I believe some of my readers have noticed I changed my camera. If you're following my Instagram, then you should notice the difference of my photo quality, it has become clearer then it haven't before! Introducing my latest and current favourite camera - Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III. Some of you might recognised it with Sony RX100 III in short. For me, I called it "Kuro", it means black in Japanese.
Unicorn Cafe @ Bangkok
I would like to share my experience at the popular Unicorn Cafe at Bangkok with you guys. I guess most of you heard about this famous cafe in town. Finally I revisit Bangkok, Thailand! It has been 2 years since I visited Thailand and I was sent to Thailand on October for working purpose. I will try to blog about my Thailand travelogue asap. Well before that, continue reading to find out more about my experience at Unicorn Cafe Bangkok.
Manis App

Do you love shopping like I do? What if I tell you there is a mobile app that rewards us every single time we shop, eat and play? Yes, with Manis app, you can do that! Shop while earning rewards, that sounds great right?

Kuala Lumpur

There is at present a lot more to become discovered in Kuala Lumpur than just the illustrious Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower, especially for someone like yourself who just found a condo for rent in KL and decided to stay a wee bit longer in this beautiful city. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will cover 10 hidden gems in Kuala Lumpur that will let you find out a side of the town which you have in no way seen previously.

Macau Trip Day 4
Finally I blog about my final day aka Day 4 in Macao (Macau). Although just a short trip but I will miss all the delicious foods and beautiful heritages here. Today, I'm going to cover more about The Venetian Macao and Rua do Cunha. Continue reading to find out more.

Rotary is a 121 year old Swiss watch brand offering ladies’ and gents’ dress watches in the mid-market price bracket. Established in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1895 by Moise Dreyfuss, Rotary is proud of its reputation as a trusted brand known for high quality, design-led, Swiss timepieces at an affordable price. Today Rotary is present in over 60 countries worldwide and has been awarded the status of a UK consumer Superbrand 2016.

Digi Postpaid Plan RM110 / month

Digi has launched the new Postpaid plans that offer even more benefits than before. The new plan, simply called The New Digi Postpaid, seeks to add even more value to customers who are showing a strong, growing appetite for Internet access and digital services to match their social lifestyle. Continue reading to find out how I well spent my weekend with Digi Postpaid Plan RM110 / month.

MACAO TRIP - DAY 3 (澳门之旅)
This is my first time to experience Macau Grand Prix open ceremony. Yes, that's why there is a beautiful Audi sport car for my post header. Yes, at my Macao Trip Day 3, I got the opportunity to experience the MGP Promotional Event and I'm so excited. Continue reading to find out more.

It's #SHINIXMAS Giveaway time! It's been awhile since I host a giveaway, so here you go! Last year, I gave away a #SHINIXMASBOX but this time, I'm giving away a Kat Von D Lipstick (worth RM109) with random colour for my lovely readers. Sounds interesting? Why don't you guys just join and win it home! Just follow the instructions at Rafflecopter below to win it.
Macao Trip Day 2
It's time to continue my Macao (Macau) Trip Day 2 travelogue. After I blogged about my Macao Trip Day 1, a lot of readers PM me on Facebook asking where did I visit and which restaurant is suitable for food hunting. Actually you can find all the info here in my blog post. I try my best to collect all the info for you guys. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading and don't forget to copy all the info for your reference.

Smile Makers Lubricants
Another post about Smile Makers Collection. Remember me blogged about Smile Makers earlier? This time, I'm going to focus more on the lubricants. If you're a lady and reading this post, no need to feel shy. It is a necessary skin care for all of us.
Macao Trip - Day 1

Finally I came back from Macao! It is a fun trip and this is my very first visit to Macao / Macau. All thanks to Macao Tourism for the sponsored media trip. Today, I'm going to blog about my travel itinerary on the first day of Macao trip. Continue reading to find out more about the attractions, what to eat and what to do. (Hint : Some foods that only local knows)

Any shopaholic here? Well, at least I am. I shop every week since I was 18 years old. But anyhow you will still need money for that. Thank god I found ShopBackShopBack is the latest online site for saving moneyNow I can shop more while earning cash. Wondering how is it work? Continue reading to find out more.

