BORACAY TRIP - DAY 1 (长滩岛之旅)

Hello! Yippee~ Finally I share with you guys my birthday aka Boracay trip with boyfie here! This would be my very first to visit Philippines and I'm so excited! Why? Because I finally hit my little milestone - Philippines is my 11th visited countries! Yeah~ And I can't wait to explore other country and share with you all. Since I came back to Malaysia, most of my friends keep asking about how much do I spend there, what did we eat there, what to do there etc. No worries guys, I got you cover! Just reading this post and you will find the answer that you want. Since it is a 5D4N trip so I will divide them into a few posts. Thus, continue reading to find out more. 

KLIA2 (LCCT) Airport
For this time, we took AirAsia instead of other airline because they have direct from KLIA2 (LCCT) to Kalibo, Philippine Airport. It would be easier for us because Kalibo is quite near to Boracay Island so it would the great choice.

Air Ticket Cost : RM1,552.16 for 2 pax (Return trip)

It was a 4 hours flight so of course we ordered the flight meals in advanced. Boyfie ordered a Chicken Curry meal while I ordered Roast Chicken. I prefer mine though.

Our meals also comes with this Tandoori Chicken Wrap from T&CO. Taste a little bit dry and spicy so I didn't finish it. If you spicy dry meat then you might this.

On our way to Kalibo!
Famous Telco in Philippines - Globe
Our flight departs from KLIA2 at 10.35am and by the time we reach Kalibo Airport is about 2.35pm. Kalibo International Airport is the smallest airport that I ever been! Once you completed all the procedures (immigration, customs etc) then you will spot the telco booth beside the main entrance. Since Globe is consider the famous telco in Philippines so we decided to choose the blue booth instead of the green one. We purchase 2 sim card which able to call and unlimited online for 5 days.

SIM Card Cost : 300 peso (2 pax)

Kalibo Airport
Basically this is the outside view of Kalibo Airport. Very small right? We actually plan to take SouthWest company transport but unfortunately we can spot their sign. so eventually we just take a normal van.

After we paid for the transport services, they will give us a sticker to stick on our body so they will we are their customers. The transport services we paid including private van + ferry tickets. We need to take 2 hours to the Caticlan Jetty Port by the van and 15 minutes by the ferry in order to reach Boracay Island.

Private Van + Ferry Tickets Cost : 250 peso (per pax)

Caticlan Jetty Port
So by the time we reached the Calticlan Jetty Port is almost sunset. Besides of the ferry tickets, we need to pay tax + environmental fees in order to take the ferry. You can pay at the counter and get the resit or tickets maybe and let the staff check it. They will let you through after this.

Tax + Environmental Fees : 100 + 75 peso (per pax) 

Source : Boracay Compass
Before we proceed to our resort, let me briefly explain to you guys about Boracay Island. Generally, Boracay Island is divide with a few sections - Station 1, Station 2, Station 3 and Bulabog Beach (You can refer to the maps shown above). Station 1 is more into clean and beautiful beach, hotel is slightly expensive. Station 2 is the most happening area, also the beach is not very clean if compare to Station 1. Last but not least, Station 3 is more into quiet place with affordable prices of hotels and resorts.

Paradise Bay Hotel
After we arrived at the Boracay Island, we need to take the tricycle (tuk tuk) to our hotel. Basically the tricycle is the transport that we take for everyday and the cost is affordable.

Tricycle to Paradise Bay Hotel : 150 peso (per trip)

Paradise Bay Hotel / Resort is located nearby Station 3. Although it is a little bit far from Station 2 but what I means far means about 10-15 minutes driving distance. But this resort is so unique because normally the hotel is just like those ordinary hotel style. They served us delicious welcome drink while we check-in. There are a few cute dogs at the lobby so you can play around with them. They even have parrot, fish and snake there! Is like a mini zoo.

This is our room. Not the modern and sophisticated style that we normally seen. Unfortunately, it is not the sea view room. Instead, it facing the swimming pool. We actually don't mind that because we just stay here for two nights. After that we will move to another hotel. The staff here is super friendly and polite. We actually found this resort at and read some good reviews about them. If you haven't plan any water sport activity, you may ask them to arrange for you as well.

