)

    1. Thank you very much! Yeah~ BSB fan for life!

  2. Congratulations.. May you both find happiness in each and everyday of your life, together! Romantic proposal indeed... stay happy forever!

  3. OMG!!! this yr fiance is so romantic and put in so much effort in creating this memorable moments for you. I wish you all the best and be happy with your wedding preparations.

  4. Congratulation babe... So happy for you and may you be blissful till you old old ah... Hahaha...

  5. Congratulations Shini and Kenji. May you have a blessed life together.

  6. Congratulations to you babe! Your fiance is so romantic, and yeah you are beautiful even with simple clothes. Can't wait for your wedding stories!

    1. Awwww~ Thanks for comfort me dear haha. You have no idea how I feel being proposed in t-shirt, shorts and slipper. =D

  7. Wow!! Your fiance so so romantic!! Congratulation to you babe and may you both stay sweet and happy everyday :) Can't wait for your wedding stories!

    Sincerely wishes from MissJasJas


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