Shini Lola meet Cake Boss

Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro is in Malaysia! I just talk about him few days ago when I'm chatting with my boyfie and I can't believe after 2 days I received an invitation to meet him in person! I was the luckiest person in this world! I love watching his show - Cake Boss since few years back and I promised myself, one day, I will definitely meet him in person and try his pastry. Thank god my dream come true now. All thanks to TLC.


Bonjour! This is my fourth time tasting French foods. Rendez-vous is a traditional French restaurant which located at Bangsar. Before I pay a visit, I done some research and I found there are plenty of great reviews about this restaurant. I'm so excited and I can't wait to give it a try.

It's time for shopping! Remember I blogged about SGshop earlier? You can refer the previous post here if you missed it. Today, I'm introducing the craziest #SGshop1111 Online Shopping Fever (网购狂欢季) to you all. Remember to read until the end, don't missed out any exciting promotions!

Innisfree always pamper me with new range of products. Lately, Innisfree launches new addition to the anti-aging range - Jeju Lava Seawater. When I'm looking at the product range for the first sight, I fall in love. The crystal blue attract me! Love the design as it keep on remind me of the beautiful colour of sea.

Finally I'm back from Thailand! It's only 5 days 4 nights trip but I feel tired like zombie. I will share my first time experience as a backpacker with you guys very soon. So remember to STAY TUNED at my blog. 

A Sweet Thing, is a newly opened caffe located in Ipoh. I always feel excited to try out new cafe in Ipoh as there are not much selection when I want to yum cha with my friends. Although I based in KL now and rarely go back to Ipoh but still, I hope there are more and more cafe open in my lovely hometown.

HiBaby.TV,  is an online social entertainment platform has been launched in Malaysia recently. It’s the foundation for an interactive, enriching, and engaging experience through social channels. At HiBaby TV, you can stream all the live entertainment shows, curated by adorable, pretty and engaging hosts.

Japan, is always my favourite country on the list. I have been visited total 11 countries and Japan is still on top of my favourite. I love their cultures, foods, attractions, landscape, environment, fashion, beauty and many more. Today post is about my Kyoto, Japan travelogue of family trip on last year. I know right~ Why I finally blog it now. Well, last year is a busy year for me. After I came back from Japan, I had blogged about the Princess Cruises Trip and my Plastic Surgery Journey in South Korea. Then in 2016, I blogged about my Boracay Trip as well. In between I got so many projects so yeah, that's how I drag my Kyoto trip post until today. So, cut the crap. Let's continue reading to find out my travel itinerary in Kyoto, Japan!

Althea, represent the beauty of Korea and delivers authentic K-beauty items to the world. If you guys read my previous post about Althea turns 1, then you should know about this beauty website. A lot of beauty junkie love to shop here because you can grab all the Korean skin care and cosmetic without going to Korea. The best part is, the price is reasonable.

I'm pretty sure most of you had experience to shop at TaoBao. Some of you might not because you don't understand Chinese at all. Have you experience that? If yes, SGshop is your life saver! Although I knew how to read Chinese but I have no idea about the postage and some typical Chinese terms on Taobao website. Thank god I found! Continue reading to find out more.

What!? My boyfriend does my makeup!? Yes, you didn't see it wrong. I was shock when I about to take this challenge too. This would be a nightmare because my boyfie never try makeup on his life. This is the very first time he do makeup and apply on my face. This makeup video is conjunction with HERMO for #MYCYBERSALE purpose which also an opportunity for my boyfie to bully me.

Daveland, by hearing the name it sounds like a wonderland. Have you guys heard about it before? DaveLand is aimed to provide customers happiness, comfort and convenience when using its products during their casual trips. Today, I'm introducing some of their products which are your travel companion.

