9 September 2016 Boracay, Malay, Philippines

Boracay, Philippines was the latest place that I had visited lately. Although I already blogged about my travelougue previously but I also knew there are some lazy reader who want all details in one post. Thus, I decided to compile everything in this post including What To Eat, Things To Do and Travelogue in Boracay. I'm pretty sure it much more easier for you guys to plan your itinerary by reading this post. Hopefully it helps.

1) Zipline
It's consider my favourite activity in Boracay! It's so fun and I guess you know it from my face expression. HAHA~ Sorry for my hilarious expression. I know I look silly but trust me, it was super fun! Basically they will turns you to "superman" and fly to opposite place. No worries for the safety issue. It is super safe.

2) Cliff Jumping @ Ariel's Point
It is a MUST activity in Boracay! They say if you never been to Ariel's Point, then you never been to Boracay. Me and boyfie was aims for this while we are planning our itinerary. Basically there are famous with cliff jumping. There have 5, 8 and 15 meters for you to choose. Standard price 2,500 peso per pax and lunch is included as well. *Free flow of alcohol drinks too*

3) Parasailing
If you don't want to choose something extreme, you may consider parasailing. All you need to do just wait for the parachute to make you "fly" and relax. No worries, you're not alone because it's double seat. Your lover, friend or sibling are right beside you. However, if you're scare of height, I'm not suggesting you to take this unless you want to challenge yourself.

4) ATV
If you love to ride a bike, then ATV might be your favourite sport. I had a bad experience with ATV when I was at Thailand so it was a phobia for me. But this time, I had a fun ATV experience in Boracay! Before I pay a visit my boss (visited Boracay few years back) told me it is so dangerous. But after I experience myself I think it is not dangerous at all.

5) Mount Luho
Mount Luho is the top attraction you want to visit because it is the highest mountain in Boracay. In order to get here, you need to ride an ATV and climb the stairs. And then take zipline and ATV to back to where you're from. Of course, if you have elderly with you then you can take a van to get up there so no worries.  

6) Helmet Diving
You may heard about diving, but have you heard about helmet diving? This is our first time to experience it! Although I'm not feeling well on that day but it's a great experience for me. I can see those fishes so close to me. Just an advise, don't breath too fast or else you might not feeling well. Try to relax and breath slowly while enjoy feeding the fish.

7) Snorkeling
If' you're not comfortable to get under the sea, maybe you can try snorkeling. It will let you float on the surface of the sea. Even you don't know how to swim, you also can choose this activity. They will let you wear the safety jacket so you can float. You can take a close look and touch those fishes.

8) Puka Beach
Although they are many beaches in Boracay, but my favourite beach is Puka beach! Because that beach is the most clean beach among others! We took many photos here because no matter which angle also look perfect!

9) Willy's Rock
We heard this is one of the most recognizable attractions in Boracay island. For your info, the Willy’s Rock is an oddly shaped volcanic formation with a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary on one corner. Willy’s Rock got its name from the nearby Willy’s Beach Club Hotel, situated in Station 1 of the island. Nothing much, just take some photos there as memories.

10) Budget Mart
If you read my travelogue previously then you should know about this mart. Basically it is a mini market which located at D'mall and many tourist bought a lot of snacks and alcohol drinks from there. They said the prices are affordable.

Watch the video for more info :

1) Jonah's Fruit Shake & Snack Bar
This was the most worthy place that we had visit! Since before we been there, they are too many good reviews about their fruit shake and we are so excited to give it a try. Their fruit shake really taste good and smooth. Strongly recommend to you all. (Ranked No.11 in TripAdvisor)

2) Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant
My another favourite restaurant in Boracay. Lemoni Cafe and Restaurant provides many variety of foods and they are so yummy! The menu even included English, Chinese and Korean language as well! (Ranked No.3 in TripAdvisor)

3) Red Crab Pasta House
If you're a crab lover, then you should drop by here! They are famous with their crab but of course, they have other variety of foods such as pasta, rice, steak etc just in case you're not a seafood fans. (Ranked #153 in TripAdvisor)

4) Spicebird
Spicebird is a new kind of barbeque experience is the heart of D'Mall Plaza on Boracay Island, Philippines. They served from Pork, Chicken and Shrimp Boards to Sandwiches, there is something for everyone in Spicebird. (Ranked No.4 in TripAdvisor) 

5) Los Indios Bravos
Los Indios Bravos is the place that we had my birthday dinner. Their food potion is quite big so remember don't order too much. It's better to order few dishes and share. (Ranked No.2 in TripAdvisor)

6) Yellow Cab Pizza
Yellow Cab Pizza is popular with their delicious pizza. Some tourists said their pizza is the best in Boracay. Unfortunately we don't get the chance to taste the pizza since they don't have electricity at that moment so we tried their pasta. Frankly, their pasta taste not so great. Hopefully we can taste their pizza next time. (Ranked No.25 in TripAdvisor)

7) Hama Japanese Cuisine
We took our last dinner in Boracay at Hama Japanese Cuisine. We think their foods are not bad. If you're craving for Japanese foods while you're in Boracay then you can have your craving fix here. (Ranked No.74 in TripAdvisor)

8) Aria Gelato
Aria Gelato is obviously selling ice cream. We all many tourist eating this so we decided to give it a try. Taste not bad and good to have a cold snack when you're sweating you know. (Ranked No.24 in TripAdvisor)

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