16 March 2018



It's foodie time! Who doesn't love to eat dessert right? (Although I knew some of you might not) I'm not really fancy with dessert, but when it comes to soft serve ice cream and waffle... Hell yeah! Last weekend, boyfie and I went to Pavilion to send my bag for cleaning and shopping! After we finished shopping, we had decided to stop by Hail's Dessert & Soft Serve Cafe.

Hail's Dessert Cafe

Hail's Dessert Cafe is located at the top / 6th floor in Pavilion. It  focuses on creative flavours of artisan desserts and soft ice cream.

They believe that it is not just the taste, but the experience that counts. There's a story behind every creation, and they would like to share it with everyone. So come on over and discover why Hail's is a storm you'd want to have. 

Introducing on of their signature - crispy waffle served with soft serve, fruits and Nutella sauce.

Love the cotton blue soft serve ice cream on top. It taste just like yogurt.

Waffle is crispy on the outside and soft inside. Fruits are fresh and delicious.

The only drawback that I can mention would be the volume of Nutella sauce. It would be great if they apply more.

Another signature is Blue Milktea.

We ordered this because of the artwork display at the counter.

It's so Instagram worthy!

Take a closer look of this drink. It is blue colour on top and bottom part is ordinary milk tea colour.

The menu mentioned it contains Melaka sugar but we felt it doesn't sweet at all. Definitely suitable for people who don't like sweet beverage.

Overall I think the dessert is not bad this place is definitely insta-worthy!

Location : Lot. P6.08.00, Level 6, Pavilion
Business hours : 10am - 10pm
Tel : 03-2110 2885
Facebook : Hail's Desserts


  1. Sweet dessert for the sweet... too bad i'm not much on dessert person however definitely this will be the great hangout place for my friends as they really love desserts and at least i would have the chance to bring them there.

    1. Yes, bring them to try their popular soft serve =)


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