Bonjour! You guys knew I always travel to Johor because of my boyfie's hometown. Since last week was a long weekend, he decided to bring my somewhere beautiful. I always said my boyfie don't know how to enjoy high tea which is what girl loves to do. This time, he brought me to The Teavana which is located at Johor Bahru to enjoy high tea with him.

Huckleberry Food & Fare, is located at Plaza Damansara, Damansara Heights. Huckleberry Food & Fare is the product of pursuit and passion from the Mezze team. Over the past 5 years, Mezze Bistro has become KL foodie’s open secret. Time Out KL has consistently voted Mezze Bistro as one of their top 40 choice picks in Kuala Lumpur. The team represents a collaboration of strong management and distinguished baking and culinary skills, set to build a platform to become KL’s premier bakery kitchen, Huckleberry Food & Fare.

Boracay, Philippines was the latest place that I had visited lately. Although I already blogged about my travelougue previously but I also knew there are some lazy reader who want all details in one post. Thus, I decided to compile everything in this post including What To Eat, Things To Do and Travelogue in Boracay. I'm pretty sure it much more easier for you guys to plan your itinerary by reading this post. Hopefully it helps.

Hair removal, yes today topic is about hair removal so you might feel kinda gross. No worries, I'm not gonna show you those gross hair photos as it can't be show. Why? Continue reading to find out why. Since few weeks ago, I had my very first Sumuzu Hair Removal experience at ido's Clinic

My Beauty Diary, is the brand that I'm using since I was 16 years old. If you're fans of mask, then you should know this brand very well. What I always love about this brand is their mask is good and price is reasonable. Today, I would like to recommend my two favourite mask of My Beauty Diary with you all. Continue reading to find out more.

Boracay, finally is the last post for my Boracay trip itinerary aka Day 4 and 5. Why I combined the two days post into one? Because the last day in Boracay is basically just go back to Malaysia early in the morning so I decided to combined them. This have been a wonderful trip with boyfie and can't wait for more to come! 

Makeup, is the thing that I'm addicted with. Yes, I updated my YouTube Channel again with makeup tutorial. I will be very active in these few weeks so don't forget to SUBSCRIBE me (@TheShinilola). This time, I'm sharing with you guys Pink Date Makeup Tutorial by using the lovely products that I've received from HERMO. Hope you guys enjoy watching the video and don't forget to let me know how you think.

#SHINIOOTD, is the label for me to share my fashion style with all of my readers. Pink and black and white are always my favourite colours to mix and match. Therefore, today post is about my OOTD which are PINK LADY x MONOTONE. Pink is more into feminine which easily to create a lady look. On the other hand, black and white is easy to match with any outfits and classy. They never goes wrong! I also included the video at the end of the post. Hopefully you guys will love.

Hello! My Boracay Trip Day 3 post is here! Sorry for disappeared for a whole week! I'm so busy with my full time job this week and even outstation for 2 days. I just came back from Ipoh because it's been awhile I didn't meet my family. Although I'm so exhausted now but nothing can stop me to blog about my Boracay trip!

Hello! Finally here comes my Boracay Trip Day 2! Since I blogged about my first day in Boracay, most of the readers keep spamming my Facebook inbox and asked me when they rest of the itinerary will be out. Sorry for the delay. I already try my best to blog about them as soon as possible. Hopefully you guys enjoy reading this post as well. 

