10 April 2018



Landed or high rise properties? Actually, there’s no right answer for this, it is always depending on owner’s own preferences. Because everyone got their different point of view. After some studies, I had shortlisted these 4 factors to thought through before you purchase a property :

  • Security Issue
Security wise, high rise is definitely win. Why? For example, when you drive to the guard house - one check point; Guard house to lobby, 2nd check point; Lobby go into the lift, 3rd check point; Go up to the resident, 4thcheck point. With multiple check points, it’s harder for thief to get in.  The percentage of break-ins in high rise buildings are lesser as compared to landed properties. In most cases should there be break-ins in high rise building, it would only be caused by internal personnel. That’s why developer keep emphasize that during launching.

However, even now there’s landed strata come with gated and guarded to increase the security. While for landed properties, thief is easy accessible via on the ground.

  • Investment Point of View. Cash Flow
First you need to ask yourself, capital appreciation or cash-flow? Most of the rich people have no problem on cash flow, therefore, they will choose to invest on landed as the price will definitely going up in future. Moreover, – buying a landed property actually own a piece of mother ground as compared to high rise properties.

If you’re worry about cash flow, then high rise properties are your better choice. Compare to terrace house, high rise buildings always get better rental deal as demand is higher.

  • Living Experience. Facilities or Without
Nowadays, living is one of the priority for the buyers. For example, married couple is definitely suitable to stay in high rise properties. Cleaning is very easy for 1000 square feet. People who want to be connected, accessible, going everywhere via public transportation. High rise properties also having facilities, pool, sauna, gym, games room and many more.

For landed, buyer probably go home to watch TV or have a walk to the garden. Which is why developer come out with landed strata where you got best of both world, you’ll get the facilities and spacious properties at the same time.

  • Maintenance Fees. Pay or No Need to Pay
Maintenance fees is painful for individual title owner. You need to pay for it as long as you own a high-rise property. Some investors choose not to pay the maintenance fees since they thought they didn’t use the facilities. However, with the new SMA (Strata Management Act) implemented rules & regulations will take action if owner don’t pay maintenance fees. Landed strata and high-rise properties need to pay for the maintenance while for landed properties owner, no need to pay.

Bear in mind that if you want to get your property for renovation, you need a permit to renovate for landed strata and high-rise properties. Yup, I know right. It kinda suck that you can't even renovate your own property even you're the owner. On the other hand, Individual title owner can renovate whatever they want to do. I guess the owner of landed property win it all.

Credit to Realestateguy for sharing with us his point of view for this article.

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