5 September 2016

Hair removal, yes today topic is about hair removal so you might feel kinda gross. No worries, I'm not gonna show you those gross hair photos as it can't be show. Why? Continue reading to find out why. Since few weeks ago, I had my very first Sumuzu Hair Removal experience at ido's Clinic

I tried many different methods for hair removal such shave by my own when I was a kid (it's not working well), wax and IPL. Trust me, not saying all of them are not effective. I guess it's depends on own preferences. Shave of course a BIG NO because it will only make your hair become thicker, darker and when it's growing you will feel itchy. Wax, kinda painful and some people with sensitive skin might allergic with the wax ingredient. IPL, although it is painless but it took me long long time to get rid of of the hair and the hair growth thicker as well. Thus, since I got the chance to Sumuzu Hair Removal. I means, why not?

ido's Clinic @ Setia Walk

ido's Clinic has several outlets and I visited the outlet at Setia Walk, Puchong because the location is more convenient for me.You may visit the outlet that nearby your location.

There are total 3 floor for ido's Clinic at Setia Walk and for Sumuzu Hair Removal will be located at 2nd floor. I have no idea before that so I went to first floor and asked. The staff told me to visit 2nd floor. Once I enter, the environment is cozy and spacious. So you can just relax before you start your treatment.

Treatment Room
This is the treatment room. There are two bed in one room and my bed is the one at bottom right. You can put your belonging on the top area there.

And don't forget to change your clothes. For your info, you can choose any body area (arms, legs, armpits etc) for Sumuzu Hair Removal and I had chosen the 'privates' part which is bikini line. Since I'm going to beach after the treatment, I need to wear bikini confidently! You need to take off your lingerie, Just the clothing will do. 

Sumuzu uses a similar machine to the IPL called Koolite. They asked me to shave my hair off for the private part on the day before. Yes, you need shave the hair off for every single treatment. Same as IPL, a cooling gel was applied all over the area before they started the treatment. The attendant ran the machine’s handheld part through the bikini line, quickly going backwards and forwards. 

I got total 3 sessions for Sumuzu Hair Removal. Now, you may concern the is it painful? Not at all, for the first treatment, I feel a little bit hot but not painful. For the second and third treatment, I basically just enjoy the process. If you feel any pain, you can just inform your attendant so they can level down the temperature. The attendant explained to me if the area is more hair or darker tone, then you might feel more pain. But for me, I think is painless. Oh ya! if you're a guy and you're interested to do this, no worries! They take male customers too except for the 'private' part.

The whole process took about 15 minutes depends on the condition. For those people who have more hair, they might need longer time. After the first treatment, my hair is getting lesser. After the 3 sessions, my hair growing lesser and thinner. I'm so happy with the result! If you guys are interested, don't forget to make an appointment with them now. Loves

[ ido's Clinic @ Puchong Outlet ]

C 6 G Block C, Setiawalk Persiaran Wawasan, 
Jalan Wawasan 1/1, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 
47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel : 017-486 1992

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