Hola! So today topic is about Blogger, Youtuber and Instagramer. Are you one of them? This kind of social terms have been questioned by some of my friends and even myself. So I would like to share my personal opinion with you guys. Of course, by the end of the day, it is always depends on your own decision. These are just my opinions after all so please don't take it seriously. I'm just  a small potato person and I wish to makes more friends but no wars / drama. Peace!
So I start with blogger first since it's the most relevant terms to me. What you means by "blogger"? A blog editor that famous with their blog, use their blog as an income, or just a person who own a blog? I remember I don't even dare to call myself as a blogger even I started my blog for 3 years. I just said I blog but not a blogger. Until I start to use it as my side income, I only have the courage to called myself as a blogger. But sometime my colleague and friends asked me, what exactly means by blogger? Now everyone also claims themselves as bloggers. A person who blogged for 2 posts also claims as herself as blogger. Frankly, I really have no idea. It depends on what you choose to believe.
Youtuber really just a term that I can relate lately because I don't really make video. Until recently, I only managed to squeeze some time for that. So I consider quite active for these few months. I attended a video collaboration event last month. The event are covered with a lot of "youtuber". Most of them are not with familar face since I'm not in this industry. They came to me and asked, "are you a youtuber?" "Not really, I'm not so active for my Youtube Channel". I answered with a friendly smile. Then they was giving that face like duh, why are you been invited anyway. They directly asked me the figure numbers of my Youtube channel total views. Since I'm not a famous youtuber, so I told them my total views is just nearly 100,000 with humble tone. Then they were giving me the shock face because they told me their total views are just half of mine. Hmm... Again, what is a youtuber in your opinion? A person who own a Youtube channel?
Last but not least, the femes "instagramer". I never ever called myself as instagramer because I knew there are too many popular instagramers out there. I just a small potato person who love to play instagram and that's all. Again, let me share about my personal experience. I was invited to a foods and beverages event as media (blogger). So I was early as other bloggers haven't arrive yet. Two self claims instagramer came to me and asked why I was invited to this event, as in what kind of role. So I smile and answer politely as a blogger. Then both of them said "Ohh, blogger ah~ We are invited as instagramer" Then I was thinking. Wow~ For sure they are popular enough or else the PR won't invited them. The next thing I knew is they asked my instagram id so they can check me out. Actually I'm not willing to provide my username because I'm pretty sure they will request "followforfollow". However, they continue to said "It's okay if you instagram followers are less than us, we don't mind as many bloggers also don't have much followers. We just want to view your photos." I was like excuse me, we are blogger, not instagramer like you guys so of course will focus our blog more than our instagram. So at the end they managed to find out my instagram id and they followed me. They showed me they followed me so asked me to follow them back. I was like what~ I didn't ask you to follow me but now seem like force me to follow. But at the end of course I didn't follow them back and they unfollowed me after 2 days. They asked me why I don't called myself as instagramer because my followers are twice times than them. I don't find it necessary. I just an ordinary person who like to post photos on instagram.

Conclusion, I hope no one feel offence while you're reading this post. I just want to know you guys opinions because nowadays really got a lot of self claims blogger, youtuber or instagramer with arrogant and bad attitude. I just don't like that and I guess no one does. I don't care whether you're famous or not, if your attitude is good I don't mind to become your friend. These days those people only make friends with you when they saw your followers are more than them. It is so not cool. Anyway, I still can see some newbie bloggers are with positive attitude so this doesn't apply on everyone. Just minor self-claimers with bad attitudes. Thanks for spend time to read this post. Hopefully won't make you feel boring because there's only one photo for the whole post. LOL. Loves

 photo NEWSIGN_zpsw4taze4p.png

Hola! Today topic will be one of your favourite - #Food. I don't want myself to get fat but I love to eat a lot. I can say I spend so much on foods too (beside of clothing). I'm pretty sure most of you heard about Chili's right? I used to visit them with my sister to enjoy their foods, especially their burger! Last Friday, me and boyfie have a pleasant dinner because we been invited to try on their menu at Citta Mall branch.

Hello! Yippee~ Finally I share with you guys my birthday aka Boracay trip with boyfie here! This would be my very first to visit Philippines and I'm so excited! Why? Because I finally hit my little milestone - Philippines is my 11th visited countries! Yeah~ And I can't wait to explore other country and share with you all. Since I came back to Malaysia, most of my friends keep asking about how much do I spend there, what did we eat there, what to do there etc. No worries guys, I got you cover! Just reading this post and you will find the answer that you want. Since it is a 5D4N trip so I will divide them into a few posts. Thus, continue reading to find out more. 

