25 December 2016 Bangkok, Thailand


Unicorn Cafe @ Bangkok
I would like to share my experience at the popular Unicorn Cafe at Bangkok with you guys. I guess most of you heard about this famous cafe in town. Finally I revisit Bangkok, Thailand! It has been 2 years since I visited Thailand and I was sent to Thailand on October for working purpose. I will try to blog about my Thailand travelogue asap. Well before that, continue reading to find out more about my experience at Unicorn Cafe Bangkok.

Outside View of Unicorn Cafe
(Outside view of Unicorn Cafe)
Photo shown above is the outside view of Unicorn Cafe. From BTS Chong Nonsi, take a walk into Silom Soi 7 or Sathorn Soi 8 and you will spot the cafe. The walking distance is like 10-15 minutes depends on your speed.

Once you enter the cafe, you will see a big unicorn at the entrance (main door). For kids, they can actually sit on the unicorn and take photo. Of course, for adults, can take photo with standing beside it.

Interior of Unicorn Cafe
(Interior of Unicorn Cafe)
Beside, you can see you're surrounded by unicorn wallpaper and the main colour theme is pink! Whenever you are fans of pink colour or unicorn, you will be happy for seeing these.

Unicorn Wallpaper
They also putting chandelier to increase the feeling of princess. However, don't expect it is a huge and established cafe. This cafe actually consists of 4-5 tables and seats inside. When I arrived, we need to wait for 20 minutes in order to get our seats. Thus, we need to queue. We actually went there on weekend. I guess if you visit there on weekdays, maybe you no need to queue at all.

Unicorn Toys
You can pick any unicorn toys an costume here. They placed them at the corner area. The unicorn wallpaper is so pretty at this corner!

Ponytail Toys
(Ponytail Toys)
Besides of unicorn, they also display a lot of ponytail toys. You can just take some of them and selfie with it. But of course, after take pictures make sure you put it back. They also provides some ponytail merchandise if you want to purchase.

Unicorn Merchandise
(Unicorn Merchandise)
They are selling some unicorn merchandise at their cashier area. It includes soft toys, keychain, power bank and may more. Feel free to have a look. The power bank is cute but it is too big for me to carry it around.

Cashier and Dessert Area
(Cashier and Dessert Area)
This is the cashier and dessert area. Since we are queuing, so the staff asked us to order first and then they will serve later once we get our seats. You can choose the dessert you want here and you may try their signature rainbow cake. Since we are not a fan of cake, so we didn't give it a try.

Selfie with the unicorn and ponytail is a must
(Selfie with the unicorn and ponytail is a must)
Once we got our seats, of course take selfie with unicorn and ponytail! You can choose these toys whichever you want. At first I want to dress with their unicorn costumes as well, but after I saw so many tourists wearing it and the costumes are so dirty (from white to grey), I give up. So you spot me with my own clothing in the photo.

Boyfie and me
Special thanks to my boyfie accompany me here for working purpose. I know you are tired for the whole trip. Thanks for being my photographer too. LOL

Rainbow Spaghetti Carbonara
(Rainbow Spaghetti Carbonara)
We ordered a Rainbow Spaghetti and it was served, both of us are thinking the colourful spaghetti are instaworthy, but will it taste good? After I tasted it, we are totally wrong! It is actually quite delicious!

Rainbow Spaghetti Carbonara
The bacon is so crispy and delicious. Not to mention they apply a lot of onions to bring out the spices of the carbonara. Since I'm a fan of onion and bacon, this two combination just makes me think this is a perfect dish for me! LOL

Rainbow Spaghetti Carbonara

Pink Diamond Spoon & Fork
(Pink Diamond Spoon & Fork)
I'm impressed with the spoon and fork. It attached with the pink diamond, makes me feel like Sailor Moon when I'm holding them.

Closed Up of Rainbow Spaghetti Carbonara

I'm holding Galaxy Star

Galaxy Star (Vanilla Frappe)
(Galaxy Star)
For the drink, we ordered the signature Galaxy Star Vanilla Frappe (200 THB). This drink is instaworthy and love the colour combination a lot! Let me give you some imagination about the taste. It is actually taste like Paddle Pop ice cream if you taste it before. Not bad, but I would suggest order this and share with your friends because the portion is quite big.

Galaxy Star Vanilla Frappe

That's all for today! Don't forget to check out my Thailand Travel Vlog and travelogue below ya. Hope you enjoy reading. XOXO

[ Unicorn Cafe ]
Location : Sathorn Soi 8, 44/1 Sathon 8 Alley, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500.
Business hours : Tuesdays - Sunday | 12pm - 8pm (Closed on Mondays)
How to get here : BTS Chong Nonsi



  1. Awww! I missed to visit this place when I go bangkok. All the things so colourful~

  2. Then you must visit next time and don't forget to try the rainbow spaghetti. =3

  3. The unicorns look so cute. The food really match with the colour of the surroundings.

  4. Miera Nadhirah Rashidi17 January 2017 at 14:40

    It sure is such a colourful and attractive venue I would love checking out when I am in Thailand


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