Hotel Cost : RM434.60 for a room (2 nights)

Since it already sunset when we check-in, so we take a shower and relax a bit before we go out and take our dinner. Everytime we want to take tricycle, all we need to do just go to the main lobby and ask the receptionist to help you call the tuk tuk. They will pick you up at the hotel main door.

Tricycle to D'mall : 70 peso (per trip)

For the first night, we went to the MUST VISIT place in Boracay - D'mall. If you think D'mall is a shopping mall then you're wrong. It's more like shoplots and stalls. You can find those souvenirs, clothing and foods here.

Budget Mart
Once you reach the main entrance of D'mall, then you will spot the biggest mart in Boracay - Budget Mart beside the entrance. This mart is CRAZY! A lot of tourists like to shop here and they bought a lot of things here such as local beer and snacks. We were so hungry at that moment so we hunt for foods first.

Bamboo Shades
We saw a few shops called Bamboo Shades in D'mall. Some tourists would purchase the sunglasses here. Their price range for each sunglasses is about at least 1,000 peso+ so it is depends on you think wether the price worth it. I got too many sunglasses so I don't give a damn. LOL

SpiceBird @ D'mall
Finally it is turn to take our dinner! We took our dinner at SpiceBird @ D'mall which is rank as #3 in TripAdvisor! Of course, we already do some research while we planning our trip and this is our top list!

So I ordered a Stuffed Pepper Board which is actually served grilled bell pepper stuffed with pork, mushrooms, corn, spice rice, side salad, milky roll and veggie chips. Boyfie ordered a Piri-Piri Pork Board served with piri-piri grilled pork, spice rice, side salad, milky roll and veggie chips. We als ordered an iced tea and guess what? Their iced tea taste exactly like Malaysian teh-o ice. HAHAHA

Dinner Cost : 735 peso (2 pax)

Activities in D'mall
Top Left - Boyfie is a Chatime's fans so he said he must visit Chatime in Boracay. See whether any difference. Conclusion is their milk tea actually taste the same but their menu is different. They even have burger in their menu.

Top Right - The showdown shop is actually a basketball game shop. Basically if you can win within the period they given you might get a reward. What reward? We have no idea because we didn't stop for it.

Bottom Left - If you're having headache or stomache etc, no worries, they have two pharmacies there so you can buy yourself some medicine.

Bottom Right - Nothing special. I personally think this hotel is beautiful and I want to share with you guys.

After we shopping for awhile. We find a place for chill. I don't know what is the name for it because they don't have a plate for it. We ordered the two local beer and mine taste great! It's like sparkling lemonade but unfortunately boyfie said his beer taste not good.

Local Beer Cost : 180 peso (2 pax)

Do you like our hats? We bought at there. Boyfie's hat is more like cowboy version while mine is more holiday style. Just some tips, if you plan to shop for souvenirs or some accessories that you like, go ahead. However, don't shop for girl clothing such as bikini wear, swimsuits and casual clothing because the price range is not cheap. You can find better price via online or shop in Malaysia.

Hats Cost : 600 peso (2 units)

That's all for the first day in Boracay! Hope you guys enjoy reading the post and don't forget to share with your friends, lovers or family members if you're planning for your next trip. Meanwhile, check out my vlog below to find out more what have we done in Boracay. Day 2 post will be up soon. Loves


- SIM Card : 300 peso / pax
- Transport from Kalibo Airport to Calticlan Jetty Port : 425 peso / pax
- Tricycle from Calticlan Jetty Port to Paradise Bay Hotel : 150 peso / per trip
- Tricycle from Hotel to D'mall : 70 peso / per trip
- Dinner at SpiceBird, D'mall : 735 peso / 2 pax
- Local Beer : 180 peso / 2 pax
- Shopping : 1,343 peso / 2 pax

TOTAL : Approximately 3,928 peso (2 pax)