Happy Birthday! Oopsie~ I know it's a little bit late to blog about my birthday celebration for this year because my actual birthday is 14th July. I was in Boracay with my boyfie on the actual day so I need time to settle my stuff once I touched down Malaysia. Today post is just a simple sweet post about my advanced birthday celebration with boyfie and my family at Garvy's French Dining. Continue reading to find out more.

We actually had my birthday dinner at Garvy's French Dining @ Ipoh. Yes, I back to my hometown and celebrate with my family. Every year I will do the same because they always on the first place in my heart. This would be the second time that I had visited this cuisine. Last time one of my friend bring me along and this time I'm excited to try their other dishes. It is great to know that Ipoh has such quality of fine dining because Ipoh is a small town and I always hope there are more and more quality western foods or fine dining came in.

Boyfie and me

Garvy's French Dining is a purveyor of fine French dining from the esteemed chef Romain Fabre. However, if you think Garvy's French Dining are only served fine dining then you could be wrong. The restaurant have two section : one is for fine dining and another area is for ala carte(cafe). The one that we went is cafe section.

For beverages, we ordered French Rose Tea(RM7.90), English Breakfast Tea(RM9.90), Apple Juice(RM8.90), Hot Chocolate(RM9.90) and Cappucino(RM9.90). Since today post main focus is about my birthday celebration so I don't need to specifically describe the dish one-by-one because all I want you guys to concentrate is ME! LOL

For the appetizers, we ordered Pumpkin Soup(RM12.90), Veloute Dubarry "cauliflower" with poached eggs (RM17.90), Garvy's Chicken Caesar Salad(RM14.90) and Breads. Actually the bread was free, we don't really order it but it taste great with the vinegar and olive oil. I would like to recommend their Garvy's chicken caesar salad because it taste good and healthy.

Main Course
Finally, for the main course we had Chicken Milanaise(RM22.90), Chicken Breast & Mushroom Cream(RM22.90), Truffle Mac and Cheese(RM29.90), Salmon Fish(RM55.90) and Salmon Pasta(RM22.90). Overall all the foods are taste good except my younger sister complaint about the portion of the Salmon is too small for her.

Last but not least, we ordered Tatin Pie(RM12.90) and Panacotta and fruit sauce(RM12.90). The Panacotta is great but we found the Tatin pie was a little bit too sweet. My family don't usually like the sweet desserts so we don't really like the pie.

[ Garvy's French Dining ]
275, Kampar Road,
30250, Ipoh, Perak.

Opening Hours
Lunch :
Tue - Fri |
 12pm - 2pm, Sat - Sun | 12pm - 3pm
Dinner :
Tue - Sun | 7
pm - 10pm

(CLOSED on Monday)

(05) 255-8082

Website | Facebook

So after finished our dinner, we head back home for the birthday song celebration. They got me a rose shape strawberry cake from Baskin Robbins and it's beautiful! And of course, delicious~

After the birthday song, make wish, blow the candle and cut the cake, yeah~ I'm officially 25 this year. Feel kinda old already as some of my friends already get married and even become a mom / dad. Wondering when will be my turn? Guess when I'm 28 maybe?

Family group photo
Younger sister and me
Celebrate my birthday with my family is always the best thing for every year! And what even great is my boyfie is there with me too. Celebrate with them are blessed.

Thanks for all the lovely presents but what I like the most is the gift from boyfie. Why? Because I told him I like this ring from Chow Tai Fook on April this year but seem not necessary to buy it since I got quite a lot of rings. I'm surprised he remember it and bought it on the same month I told him! He only pass it to me before the birthday celebration and told me he waited for so long. Thank you so much baby boy and I really love it! 

Look good on me right?

Thanks for everything for my baby, family and friends for the birthday celebration & presents. Also, thanks for my colleagues for the birthday cakes and celebration. Too bad it's so rush so I didn't take any photos. Thanks for the everyone's wishes as well. And I can't wait to share with you guys about my birthday aka Boracay trip too. So remember to stay tuned at my blog. Till here. Loves


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