K Glam - Bringing The Best of Korean Beauty


I'm so glad that I could get the first preview of 20 Korean brands in K Glam event organized by Kinohimitsu. Kino Biotech Malaysia announced the launch of K Glam, a newly setup e-store that sells exclusive Korean beauty products. K Glam serves to give shoppers peace of mind during shopping as it carries only authentic and genuine beauty brands from Korea.

Kino Biotech Malaysia has worked closely with KOTRA Kuala Lumpur- a South Korean government agency for trade and investment promotion to source authentic products and promoting the brands in Malaysia. Kino Biotech Malaysia aims to make K Glam the top e-store for Korean beauty products.

When online shoppers think of Korean products, they should think of K Glam.

Present to launch the event are Mr Marcus Chong (Executive Director of Kino Biotech Malaysia), Ms Jennifer Chin (Chief Operating Officer) and Ms Winnie Pok (Assistant GM of Sales & Marketing).  Also present are 2 directors from KOTRA Kuala Lumpur, Mr Steve Yeon and Mr Jusang Lee.

The event started with the emcee singing Korean song. She then introduces us the company background, brands and some products. There are so many Korean products presented on that day, I and my friend are keep saying this and that product look good and we can't wait to give it a try.

After the brief introduction about the brands, some of the influencers get to try their products on the first hand (including me). Before testing the product on our face, they're measuring my skin moisture level. Fortunately, my skin moisture level is slightly above average (I really put a lot of effort into my skincare routine) I had tried the Cosmetea sunscreen and my moisture level has increased.

A total of 20 reputable brands are available on K Glam, most of which are new brands to the Malaysian market. Kino Biotech Malaysia strongly encourages the introduction of new Korean brands in Malaysia as there are many products and brands with fresh concepts that the local market has yet to explore.

The 20 Korean Brands includes :
  • Enesti
  • Fascy
  • J.Muh
  • Cosmetea
  • Aromame
  • Repiel
  • Yenaan
  • Ottie
  • Rivecowe
  • Aqutop
  • Homelec Massager
  • Blancdoux
  • Simplistic
  • Enpelle
  • RenardBlanc
  • Asorblab (Forest'N)
  • Beauty Mory
  • EarlySkin (Everyshine)
  • Nuts Perfume
  • Prreti

K Glam is featured in local online platforms such as 11Street, Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee and SuperDeals as well as in Kinohimitsu official online store.  Moving forward, some selected brands will also be featured over TV shopping channel like Astro Go Shop. The bottom right photo showed the popular rose shape foam of cleanser. It was popular on Facebook last time and this was the first time I saw it in real life.

There are still many other Korean products and I can't introduce them to you guys one by one. Therefore, the photos will do their thing (click to enlarge). Promotional campaigns for K Glam will run from 22 October until 30 November 2018 to bring about awareness of these brands to customers and to encourage customers to try them. Multiple attractive offers will be available over the mentioned channels to offer the best to the public. 

These are the products that I had received from K Glam. Thank you and I can't wait to show you guys the review and the result! Since there are many of them so I just pick up the 4 products for tried and tested. Check out the product reviews below to find out more.


COSMETEA Control Mask  - Rose Tea Deep Moisture Control Mask

The Cosmetea Tea Control Masks are made with eco-friendly L-CELL 100% Cellulose Fiber Sheets, which adheres perfectly to the face and helps to maximize the benefits of the mask’s essence (which features a blend of botanical oil, botanical extracts, and tea water).

Cosmetea Rose Tea Deep Moisture Mask :
  • Nourishing, moisturising, improve skin texture, glowing skin
  • Damask rose water, Safflower oil, Camellia extract
  • Eco-friendly sheet mask to minimize skin irritation and enhance the adherence to skin

Comment : I love the fact that this mask smells like floral tea. It's smell amazing! It is just like I'm having a cup of rose tea while I'm applying this mask. Just apply it for 15-20 minutes will do. The texture of the mask is light and thin so after applied, it won't leave you the stickiness and uncomfortable sensation. Will definitely bring this along during my trip.

