6 May 2018 Mũi Né, Phan Thiet, Bình Thuận Province, Vietnam


Since I blogged about Ho Chi Minh Travel Guide, readers has been chasing me for Mui Ne post. They are so curious about the desert and want to know more about it. I got you guys! Today post is all about Mui Ne Travel Guide. This article will be include hotel, attractions (tour) and guide from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne. Also, remember to read our worst experience with the train while we on the way to Mui Ne. It was quite terrified thou.

Instead of Hanoi or Danang which is the main stream place for the tourists to visit, we had chosen to visit Mui Ne because of the 'desert' attracted us. Well, they doesn't exactly look like the desert in Dubai (of course we can't compare) but the view is spectacular and worth it.

Many of you asked me how do we travel from Ho Chi Minh to Mui Ne. Well, you can travel via bus / train. Eventually we had chosen train because it is faster. We booked the train ticket via online before we started travelling.

The seat was actually quite comfortable. It was spacious and hygiene. One thing we were so concern was the toilet. It was clean before the train has started. But after we went for the second time, it was so dirty and wet. Strongly recommended you guys to bought some snacks with you and go to the toilet before train has started. We took Vietnam railway and it was about 4 hours+ distance (supposedly).

Cost : RM336.20 for 2 ways (2 pax)
Booking :

Okay. You might noticed I mentioned 'supposedly' at the end of the sentence previously. Wondering why? Because we had a bad experience with the train! After 3 hours+ journey, we thought we almost reach Phan Thiet station (Mui Ne). We were so happy and excited because we were supposedly planning to check-in hotel and then have our brunch. After chill for seconds, and wait for the jeep tour driver to pick us up.

Well, plan was totally ruined! The train suddenly stop for almost 1 hour at the same place. Both of us are so worry as we keep asking the staff and they don't understand English, keep telling us something in Vietnamese. We saw most of the people are so panicking. They keep shouting on the staff and some of them were so angry until they took their belonging and went off the train! The whole train (well, at least my coach), only both of us are tourist, others are all from local. We keep telling each other we will be okay, don't panic. All in sudden, a random Vietnam speak English to us! Finally~ You had no idea how happy we were in that situation. She told us the train before us had been broken, therefore, all the train can't proceed to the next destination and force to go back to the previous station.

What? We already paid everything and travel for 3 hours + 1 hour of waiting and this is what we get? Whatever, I knew the train before us was broken and it was an accident. We can't blame anybody. But how can you start the train without checking it? Same case like Malaysia's bus all the time.

The lady told us the train will be travel back to previous train station and we felt so relieved. Checking our watch and thought we still got enough time for the tour. But... I guess we are just happy TOO EARLY! Because after the train stopped at the previous station, the environment was exactly like the photo shown below :

WHAT!? This is the train station? Why we were like nowhere in Vietnam? All of sudden, the lady told us we need to take our luggage and went off the train. Huh? Where we heading? The lady told us they will arrange bus for us to fetch us to the train station (destination) but now we need to off the train first.

Can you imagine both us carry our big luggage, each of us have to carry 10-12 kg+ and walk through the TRAIN ROUTE WITH STONE!? You might think it was easy. Hello~ Both of us carry the luggage + walking on the super unbalanced stone + under the hot sun (that time was 12pm) + we haven't eat anything for whole day (only ate some biscuits on the train) + need to walk like 20 minutes because it was not near at all! We run out of energy but no excuse, we still need to carry our own luggage.

Due to too many people (approximately more than 100 people) waiting under the hot sun, we go no place to stand. We felt pity for the new born babies because they keep crying under the hot sun. We stand there for about half an hour and all of sudden, someone shouting in Vietnamese and everyone is running back to the other side of the train. We were so confused until the lady told us the bus is on the other side not here! WHAT!? We forced to walk back to the train with the damn heavy luggage. Suddenly I felt my BFF Sylvia was falling behind and she told me her luggage handle just broken on the vertical side. So I told her to grab the horizontal one but when she grab for few minutes, it was broken too. My poor BFF has to carry her luggage with hugging it on the chest. I wish I can help her but I can't because I have to carry the heavy luggage with my own too.

By the time we has arrived, the 3 buses already full of people. We were so tired (almost faint because we were so hungry and no energy) and we want to give up. Suddenly, we heard a women said "taxi?" We said YES! We don't want to wait anymore because we are already late for the tour!

The tour driver suppose to pick us up at 1.30pm at our hotel but that time we are still in the taxi. Luckily they said they can pick up at 2.15pm with another jeep but we need to cancel the first activity - Fairy Spring due to not enough time. We got no better option so we got to missed the activity.

We had reached the hotel at 2pm, and then we realize the taxi driver dropped us at the wrong hotel. Fortunately she's still there, she fetch us to the right hotel (about 5 minutes distance) and when we want to pay her the extra (we already paid earlier), she said no need. Super nice driver! Oh ya, we spend about RM160+ from the scariest station to our hotel. All thanks to the train. Paid for the train for nothing because we have to go through all these things and paid extra for another transportation.