Price : RM59.90 (10 pieces)

COSMETEA – Tea Ampoule

My another favourite product would be T2 Lifting Tea Ampoule. It is a functional treatment product that helps to intensively lift and soften fatigue, premature and aging skin with combinations of Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acid and Peptides. Regular use will moisturise, plump up and prevent aging.

They come with one box and one box consists of total 10 bottles. 1 bottle equal to 10 pieces of the mask which also 12 times of the hydrating night moisturizer/cream = 98% high concentration. Now you know why it moisturizes even rough skin condition.

It also comes with a cover so you when broke the head of the bottle, you can cover with the tool and carry around.

How to use :
  1.  Tap on the top of the ampoule with your finger.
  2.  Wear an opener.
  3.  Strengthen the top of the ampoule.
  4.  Wear a safety port.
  5.  Apply to skin.

Comment : I started to use ampoule since I was 18. I used it after I cleanse my face. I love the fact that it is absorbed into my skin instantly. Normally 1 bottle I can use about 2-3 times. Since it comes with small sizes, so it is convenient to bring it during travelling as well.

Price : RM79.90 (2ml x 10ea, 1 box 10 bottles)

COSMETEA Milk Tea EE Cream Foundation Pact

Essence, base, and foundation all in one! For fresh, dewy skin! Whitening, wrinkle-reducing, sunscreen SPF50+/PA++ product. Plant extracts from essence tea polyphenols in Jeju Island Concealer elements from pearl powder, silk powder, ruby powder, diamond powder.
  • 3-in-1 EE foundation pact (essence, makeup base, foundation)
  • Marbling essence
  • Moist and silky make-up
  • Dewy and strong concealing power
  • The perfect foundation for whitening & reduce wrinkles
  • Whitening + SunScreen
  • SPF 50+/PA+++
  • One colour fits all

EE stands for Essential Essence. The product creates a moist and radiant look for your skin. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, and Glutathione making your skin look supple. Most importantly it’s hydrating with 43% water essence in the product.

Take a closer look at this EE cushion, does it look very pretty? Instead of only giving the traditional puff, they also provide me with the waterproof coating silicon puff. The puff allows the skin to absorb as much goodness from the essential essence of the product without any wastage.

For people who want a moisturizing product with natural-looking coverage, smooth and brightening function, easy-to-fix and cost-effective makeup pact.

Comment : Tried and tested during the night of colleague's birthday party and it lasts for all night long! Quite surprise with the long-lasting result because I only apply a thin layer on my face.

Price : RM139

COSMETEA DRN Face Lifting 4D Roller

Last but not least, introducing the popular DRN Face Lifting 4D Roller! There are so many of you asking how was the result after I posted it on my instastory. Most of you asked me what is the function of this beauty tool. It provides absorption of skincare products.

It also has face-lifting functions and promotes lymph and blood circulation. Platinum rolling ball made by Clean Platinum makes elastic face line. If you're sensitive skin type of person, no worries, you can use without irritation with a clean platinum surface. Love its user-friendly shape because of a handle for easy and comfortable use.

How to make elastic skin :
  • For Saggy chin/cheek - Smoothly massage chin line and rolling cheek line to prevent saggy chin and cheek.
  • Nasolabial line - Smoothly massage nasolabial line for an elastic skin.
  • Eyeline/Forehead - Smoothly massage eyeliner and rolling face line for blood circulation and relieving swelling.
Comment : Finally I get to try this on my own! Always saw this on social media but didn't have the chance to give it a try. Since I'm owning one now, I have been using it whenever after I applied my skin care. Hopefully, I can see the result after a few weeks. 

Feeling interested to find out more? Visit my.kinohimitsu.com now to check out more Korean beauty products. Leave me a comment to let me know which product is your favourite. XOXO.