Joe's Cafe and Garden Resort
By the time we had arrived the right hotel, the owner saw both of us are so exhausted (because we still haven't eat anything yet), she faster let us check-in our hotel room. We quickly drop off luggage and change our shoes (we were wearing sneaker earlier, but now we changing to slipper) Thank god we were wearing sneaker instead of slipper while walking through train route or else our feet will be so painful.

Joe's Cafe and Garden Resort is a wonderful hotel to stay. Friendly staff, good food and comfortable stay. They even have live band at night time. Probably until midnight so it won't really affect your sleeping time. Or just both of us too tired for the whole day due to worst experience with the train cause once we on bed, we slept like a pig. HAHA

The hotel's price range is so affordable and they included breakfast as well. They will provide you the breakfast menu and all you need to do is just choose one meal + one drink. Both us had chosen sandwich which is Banh Mi in Western style (cheese + scrambled egg + bacon) served with french fries and fruits. For the drink, Sylvia had chosen Vietnamese coffee and I had chose Lipton Tea (since I'm not a coffee person). The Banh Mi was so yummy!

The sea view was spectacular as we are facing the sea while we having our breakfast. Oh yeah, best way to have breakfast like this!

Definitely recommended to stay if you guys wish to visit Mui Ne soon. Totally worth the money.

Address : 86 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street,, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Vietnam.
Cost : RM99.85 per night (including breakfast)

For the Mui Ne Sand Dunes Jeep Tour, we need to pay on spot. Too bad we can't make it to the Fairy Spring, heard it was a good place to take beautiful photo. Oh well~ Never mind, as long as both of us are safe now.

Cost : 10 USD / RM39.60 (2 pax)

  • Fishing Village
Mui Ne Fishing Village, at the north end of Mui Ne bay, is about 7 km north of Mui Ne centre. Mui Nehabor, Mui Ne fishing harbor, Mui Ne market and fishing harbour, at the entrance to town is an overlook with a splendid view of hundreds of colorful fishing boats mooring on the water.

Nothing much to do. Basically we just came down from the van and took 10 minutes for the photo session then going back to the van. 

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  • White Sand Dunes
Finally here is your curious place - White Sand Dunes. When I first post my photo with the desert. There are so many followers DM me asking where is the place / is it in Dubai? / can you share more info about it etc. Well, now you guys. Yes, as I mentioned. I did visit there with tour. It is recommended because of the communication issue and I think the tour's price range is affordable. So yeah, this place is totally insta-worthy!

There are two option for you in White Sand Dunes, either you can rent an ATV and go free and easy. Or, you can take SUV and a driver will fetch you all the way to the top. At first we thought want to take ATV because it will be more fun and cheaper cost. However, actually you can't take beautiful at the lower area. In order to take beautiful photo, you need to go to the top area.

But we saw the sand dunes is too slanting. We don't have the professional skills and courage to get up to the top by our own. Therefore, we rather chosen the SUV package although it is slightly expensive.

Cost : 800,000 VND (2 ways)

It was totally worth it! The view is spectacular! There is a huge difference between the view on top and down there. The tour guide allow us to stay here for 40 minutes.

  • Red Sand Dunes
Another sand dunes attraction. I personally prefer white sand dunes and red sand dunes because the view is different. As you can see from the photos shown below, there are more crowd and therefore, photobombing is for sure. The sand also not really clean compare to white sand dunes, garbage are everywhere. Thus, we just here for 20 minutes.

Random Restaurant with Sea View
After arrived at our hotel and finished showered, we finally can eat something after a whole day! Our very first meal in Mui Ne. Now you guys knew why I slimmed down after came back from Vietnam. Lol. I forgot the restaurant's name, but it just located nearby our hotel. It can be reach with walking distance. Since we are in Vietna, of course we must try their pho (noodles)!

We had ordered pho with beef and chicken and some spring roll. They gave us fried banana for free. Eating the fried banana makes us miss Malaysian food a lot! No matter I travel to which country, I still miss Malaysian food all the time (well, except Japan) Lol.

Cost : 10 USD / RM39.60 (2 pax)

Roaming Man
So you guys might noticed I didn't mentioned SIM card expenses. Well, for this trip, I'm not using any SIM card. Instead, I'm using pocket WiFi from Roaming Man. The Internet speed was smooth and able to connect up to 5 devices. Maybe you can check it out if you're interested.

Thank you for reading my Vietnam Travelogue and if you're reading until here without skipping my worst experience with the train. I truly appreciate your time and effort. Hope you guys enjoy reading and I can't wait to share with you guys more travelogue with other countries. Till here. XOXO.





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    1. I always hope my travelogue able to help you guys to save a lot of time in doing research. Lol.

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    1. Sony RX 100 III. You can read more details here :

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    1. Yup, luckily both of us are safe then.
      Indeed. They only thought we had a lot of fun. Lol

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    1. You can take bus to Mui Ne. If I'm not mistaken the duration is 1 hour longer than train. :)

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    1. Hi, you can make your booking at ya. We choose the 1 day tour in Mui Ne. There are two option : sunrise and sunset. We had chosen sunset ya.